Episode # 215 – Bhagawan Krishna – An epitome of “smartly twisting” his approach to establish Dharma!!


In the previous episode we witnessed an interesting explanation from Vidura with regards to the “Dharma” that was prevalent during the “Dvaapara Yuga”. We had also witnessed a brief about how the world transcends through the different “Yugas” and how does the “Dharma” for each Yuga keeps changing with time. We had witnessed a vivd comparison between the “Dharma” followed by Bhagawan Rama during the “Tretha Yuga” and the “Dharma” followed by Bhagawan Krishna during the “Dvaapara Yuga”. Although both Bhagawan Rama and Krishna are the incarnations of Bhagawan Vishnu, they exhibited different approaches towards establishing the Dharma in this world. In our previous Ramayana project, we saw how Bhagawan Rama strictly followed the “Dharma text book” at every instance in his life – Be it a son, husband, king, prince, friend, warrior, etc. However when Bhagawan Krishna’s incarnation took place during the “Dvaapara Yuga”, we saw how He “twisted” and “altered” His ways in a unique and a mystical manner and established the “Dharma” in the world. We also saw the analogy of the way in which Test Cricket and One day Cricket are played differently, although the game of “Cricket” is the same!

Thus we can see here clearly that the message for the “Dvaapara Yuga” was, if a person tries to act pervertedly smart with us, we also react in an equally pervertedly smart fashion only. There is no point in explaining and trying to establish honesty, “Dharma”, etc. to such a person!

Today we can witness another incident during the Mahaabhaarata where Bhagawan Krishna illustrated this point clearly. Now let’s go into the context wherein the great Kurukshetra war is supposed to commence. Here it should be noted that the fifth brother amongst the Paandavas – Sahadeva was a skilled person in Astrological science. Duryodhana knew this very well and he smartly approached Sahadeva (although he knows that Sahadeva is his enemy) and requested him for an appropriate and an auspicious day to begin the war. In other words, Duryodhana’s intention was to commence the war on an auspicious date, which might make things easier for him to win over the Paandavas. Accordingly, Sahadeva mentioned to Duryodhana that the upcoming “No-moon day(“Amaavaashya”) would be an ideal day to start the war! Hearing this from an expert astrologer in Sahadeva, Duryodhana was happy and was also confident of winning the war!

This news of Sahadeva mentioning an appropriate date of commencing the war to Duryodhana reached Bhagawan Krishna! Hence Bhagawan Krishna hurried to Sahadeva and says thus, “Oh Sahadeva! Don’t you know that I’m struggling so much against so many odds to make you guys win over Duryodhana in whatever way possible? Now why did you go to Duryodhana and tell him that he should commence the war during the “Amaavaashya” no-moon day? Don’t you realize that if he does so, he is going to win over you easily? Why did you do that?” Upon Bhagawan Krishna’s words, Sahadeva replies, “Oh Vaasudeva! It was Duryodhana who came and asked me for it and as an astrologer it is my duty to answer him without lying! This is what my teacher has taught me! If I handle astrology without truth, isn’t it an Adharma?”

This answer from Sahadeva made Bhagawan Krishna think! Now what can he do? We can clearly see that Duryodhana has acted “smart” here! He now knows that if he commences the war on the “Amaavashya” day, he is clearly going to win! But how does Bhagawan stop this from happening? He has only three options here – The first option is to change Sahadeva’s attitude and ask him to go and tell Duryodhana that he shouldn’t commence the war on the “Amaavashya” no-moon day. Sahadeva is not going to budge to do this. The second option is for Bhagawan Krishna himself to go to Duryodhana in person and ask him to change the date. Duryodhana is now smart enough to understand that Krishna is playing a game and hence he wouldn’t budge too! Now what is the third option that is left out? The only option now for Bhagawan Krishna is to change the date of the “Amaavashya” itself! 🙂 Of course He is an all pervasive and the Supreme and He can do anything and everything for the sake of “Dharma”!

Thinking thus, when the previous day of “Amaavaashya” arrived, Bhagawan Krishna suddenly jumped into the river Yamuna and started doing the customary “Tharpana”, which is supposed to be done only on the “Amaavashya” day! Upon seeing this peculiar act of Bhagawan Krishna, everybody got surprised! How can Bhagawan Krishna perform the “Tharpana” on a day when the “Amaavashya” is not there? This left even the Devas (Celestial Beings) wonderstruck! Not knowing what to do, Indra came down to Bhagawan Krishna and asked why did he do this! As Bhagwan Krishna just let out his customary laugh without answering Indra, he directly went to the people who are responsible for creating the “Amaavashya” – The sun (Soorya Bhagawan) and the moon (Chandra Bhagawan). As both Chandra and Soorya Bhagawan were also perplexed at this act of Bhagwan Krishna, they decided to approach him with a strong contention. As they came to Bhagawan and asked for the reason, he countered them now with another question: “What is the real meaning of “Amaavashya”? Immediately Soorya Bhagawan gave the answer – “Amaavashya is the day when both myself, the Sun and the Moon come close to the earth!” Upon hearing this from Soorya Bhagawan, Krishna laughed out loud and replied thus, “Since both of you are near to the earth’s surface today, this is the reason I did my ‘Tharpana’ today!” 🙂

Now isn’t this an amazingly smart reply from Bhagawan Krishna? By doing so, he has negated the world that “Amaavashya” is on this particular day, although it is not! Upon seeing this, Duryodhana was also confused and he too mistook the previous day of “Amaavashya” – the “Chaturdasi” day, and commenced the war! Thus Bhagawan Krishna smartly prevented Duryodhana from commencing the war on the real “Amaavashya” no-moon day and made him commence the war a day earlier! Hence it is widely believed that the moment Duryodhana commenced the war on the “Chaturdasi” day, it was destined that he’s going to lose the battle!

This is another interesting episode wherein we can see that Bhagawan himself has illustrated how one should behave smart with a person who’s trying to act smart with us. If someone tries to fool us in some way, we should be able to get out of it in a smart manner! So for today, let us ponder over this fact and let us appreciate the “smart” work of Bhagwan Krishna to illustrate this important point! We shall wait till the next episode to witness more such interesting events! Stay tuned! 🙂

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