Episode # 217 – Six different aspects to avoid for a long & peaceful lifespan – Vidura’s exceptional message!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed two important discussions wherein Vidura extends the conversation on the “Dharma” of Dvaapara Yuga”. He says that if we’ve to deal with a perverted person who exhibits smartness in bringing us down, we should counter him with equal smartness and ensure that we do not fall into that trap! This was exactly Bhagawan Krishna’s approach towards establishing the “Dharma” in the “Dvaapara Yuga”. When the situation demanded, Bhagawan Krishna played tricky and smart games so as to bring about the downfall of “Adharma”. However all said and done, this smartness should not be exhibited towards people who are genuinely good and noble at heart! If we show tantrums and smartness to good people, Bhagawan would never tolerate that and he would ensure that we are pushed into the clutches of Hell!

Saying thus, we moved into the next topic of discussion wherein King Dhirdiraashtra posed a question to Vidura as to why are human beings unable to live peacefully for the full 100 years of lifespan! What should be done from our side so that we live all the 100 years peacefully without any problems? Vidura starts giving the answer for this important question and we shall discuss the answer in today’s episode. For the benefit of the readers, we shall recollect the sloka of Vidura once more:

“Athimaanaha athi vaadascha tathaah thyaagaha tathaa akthyaagaha naraadhipa!

Krodhascha aatma vidhitsaacha mitradrohascha thaanishat!!”

Here Vidura explains six different aspects that King Dhirdiraashtra needs to take into account, if we’ve to have a long life without any physical or mental troubles. Of course this is applicable directly to us also and let us listen carefully to what Vidura has to say!

He starts with the first aspect – Athimaanaha”This means “headweight” or too much of “Ego”! If we’re going to lead a life full of thinking too much about ourself, we’re going to have a shorter life span. In other words, if we’re going to be too egoistic in nature, this is going to cripple our physical and mental health and this would reduce our peace of mind.

Now moving on to the second aspect – Athi vaadascha”Here Vidura drops a bombshell! If we keep talking too much all the time, our lifespan is going to be lesser and lesser! Thus we should make sure that we consciously cut down on unnecessary gossips about others and other unwanted topics of discussion. Of course we can always talk about Bhagwan and his activities. This is permitted. However, this talk should not extend to unwanted stuff that happens around us.

Now moving on to the third aspect – Tathaah thyaagaha”If we do not have the “selfless” mindset in us, this is going to cut our lifespan like how a knife is used to cut fruits and vegetables. If we’re not ready to sacrifice anything for anybody in life and if we’re so selfish that we should be the only person in this world who should enjoy all the luxuries, it reduces and diminishes our lifespan. Thus from this point we need to understand that we should develop the nature of “selflessness” and try to give as much as possible to those who are in need!

Moving on to the fourth point now, Vidura explains – “Krodhascha” – Here Vidura categorically reminds us that even if we get angry a little bit, one day of our lifespan is gone for a toss! This is perhaps one of the biggest knives that is going to cut down our lifespan drastically! In the modern day, many of us debate whether excessively high blood pressure arises out of excessive anger and tension, or excessive anger and tension is due to excessive blood pressure! This is a debatable topic as to which comes from which one! Thus “Excessive blood pressure” and “Anger” are two close friends! If we should be free of blood pressure, we should try and reduce our anger!

In addition to this, Vidura explains the fifth point now – Aatma vidhitsaacha”Just because of satisfying my hunger and my satisfaction, if I go and spoil the happiness of others, it would definitely bring down our lifespan! Thus we should always ensure that we should always be of some use to somebody. In any case we should never even think of destroying others for our happiness and satisfaction.

Finally Vidura explains the sixth point here – Mitradrohascha”If a person tries to dump and ditch a close friend for his advancement in life, this would also reduce his lifespan. We witness this many a times in the modern day. As per the Darwin’s theory “Survival of the fittest”, we tend to be more fit than others by trying to dump and ditch them, irrespective of how important and close they are to us in our life! We should never do this. If someone has rendered a help, we should be greatful to honor them and reciprocate their help in some way or the other. Rather, if we’re going to ditch the person who is a good friend of us and who has rendered unconditional love and support at our time of need, we’ve to face severe consequences for this, which eventually would diminish our lifespan.

Thus these are the six aspects that we should avoid in our everyday life, and if we’re successful in doing so, we can be rest-assured of a long and a peaceful life span! So for today let us introspect on these six different aspects and try to implement them in our lives for a better future ahead! We shall wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s next point of discussion! Stay tuned! 🙂

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