Episode # 209 – “We can cheat the judiciary, but we can NEVER cheat Bhagawan!” – Vidura’s startling message!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another important message from Vidura wherein he stressed upon the fact that if a person scolds, insults or abuses a woman either verbally or physically or sexually would directly go to Hell! This is the sixteenth category of people who according to Vidura deserve a rightful place in Hell and here too he stresses the importance of respecting women and treating them rightfully. By this point Vidura once again fumes over with anger to King Dhirdiraashtra that he is at the brink of hell because of the ill-treatment that Duryodhana and Co. metted out to Draupati, the wife of the Paandavas during that infamous gamble game that was played. When the outrageous crime of insulting Draupati was staged, King Dhirdiraashtra should have immediately stopped it and should have condemned his son for it, however he kept silent and let the whole incident unfold stage after stage in the open public. This was his biggest mistake and Vidura slams him that despite his advice at that point, King Dhirdiraashtra went against it and failed to condemn Duryodhana’s cruel actions. Now things are going beyond control and it is going to be too difficult for him to change things.

Thus from yesterday’s episode the message is very clear that we should never ever think of insulting or abusing a woman in our life – be it our mother or wife or sister or any other woman in this world! We should learn to respect them with care and affection and make sure that they’re happy and are at peace.

Now moving on with the last (seventeenth) category of people going to hell, Vidura says thus,

“Yaschaapiladhvaa na smaraameeti vaadi!!”

Here Vidura explains in a funny manner – If a person takes something from us at a particular time, and if he fails to return it back to us, he straightaway goes to Hell and nowhere else! 🙂 Sometimes we see this happening in today’s scenario also – Some people might act smart here – They might borrow something from us for a while and after few days if we go and ask them for that item back, they might say “Oh really? Are you sure that I took it from you?” Such people who ask “smart” questions like this, are sure to reach Hell! Thus the message from this point is that, if we cheat someone by taking something from them and not returning it back properly, we would go to hell without any further investigation from Bhagawan. We should thus be very careful here – Many a times the dispute between people with money matters starts from here only! At some point when we’re in need of money desperately for our survival, we would have borrowed some money from a friend of ours who was generous enough to lend some money at our time of need. But once my financial situation improves a little bit, isn’t it my duty to pay back my friend? Can I go and tell him that I never borrowed any money from him? This is where many people get entangled into a fight and this goes to courts, and with the kind of Judiciary system that we have, it would take 20 long years for a verdict to come and thus, the generous friend is going to lose his entire money for it.

By doing this, we might think that we’re smart enough not to repay the money that the poor friend has lent us at our time of need, but Bhagawan is not like our Indian judiciary. Bhagawan is extremely smart unlike people in our judicial system. He keeps track of all our right and wrong doings perfectly and when the time comes, he would make us repent extremely badly for all our wrongdoings! Hence we should make sure that we do not go into this trap of cheating somebody unwantedly for some petty personal gain. We can cheat one person today, we can cheat ten people tomorrow and we can cheat 100 people within 5-10 years. But we should always remember we can never cheat Bhagawan! He has the ultimate verdict to give at the end of our life. We should always note and remember that Bhagawan’s verdict would not be as stupid as that of our Indian judiciary. It would be too perfect and punishment would immediately follow thereafter. Most importantly, there is no question of getting a “bail” from Bhagawan’s punishment, unlike how we get bails today in courts! Nowadays it has become a fashion that the moment a judgement goes against a person and he/she is at the verge of imprisonment, this person would immediately apply for a bail and the same court would shamelessly grant the bail too! Nobody could understand then what’s the point in giving a punishment to that criminal and after just 5 minutes, a bail is granted to that same criminal! However, Bhagawan’s court doesn’t do crappy things like these – There is no concept called “bail” there. If there is a wrongdoing against our name, there is no choice but to experience the requisite punishment!

Hence the message here is that, we should not try to cheat anyone for anything in life. The more straightforward we are in our life, the more confident we can become, so as to face any problem or challenge life throws at us!

Similarly, Vidura adds one more clause here – He says that even if we tend to give something to someone, we should never popularize it in a big way. In fact, people say that if we give something to someone with our right hand, even our left hand should not know that the right hand counterpart has given something! This is an extremely important point and needs lot of explanation to be made. We shall wait till the next episode for a detailed explanation on this above point! Stay tuned! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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