Episode # 210 – “Performing ‘Seva’ with a hidden ‘personal agenda’ is a mere waste of time!” – Vidura’s important message!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed two important points as explained by Vidura in the context of the seventeen categories of people who reach Hell. In that, we witnessed that if a person tries to act smart by cheating others, with respect to borrowing something (inclusive of money) and not returning it back to the owner, he straightaway goes to Hell! Unfortunately we’re witnessing quite a lot of examples in this regard, right from ordinary people like us to big corporate businessmen! It is saddening to note that some so-called highly educated businessmen today borrow money from a consortium of banks for their business purpose, but flee away to a different country by looting all of that money without repaying even a single penny to the banks that had lent the loans! Such people might be smart enough even to evade the government machinery and also the useless judiciary system today! (I purposefully brand the judicial system in India to be a useless and one of the most inefficient organizations in the world as it never delivers justice correctly and also on time!) But it should always be remembered that there is a perfect and a flawless judicial system with Bhagawan, which can deliver verdicts with perfection and punishments are imminent and compulsory, unlike in ours! Hence we should be extremely watchful that Bhagawan is noting down all our good and bad deeds that we perform in this world.

Moreover, the second point that we discussed yesterday requires a bit more of a discussion – Vidura had mentioned that if we do a “Seva” or a “Service” by donating something to someone who is in need, we should not popularize and publicize it in a big way and if we do so, there is no point in doing the “Seva” or “Service” and ultimately we would again be knocking the doors of Hell! How often do we see this in today’s world! Many people associated with many renowned “Mutts” and “Ashrams” today mistake the meaning of the word “Seva” or “Voluntary Service”. Just because they’re doing “Seva”, they get elevated into an important position of an “Ashram” and because of this so-called elevation, they start creating tantrums on others and make their lives Hell! This is because, the “Seva” or “Donation” that they give are being publicized so heavily that crooks like these people take advantage of it to publicize themselves! Such things should stop happening! A “Mutt” or an “Ashram” is meant to help the needy and it is their duty to do that. Hence by just doing their duty, there is no point in going for “Marketing campaigns” to propagate their voluntary activities so widely to the whole world! Seva activities should always be performed with minimal fanfare so that the charm of doing it doesn’t vanish. This is where many ashrams fail, wherein they eventually convert a “Seva” into something commercial. This is one thing that every ashram should avoid doing. Our Hindu Sanaathana Dharma encourages all of us to involve ourselves in “Seva” activities, which would indirectly wash away all our sins. This should be taken up in a serious manner and with the highest amount of accountability. Just because something is done for free doesn’t mean that it can go unaccounted!

Hence the message from this point of Vidura is that, when we do something voluntarily as a help or as a “Seva”, it should never be publicized in a grand manner with so much of a fanfare. It is said that if our right hand does “Seva”, even our left hand should not know about it! It should be done that secretly. If such amount of secrecy is prescribed by our “Sanaathana Dharma”, there is no question of even talking about it in public.

Sometimes whenever I go to some temples, I feel surprised to see that the temple displays the list of “donors”! Some people might have donated a tube light, or any kind of sound systems, etc. to the temple and their names would be highlighted in a big manner on the temple wall! This poster can be seen much more clearly than even Bhagawan in those temples! This is how we tend to “glorify” ourselves for doing a voluntary contribution. We should always remember that we’re doing service to Bhagawan! We’re not doing service or “Seva” to obtain name and fame out of it!

Of course I understand that I might sound a bit harsh here. I’m not pin-pointing at anyone or any ashram or any other organization in particular and that is not my aim here. All I’m doing is to express my pain and anguish that we’re unwantedly publicizing the wrong things too much and is in direct contradiction to our “Sanaathana Dharma” principles. My only request to those who do such marketing and propagation activities is to stop doing so immediately as “Seva” is such a noble aspect that we can do to benefit the world! Doing Seva is a wonderful way to get closer to Bhagawan’s heart and we should only focus on this aspect and not on anything else. Doing “Seva” with a hidden personal agenda would always take us only to Hell and nowhere else! So for today let us realize this fact and act accordingly! We shall wait till the next episode to witness some more aspects beyond these seventeen that would take us to Hell! Stay tuned! 🙂


Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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