Episode # 208 – “You’re at the brink of Hell because you insulted Draupati badly!” – Vidura fumes in anger at King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another important advice and a warning from Vidura wherein he said that if we go behind women apart from our marriage agreement with our wife, it is going to be one of the most heinous crimes that we commit on this earth and eventually we’re going to meet the direct clutches to Hell. Hence we should try to control our unwanted desire in terms of going behind women with infatuation. Of course this is not only applicable for men, but also for women. Women also should ensure that they do not breach the agreement with their husbands and go behind another man, just for sexual pleasures.

Now moving on to the next important point – Vidura is explaining the sixteenth category of people who go to Hell directly. Vidura says thus:

“Sthryancha yah parivadate athivelam!”

Here Vidura again discusses an important point and this again pertains to women. He says that if a person scolds, insults or abuses a woman either verbally or physically or sexually would directly go to Hell! This is a critical point for all of us to note here – Irrespective of the woman abusing us or not, we should never abuse a woman in return. This is an extremely bad habit. Normally we might see in our daily life that other people might even not abuse or scold our wives – The majority of the abuse and scoldings at home happens only by the husband to the wife! 🙂 if at all there is a mis-communication of any sorts at home in between a husband and a wife, the husband should take steps to solve it amicably without blowing up the issue with his wife. Even if the wife is angry or gets frustrated for any reason, the husband should be patient enough to allow some space for his wife to cool down and then talk and solve the issue peacefully.

But in reality do we do this? Of course some of us might, but many of us fail miserably in this manner. When the wife gives some blastings with lot of force, we husbands only tend to give her back the same amount of blastings with either equal force or with a greater force! 🙂 We should always remember that no problem in this world can be solved by getting angry or frustrated. This is the time wherein Bhagawan puts us to test, whether we keep ourselves calm and composed. If we’re going to shout and abuse our wife with equal force, the problem is never going to get solved and only the ego of both of us get escalated and blown out of proportion. This further leads to unwanted frequent quarrels and eventually the danger is that this can even lead to divorce in some extreme cases. Of course this message is not only for husbands, but also for wives too – There is no point in repeatedly arguing with the husband just because the wife has to prove her point. 

Hence we should make sure that such things do not happen. If we’re married, our marriage should exist for life. We should always understand that in our Hindu Sanaathana Dharma there is no concept called “Divorce”. We were the ones who invented these things gradually as generations passed by! If we are married to a person for once, it stays forever till we die. The bonding between the husband and wife should be so strong that no external force should be able to dent it even a little bit. Of course there would be problems, there would be ups and downs in our lives. But these things are bound to happen to everybody in this world and we should understand that these things should not be blown out of proportion in such a way that it finally ends in divorce. Whatever maybe the matter, we shall always talk it out and try to solve it amicably together. Moreover, if there are grave problems and challenges in life, both the husband and wife should stand up united and fight them out together. There should never be a question of separation or divorce between a husband and wife at any cost! Our readers should understand this point very clearly.

Thus the point here is that, even though there might be quarrels, misunderstandings, etc. between the husband and wife, the husband should handle these smoothly and this is totally his responsibility at home! This is because every woman in this world are considered to be on par with Goddess Mahalakshmi and they should be respected in that way. Thus Goddess Mahalakshmi dwells in those homes wherein women are treated with immense love and respect. If it is on the contrary, Goddess Mahalakshmi would just disappear from there forever and we would end up in lot of unwanted problems at home!

This is exactly what Vidura is explaining here too – He’s laying so much of stress on respecting women at any point because this is one of the main reasons for King Dhirdiraashtra’s miseries. All these untoward incidents had conspired only because of the ill treatment of one woman by name Draupati! Had this not happened, Hastinapura would have been a much better place for everybody! Vidura had already warned King Dhirdiraashtra against the infamous ludo gamble game much before it took place and when Duryodhana and Shahuni planned it out! Yet King Dhirdiraashtra let it happen! Even if it took place, Vidura opposed Duryodhana’s move to stake the kingdom and play with Yuddishtra. He didn’t listen! He also warned him when he asked Yuddishtra to stake Draupati and play the game! Thus at every point Vidura warned King Dhirdiraashtra and your son! But neither of them paid heed to Vidura’s words of advice and warning! Vidura fumes thus: “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! You should have stopped all those nonsense at that time only! You were having the full powers to do so, yet you failed in your duty! How shameful it is! You’ve abused and insulted an innocent woman for no fault of hers! This is never going to make you live at peace henceforth! You and your kingdom are going to doomed only for this one great crime that your sons have done!”

Thus from today’s episode the message is very clear that we should never ever think of insulting or abusing a woman in our life – be it our mother or wife or sister or any other woman in this world! We should learn to respect them with care and affection and make sure that they’re happy and are at peace. We shall wait till the next episode to witness the last (seventeenth) category of people who go to Hell according to Vidura! Stay tuned! 🙂


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