Episode # 207 – “Going behind another person’s wife is one of the most heinous crimes on earth!” – Vidura’s important warning!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed two more important points wherein Vidura explains that if a father-in-law makes mockery of his daughter-in-law by using abusive words, he makes himself eligible to knock the doors of Hell! This was directly applicable in the case of King Dhirdiraashtra and we saw how Vidura poked him with this point indirectly. He made King Dhirdiraashtra’s conscience prick with guilt in the case of the infamous Draupati episode. Following that, we witnessed the practical application of this point in today’s world. We discussed how in-laws should be able to adjust with the new daughter-in-law of the house and treat her with respect and affection. The next point was of course the extension of the above point wherein we witnessed that if both the mother-in-law and the father-in-law realize that they should live under the mercy of their daughter-in-law only, it is better not to show tantrums to her. Thus on the whole it is evident that the relationship between a girl and her in-laws at her married place should be an amicable and a lovable one. There is no point showing tantrums to each other and this will only deteriorate the peace in the family.

Now moving on to the next point, Vidura now explains the fifteenth category of people who are destined to directly go to hell. Vidura says thus:

“Parakshetre nirvapathi svabheejam!”

This is another extremely important point here – If a person involves himself in illicit relationships with other women apart from his married wife, involves himself with other women in sexual affairs and makes them pregnant, would definitely go to Hell! This is one very important point wherein Vidura stresses that if a man involves himself in extra-marital relationships outside of his marriage, it might be a pleasant experience at that point in time, but at the end of his life he would be in the verge of going to Hell! This is of course a point that is related to the moral character of a person – We should be faithful and loyal to our marriage and should never go behind another person’s wife at any point. We’ve seen many examples in our “Sanaathana Dharma” wherein people have met disastrous ends to their otherwise luxurious lives due to the desire for women – We saw Vaali as an example, wherein he tried to abduct Sugriva’s wife and met his end to Rama’s arrow. Similarly we witnessed the case of Ravana wherein he abducted Mother Sita for no fault of hers and tried to behave in a wrong manner with her. Ultimately he met his end in a ghasty manner in the hands of Bhagawan Rama.

In the “Sundara Kaanda” of the Valmiki Ramayana, if readers would remember, there was an important point wherein Mother Sita advises Ravana of the same thing – She says thus, “Oh Ravana! Please divert your mind from another person’s wife to your own wives who are waiting for you in your palace! This is a wrong thing that you’re doing and if you continue doing this to me, you’ll definitely meet a ghasty end in the hands of Bhagawan Rama very soon! Going behind others’ wives would be pleasurable at that moment of time, but in the long-run, it is going to destroy all your wealth, luxuries and people together! Just because of your crooked desire, you’re going to spoil the whole kingdom and destroy millions of people for no fault of theirs! So please correct yourself and even now it is not too late – If you hand me over to Bhagawan Rama even now, He would be so merciful to forgive you for your grave mistake and would leave you free! Even if he doesn’t leave you, I myself shall recommend to Rama to leave you free without any trouble! Whatever might be the case, my husband Rama would listen to my words and will never go against them! Whereas if you’re still not realizing your mistake, please realize that you’re going to meet your end in a miserable manner!”

Such were the words of our beloved Mother Sita to Ravana and from this we can clearly understand that going behind other women apart from our marriage agreement is a heinous crime. If we intend to go into this trap, we should realize that we’re inviting Bhagawan to give us direct tickets to Hell and nothing else! So for today let us realize this important aspect of life and do the needful! We shall wait till the next episode to witness the last two categories of people who go to Hell! Stay tuned! 🙂



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