Episode # 167 – “Arrogance destroys us completely forever!!” – Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had commenced yet another important discussion wherein Vidura is pointing out to King Dhirdiraashtra clearly as to which are those that would take away which items from us. In this way we’ve seen the first two cases through which Vidura is trying to drive this point home. We shall have a re-look at the sloka and then try to move on further from there.

“Jaraa roopam harathi hi dhairyamaashaa mrithyuh praanaan!

Dharmachariyaanasooya krodhahashriyamanaarya!

Sevaa hriyam kaamaha sarvamena abhimaaninaha!!”

The first case that he explains here is “Jaraa roopam harathi” – As we get aged year after year, this factor called “Age” takes away our physical beauty! As we advance in our age, our physical beauty starts reducing slowly and we see this practically every passing day! Secondly he says “Dhairyamaashaa” – Here Vidura explains that if we have excessive desires, our courage and confidence comes down! This too we see practically happening every day as to how we get tensed and nervous if certain things do not happen in the way it should happen! We had quite a long discussion on this point in the previous episode.

Now moving on further, Vidura explains the third case – “Mrithyuh praanaan” – Vidura explains here that the “God of Death” (Yama Dharma Raja) would take away our breath completely when the time comes for us to depart from this world!

Next he says “Dharmachariyaam asooya” – Jealousy would deviate us from the path of “Dharma” and take it away from us! Unless and until we are free of jealousy, every action of ours would be going towards the path of “Dharma”. What will happen if jealousy comes in? For instance if we see a politician who lives a luxurious life – He would have earned all his wealth through the path of “Adharma”, but even then, upon seeing him roaming around in such luxurious cars and living in a huge bungalow, somewhere down the line we would also have some thoughts as to “What if we also become an owner of such huge wealth?” Isn’t it? We keep watching such things in movies quite regularly in the modern day – A person who tries to lead a life without giving or taking bribes from anyone, whereas in his opposite house, his neighbor would be an epitome of bribery! The moment this person sees his neighbor getting so much of money through bribing, he would also start developing jealousy and thus a desire towards earning money by means of a “short cut”. Ultimately what would conspire? This jealousy would transform our behavior completely and we would also start thinking of earning money through short cut means like that of our neighbor. Hence we would also go into that track, but what if we get caught somewhere down the line? Forget getting caught by the police – We’re ultimately deviating from the path of “Dharma” isn’t it? This is even more dangerous! Even if today we escape from the police or from the vigilane authority, Bhagawan is the biggest vigilance authority from whom we can never escape! He maintains all our accounts systematically and would pull us up when the time arises. Thus the message from this point is that, the moment jealousy takes over us, we would slowly start deviating from the path of “Dharma” and enter into the zone of “Adharma”. Hence we need to very watchful and careful about ourself and our activities everyday.

Next, Vidura explains another impotant point – “Krodhaha shriyam” – Here Vidura says that if we give room for anger (“Krodha”) to flourish, our wealth and money would go for a toss! How is this possible? Why does Vidura say this? We’ve seen during our Ramayana discussion wherein Sage Vishwamithra got extremely angry and as a result of this, he had to lose all his power that he gained through years and years of penance! In case of great Maharishis, if they’ve to give in to anger, they’ll end up losing all their “Tapas” that they had accumulated for ages together! Similarly if ordinary people like us have to give in to anger, our wealth would get destroyed. This is because, if we get angry, our mind loses stability and we would end up making wrong decisions at the critical time and this would pave way for large-scale disasters to happen!

Next, Vidura explains “Anaarya Sevaa” – If we offer service (Seva) to a person who doesn’t deserve it and who is an unrigteous person, our righteousness is taken for a ride! This is because, if we start having company with people who are unrighteous in nature, by some means or the other, we would also start digressing through the path of unrighteousness. Even in the professional front, if we’ve to join an organization for work, we should first check if this organization and its head are an ethical organization and person respectively. Rather if we’ve to work with a person or an organization that doesn’t value ethics, we would also eventually fall into the trap of “Adharma” in some way or the other. Thus the message here is that, if we end up offering our service and time to people who follow “Adharma”, it is of no use, and moreover, we would eventually fall into their trap of “Adharma” and would perform unwanted activities to get into trouble! Hence we should be very careful in this regard!

Next up, Vidura says “Hriyam kaamaha” – If we develop unwanted desire, we would lose our self-respect and the inhibition that is essential for us, which would help us prevent doing unwanted mistakes in life. For instance, if our desires are excessively directed towards money, we would think of ways and means to “somehow” earn it. As a result, we would start adopting illegal means to earn money such as robbery, bribing, etc. Normally we would have an inhibition against doing such things, but if desire for money takes over, we would lose this inhibition and start getting into illegal activities!

Finally Vidura finishes with an important note – “Sarvamena abhimaaninaha” – Here Vidura drops a bombshell that King Dhirdiraashtra did not expect – He says that if arrogance takes over us, we would lose everything in life! Saying thus, he pauses a bit!The message is very clear here – So far we’ve seen in this sloka that in each case there is one item that is going to affect another item. For instance, age affects physical beauty, desire affects our confidence, anger affects our wealth, etc. Finally he says that if there is arrogance in us, we would completely be ruined! Hence we need to be very careful here. Just like how we have an English proverb, “If money is lost, nothing is lost, if health is lost, something is lost and if character is lost, everything is lost!” Similarly here too, if arrogance takes us over, everything is lost! In other words, our entire character is lost and we would never be able to command any sorts of respect from anyone in this world!

So for today let us introspect on this important sloka and check within ourselves as to where do we lack and where do we fix ourselves. We shall wait till the next episode to continue Vidura’s explanation further! Stay tuned! 🙂

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