Episode # 166 – “The more we desire, the more we feel scared!!” Vidura’s IMPORTANT message!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed the continuation on the discussion about various ways and means through which several things in this world exhibit their true colours! Vidura gives instances of six different contexts wherein the true colour is exposed – He commences with gold, wherein he says that the real purity of gold in ornaments can be ascertained by heating the ornament to high temperature. Secondly he says that a human being’s attitude is exposed to the world by the actions that he/she performs. Thirdly he explains that a person hailed as a “Saadhu” (Spiritually acclaimed person) would be exposed if he opens his mouth and talks for a few minutes! With the words that come out of his mouth while talking, we can easily understand if he is a real “Saadhu” or not! Fourth, Vidura explains that a person who claims himself to be brave and courageous would be exposed when he is put into a situation that might automatically induce a fear! Vidura goes on to substantiate this point by saying further that the real test for a person who is supposedly brave and courageous is when that person is left in the middle of nowhere without food, water or even a single penny of money in his pocket. Finally Vidura is talking about the significance of unconditional friendship. I as a person would be able to understand the true colours of another person (whether he/she is good or bad) only during a time when I’m going through a problem. Thus all instances put together, Vidura has explained for the last two episodes that in some way or the other, the true colour of a person or any object would be exposed to the world in due course of time. This reminds us of a famous proverb – “All that glitters is not gold!”

Hence the message from this discussion is that, we should be very careful not be carried away by seeing only the external appearance of anything or anybody in this world. We need to take our time, use our discrimination ability to analyze and understand who and what is good and/or bad and then move forward.

With this, we now move on to the next important set of points that Vidura is going to explain. Here he explains clearly which are those that would take away which items from us! Vidura says thus:

“Jaraa roopam harathi hi dhairyamaashaa mrithyuh praanaan!

Dharmachariyaanasooya krodhahashriyamanaarya!

Sevaa hriyam kaamaha sarvamena abhimaaninaha!!”

Now commencing the explanation, he says “Jaraa roopam harathi”As we get aged year after year, this factor called “Age” takes away our physical beauty! Thus we can see here that our physical appearance is temporary and is always subjected to change. This is the reason why we always keep saying that we need to give more importance to the beauty of our “Aathman” or Soul rather than our physical beauty. Nowadays we keep spending so much of money to buy cosmetic products, which are used to beautify our physical body and make it look very attractive. But little do we realize and little can we accept the fact that we are getting aged day after day and our physical attractiveness continues to diminish as we become older. Unable to accept this fact of life, we are investing so much of money to get expensive cosmetic products to beautify ourselves. Rather, we should always think of ways how to beautify our “Aathman” as this is the permanent phenomenon in all of us. How do we beautify out “Aathman”? It is through “Satsangs” (Association with spiritually realized people and paying heed to what they preach) and our focus towards Bhagawan. If these two are practiced properly, our “Aathman” gets purified and automatically gets attractive for Bhagawan to look into it!

Secondly Vidura says, Dhairyamaashaa” – Here Vidura explains that if we have excessive desires, our courage and confidence comes down! We can see this in our everyday life – If we do not have a desire on something, we would never care about what happens with regards to that! But if we have a strong desire towards something or someone, we would be so tensed and scared until we fulfil that desire and get the desired result. For instance, we fall in love with someone – Unless and until we get married to that person, we would be so tensed and restless. This is because, we would be scared all the time as to what would happen if our marriage is stopped owing to various reasons and what would happen to my life if something would stop the marriage! Thus we can clearly see here that desires in us take away the courage and braveness that we possess!

This is an extremely important learning for all of us. Let us see another instance to substantiate this point – Nowadays we undertake lot of travel from one place to the other owing to professional and personal reasons. Everytime we take the travel by bus or train or by flight and we normally do not feel scared of it. But if we’ve to carry a bulk amount of cash – say 50,000 rupees or 3000 dollars or whatever it might be, or if we’ve to carry a huge quantity of gold with us during one of our travel schedules, how would we feel? Won’t we feel tensed and scared throughout the journey? Won’t we have a thought at the back of our mind that what if someone notices our expensive belongings and robs them from us? This is how we start losing our courage when our desires take over us! Because, on ordinary journeys when we do not carry any expensive belongings of ours, we would never feel this scared. However, if something expensive is with us during travel, we feel differently. This is why Vidura emphasizes that the extent to which we can lessen our desires, the greater we can be courageous and brave in our life!

So for today let us ponder over these two important points explained by Vidura and introspect within ourselves. Let us look into ways through which we can lessen our desires in our lives so that we can live peacefully and with courage! We shall wait till the next episode to witness the remaining points that Vidura is going to explain in the above sloka! Stay tuned! 🙂

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