Episode # 168 – “The wealth you possess now is never going to sustain in the long run!” Vidura slams King Dhirdiraastra!!!


In the last couple of episodes we had witnessed a detailed discussion on how do various items get destroyed in this world. In that way, Vidura had given a set of eight examples to highlight this point.

To summarize the whole thing in a nutshell, firstly as we get aged year after year, this factor called “Age” takes away our physical beauty. Secondly if we have excessive desires, our courage and confidence comes down and eventually get destroyed! Thirdly, the “God of Death” (Yama Dharma Raja) would take away our breath completely when the time comes for us to depart from this world! Fourth, jealousy would deviate us from the path of “Dharma” and take it away from us! Fifth, if we give room for anger (“Krodha”) to flourish, our wealth and money would go for a toss! Sixth, if we offer service (Seva) to a person who doesn’t deserve it and who is an unrighteous person, our righteousness is taken for a ride!  Seventh, if we develop unwanted desire, we would lose our self-respect and the inhibition that is essential for us, which would help us prevent doing unwanted mistakes in life. Finally Vidura says Sarvamena abhimaaninaha” which means that if arrogance takes over us, we would lose everything in life and there is no use of living any further in this world! Saying thus, he pauses for a while.

This was a direct poke to King Dhirdiraashtra because, Vidura is now trying to make him realize that it is Duryodhana’s arrogance that is going to bring about doom for the entire “Kaurava” clan. Vidura is trying his best to illustrate King Dhirdiraashtra that arrogance is one of the extremely bad qualities that a human being can have, and that, he should mend his son’s ways without any delay, before everything slips out of the hands!

Now moving on further Vidura says thus:

“Shreer mangalaath bhavati praagalpyaath sampravartathe!

Daakshyaathu kuruthe moolam samyamaath prathi thishtathi!!”

Here in this sloka Vidura explains how does wealth (“Shreehi”) accumulate, sustains and grows further. This is a beautiful and an important sloka for all of us to introspect on. Now let uus look into the meaning of it. Firstly Vidura explains, “Shreer mangalaath bhavati”If we aspire to do an auspicious activity that would benefit the entire world and if we think and pray to Bhagawan for such an activity to be executed and then started, Vidura explains that wealth would automatically starts coming towards us. Thus from this message, it is very clear that wealth would automatically come to us if our thoughts and actions are auspicious and clean in nature.

Next he says, Praagalpyaath sampravartathe”It is not enough if a person just starts an auspicious action and leaves it there. He should continue to dedicate his/her 100% effort towards executing that auspicious action. It is only then the wealth would start accumulating more and more. Thus, the harder and smarter that we work, more the wealth that we accumulate.

Next, Vidura explains Daakshyaathu kuruthe moolam”Now that we’ve started to accumulate the wealth, how do we sustain it over a period of time? It is with accurate and a capable way of decision making – That is, taking the right decisions in a steady manner, at the right time and also in such a way that the impact of the decisions that we take doesn’t affect anybody else’s life in any way. If such a thing happens, the wealth would sustain with us for a long time and we shall be able to enjoy the fruits of it.

We might be wondering why is Vidura pulling off this point all of a sudden from nowehere! It is to warn King Dhirdiraashtra that he is going to lose all his wealth in the near future! The enormous wealth that King Dhirdiraashtra possessed was born out of some auspicious and good actions by his ancestors long ago. However, is he sustaining that wealth in the right way? Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra thus, “Oh King! The property and the kingdom that you possess today is an ancestral property and the way in which you’re trying to maintain and sustain this property is pathetic! When it is a mandate that you need to split a portion of this ancestral property for the Paandavas, you’re going against it. This is the most inauspicious action that you’re doing! The moment you commence an inauspicious action, the wealth would start leaving you!”

Vidura continues further, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Do you think you’re smart? You never even have an iota of smartness in you! When the Pandavas came down to the level of asking just five villages, you should have given that to them and the remaining huge kingdom could have been yours and Duryodhana’s! Giving just five villages is nothing at all! Even though you didn’t split the kingdom equally, you could have given just five villages and still could have escaped! If you were smart enough, you could have given them five villages and settled the affair then and there! Hence you do not even have an iota of smart thinking in you! Even if this smartness is absent, atleast do you have the talent to sustain the wealth that you possess? That is also missing in you! If you’ve to ask a minister to explain you all these things, as a king, in what ways are you qualified to rule such a vast kingdom efficiently? You should have known all these by yourself! If you’ve to ask each and every thing from a minister to rule the kingdom, it is evident that you do not have the capability to be a king in the first place! Thus putting all of this together, this wealth that you possess today is never going to sustain with you in the long run! Please understand this fact and try to mend your ways atleast now!”

Now the lessons for all of us are very clear from this sloka – If we’ve to earn sufficient amount of wealth, we should do so in the legitimate way with our actions benefitting the world. IF we’ve to grow this wealth further, we need to be steadfast in our approach and give our 100% effort to it. Finally if we need to sustain it, we need to have the capability to make the right decisions at the right time so that people around us do not get affected! If we get these three things right, wealth would sustain and dwell with us forever!

We shall introspect this important point for today and wait till tomorrow for more of Vidura’s explanation. Tomorrow Vidura is going to explain a very important aspect – King Dhirdiraashtra’s courtroom and how he failed in that aspect too! Stay tuned! 🙂

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