Episode # 162 – “Avoid people who use Astrology & Palmistry commercially!!!” – Vidura’s important advice!!!


In the prvious episode we moved on to witness how Vidura connected the concept of “Aathman” or the “Soul” to the context of King Dhirdiraashtra. By using this context, Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra that he was getting carried away by the thought that he would be protected by the “Dharma” somehow, irrespective of whatever he does. He warns King Dhirdirashtra that Bhagawan Krishna is giving him a long rope and it is upto him to use the rope to climb out of the mess that is happening currently. Rather, if he is not doing so, this same rope would tighten around his neck like a noose and would put him to a painful death! As King Dhirdiraashtra listens to Vidura’s words, he’s all at sea! This is because he has been completely brainwashed by his brother Sahuni and his words are in direct contradiction to that of Vidura’s! It is to be noted that Sahuni has advised King Dhirdiraashtra many a times to act against the interests of the Paandavas as they are a threat to his son’s Duryodhana’s future. So King Dhirdiraashtra is now confused as to whose words should he listen to – Vidura’s or Sahuni’s! He openly asks Vidura to advise him on this.

Now Vidura explains to King Dhirdiraashtra very clearly that he shouldn’t have encouraged Sahuni to talk to him in the first place – Forget the advice that he has given! Because, Sahuni is an epitome of “Adharma” and is capable of poisoning any pure heart easily with his wicked words! To add more clarity to this point, Vidura is now going to explain seven different categories of people that a King should avoid and discourage from approaching him. From this, we can also learn that we need to be extremely careful if we come across any of these categories of people in our daily life today! Vidura explains thus:

“Saamudrika vanijam chora poorvam salaaka dhoorthancha chikitsakancha arincha mithrancha kusheelavancha na ethaan saakshe tvadhathi kurveeta sapta!!”

This might be a little complex to understand for our readers, but I shall try my best to simplify and put them in perspective. Here Vidura is explaining that these seven categories of people should be avoided if a person wants to have a witness or to seek some valuable advice on certain issues. Vidura explains, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! These seven people would advice you in such a way that it would seem extremely pleasurable for you during that present time, however on the long run, you might face a big disaster if you listen to them!”

Now who are those seven categories of people? These seven people who we’re going to witness, might create a rude shock for many of our readers, however, I can’t help it! 🙂 I’m just writing what Vidura has mentioned. I’m not mentioning anything new here!

“Saamudrika vanijam”Those people who just look at our palms and try to predict our future course of life! In other words, those people who are experts in “Palmistry”We need to keep these kinds of people at bay. It is because it is not possible to predict one’s entire future just by looking at the palms. The lines that run in our palms are subjected to change at any point in time, owing to many reasons – Some people might do extensive physical work and as a result, our palms would have changed their texture. Some people might do lesser amount of physical work and hence their palms would be intact. Indeed if we’ve to predict one’s future course of life accurately, we need to understand the different planetary positions of that person’s horoscope. More than all these things, we can easily predict the future of a person if we’re able to check if this person’s actions are according to the “Dharma” or not. If we’re not able to understand this properly and if we’re unable to understand what are “Paapa” and “Punya Karma”, then what is the use of prescribing “Parihaara” for the person?

Nowadays this science called “Astrology” or “Jyotisha Shaastra” has become a commercial and a money making tool for many people around the world. Everyday we’re witnessing innumerable people “blabbering” something on various television channels and in newspapers about different aspects of astrology on a highly commercial basis. All these are just about marketing themselves to gain some name and fame and there is absolutely no value addition for the viewers watching such programs.

It should be noted here that I’m not against Astrology. In fact, Astrology or “Jyotisha Shaastra” is a huge science and is an integral part of the Vedas. Such a high-level science can never be false or fake. All I’m saying is that, if one has to deal with such a sensitive subject called astrology, he/she should have mastered it thoroughly with all it’s nooks and corners.

For instance, if we go to an astrologer today, many a time he would start with something called “Parihaara”! Now what is this “Parihaara”? It is supposedly done so as to escape the wrath of a particular planet on one’s life. Are such things possible? Can anybody escape sufferings in life? If we’ve to escape the sufferings of our life, what would happen to all the “Paapa Karma” that we’ve accumulated over the period of so many births? How will we burn down all of them? In fact if you ask me, there’s nothing called “Parihaara” that exists for any planetary position in this world! All these are just commercial businesses that have sprouted over the past few years just to make money. If we’ve to burn down our “Paapa Karma”, we need to undergo the required suffering in life at any stage. There is no other way out! No “Parihaara” can bring us out of any suffering and this is just a blatant lie.

Hence, the message from today’s episode is that we need to think twice if we’ve to consult an astrologer or a person who claims himself to be an expert in “Palmistry”. We need to understand that everybody in life have to face certain problems and challenges and if we’ve to start going behind astrologers just because we’re facing some problems, this is where these people make business out of our suffering. We need to understand this – Many modern day astrologers make money by making use of our weakness and problems. Hence it is not advisable on our part to fall prey to someone who might use us as a tool to make enormous money! So let us think about this important point for today. We shall witness the next six categories of people to avoid in tomorrow’s episode! Stay tuned! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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