Episode # 161 – “Committing sins might be pleasurable today but would cause destruction in future!” Vidura slams King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed the reiteration of the clear message from Vidura to King Dhirdiraashtra that Bhagawan would not keep sending alarms and signals of warning everytime when we commit mistakes. Moresoever, it is not his job to keep doing that everytime. It is for this purpose he has blessed human beings with the sense of discrimination and it is upto us to use it to the fullest and walk the path of Dharma. It is like an announcement board kept at the bank of a fast-flowing river saying “If you jump into the river on the pretext of swimming, the water current would pull you away to danger!” It is upto us to use our discrimination not to jump into the fast-flowing river and getting drowned! Similarly, our Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana and Mahabharata are like this announcement board – These texts would “announce” to the world that this is the path of “Dharma”. It is upto us to realize this, use our sense of discrimination properly and follow what is mentioned in our scriptures. This is exactly what Vidura is trying to advise King Dhirdiraashtra – That he is getting along with his son Duryodhana with all the illicit means to grab the rightful property of the Paandavas and this should stop immediately to avoid drastic and dire consequences that are to follow!

“Nainam chandaamsi vriginaath taarayanti maayaavinam maayaavayaa varthamaanam!!”

Now moving on further, Vidura slams and warns King Dhirdiraashtra thus, “Oh King! Please remember that if a person goes behind “Maaya” (Worldly Illusion) and tries to cheat others to grab away their property, all the scriptures would push him into hell at the last minute. Everytime when you’re doing something wrong, it would be pleasurable for you at that moment. However in the longer term, you’ll have to face all the consequences for what you’ve done! For instance, you might be extremely happy that your son Duryodhana had won the game of gambling against Uddishtra and his Paandava brothers! You might be extremely happy that Duryodhana sent the Paandavas on exile for the next thirteen years! You might be extremely happy today that the Paandavas are undergoing immense suffering (for no fault of theirs’) and by that way, your son can easily snatch away the Hasthinapura kingdom from them just because you’re projecting the Paandavas as traitors! So by all this, you’re thinking that everytime you’ve won over the Paandavas! But please remember one thing – Bhagawan Krishna is watching all of this and is giving you a long rope! However, it is only Bhagawan Krishna who knows how and where to pull up the noose and straps of the rope, so as to strangle you at the right time! At that time, whatever and however you shout, is not going to yield any help! Please realize that Bhagawan Krishna is giving you ample opportunities to mend your ways. If you fail to grab these opportuinities at the right time, there is no point feeling sorry later on! Hence, Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! Please realize this immediately and do the needful!”

Saying thus, Vidura pauses for a minute. King Dhirdiraashtra is all in tears now. He understands that he’s committing blunder after blunder as a king. However he is unable to accept his faults and mend himself and his sons. He now asks Vidura back thus, “Oh Vidura! You’re telling me so many things and you’re advising me in innumerable ways with all the “Dharma” of a righteous king! However, my brother Sahuni (Duryodhana’s uncle who was responsible for the game of gambling) is also preaching me lot of things similar to what you’re doing to me currently! Now whom do I follow? You’re saying that I have to listen to your words. Sahuni is also telling me that I’ve to listen to his words! Now whom should I follow, and why?”

Upon hearing this from King Dhirdiraashtra, Vidura is transfixed for a moment. He doesn’t understand whether to laugh or cry, upon seeing the plight of his king. However he makes up his mind once more and advises King Dhirdiraashtra once again thus: “Oh King! Don’t you know and understand who’s advice you should follow and who’s advice you should reject? Don’t you know who is Sahuni and what is his background? Inspite of knowing that Sahuni is poisoning your heart everytime, you’re still confused if you should pay heed to what he says!”

Saying thus, Vidura lists out the various types of people whom we should never listen or pay heed to! In other words, the following sloka of Vidura explains that we should completely reject the words of advice given by this list of people, as they’re capable of poisoning our pure heart and eventually they would make us to digress towards the path of Adharma! Who are those people constituting this list that Vidura is explaining? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂

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