Episode # 163 – “Do not get carried away by the notorious & irresponsible Sahuni’s words!!” Vidura warns King Dhirdiraashtra!!!


In the previous episode we had commenced an important discussion wherein Vidura is explaining to King Dhirdiraashtra on the seven important categories of people that one should completely avoid and to keep at bay. In due course of yesterday’s discussion we had spoken at length about the first category of people to be distanced – Those of them who claim “expertise” in Palmistry and Astrology and trying to predict one’s future. In the modern day of course we’re seeing widespread and an alarming level of commercialisation of Astrology – An important section of our Vedas. Nowadays many people have started using this highly rated Astrological science to cash into people’s problems and make enormous money out of it. Such people should be identified and kept at bay. Of course, our readers should not mistake and wrongly interpret that I’m propagating something bad about all astrologers. This is not the point here. There are people who are highly trained and have gained a mastery over the subject by systematically performing the “Veda-Adhyayana” (Repeated chanting of the sacred Vedas and other allied texts) and such people know exactly how to use the science of Astrology in the correct manner. We can always approach such people who are highly dedicated.

But at the same time, we should also remember that there is nothing by the term “Parihara” and those who propagate this “Parihara” as a solution for all our problems and sufferings is just nonsense! If we’ve taken birth as a human being in this earth, we’re bound to enjoy both happiness and sufferings and neither an astrologer nor “Parihara” can alter the course of one’s life. if it was that easy, then almost the whole world would be in ultimate bliss and happiness by now! Moreover, no scriptural reference can be found in the Vedas with regards to this nonsense called “Parihara”. This is where the commercialization factor comes in, and this is what needs to be avoided. The Vedas along with the science of Astrology only talks about how to lead a righteous life, and not how to escape from a problem through a short cut. Moreover, there is a method of living life as prescribed by Bhagawan and we are supposed to abide by the rules and regulations. There can be no compromise for it.

Now moving on to the next category – Chora poorvam”A person who was a thief before, but is now in a high position as a businessman or any other profession. Such people should never be approached for anything! In other words, if a person was a thief in the recent past and had made enormous money by robbing other people, but somehow through hook or crook, gets a huge position and a status today, such people should never be encouraged even an inch! It is to be noted here by our readers that I’m not saying thisVidura is saying this! 🙂 If we’ve to apply these words of Vidura in today’s scenario, I don’t even think we can approach anybody in this world today for anything! If we look at the political scenario today, we would be able to witness (in many places) that the biggest qualification for a person to become a politician is that he/she should have been a thief and should be able to involve in corruption at an “advanced level” while being in power! I do not want to elaborate this any further as I’m sure that all our readers would have understood the message very clearly by now. It should be noted that such people are to be avoided as well.

Moving on to the next category, Salaaka dhoorthancha”A person, who tries to predict the future with the help of a stick, should also be kept at bay. We should not go very close to that person everytime. We might have seen even in today’s world that few people have this profession of having a stick in their hand and using that stick to analyze our life events and predict our future. Vidura is explaining here that such people also are to be avoided if in case we require them as a witness for something.

Now the next category – Chikitsakancha”Here “Chikitsa” means a doctor or a medical practitioner. Vidura explains that even a doctor should not be approached for being a witness for something. This is because, the main professional duty of a doctor is to cure the health of his/her patients. If he/she is called for any other purpose other than this, it becomes difficult for him/her to do justice to their profession. For instance if there is a case of a murder or a terrorist case, what is the use of calling the doctor as a witness? (Of course in some cases in the modern day we might slightly tend to disagree, as sometimes doctors might also be involved in some complex cases! This is of course an exception.) Normally the doctor should be consulted only with regards to health, and not with regards to any other thing. Even today if we consider many examples, a doctor would care for the life of a patient, irrespective of he is a good or bad person, or a terrorist or a robber, or whatever! The doctor would never stand for or against the patient in any case, since their duty is only to give proper treatment to that human being.

Moving on further – Arincha Mithrancha”We should never approach neither an enemy nor a friend to be a witness for anything. The next one – Kusheelavancha” – We should never have a person as a witness, who doesn’t lead a righteous life!

Thus these seven categories of people should never be approached to be a witness for whatever we do in life. Explaining thus, Vidura says, “Oh King Dhirdiraashtra! You had asked me a question and I had given an answer! I hope you would have got the message from my answer by now!”

It is to be recollected by our readers that King Dhirdiraashtra had asked Vidura that why should he listen only to Vidura’s words and not that of Sahuni. Vidura did not give a direct answer for his question – Instead he had listed down seven categories of people to be kept at a distance! Hearing this from Vidura, King Dhiridiraashtra was wondering as to which category of people would Sahuni fit into! He is neither an astrologer nor a person who knows Palmistry. He is neither a doctor nor a friend nor an enemy. Then where does Sahuni fit in this list? It was the last point that Vidura had mentioned – “Kusheelavancha”Sahuni exactly falls under this category! Vidura thus reminds King Dhirdiraashtra that Sahuni is such a notorious and an irresponsible person and that, he should not get carried away by his words of advice! In fact, Vidura warns King Dhirdiraashtra that he should not even encourage Sahuni to open his mouth and utter even a single word!

So for today let us introspect within ourself as to which category of people are we encouraging in our daily lives and how to cut down on our interactions with them! We shall wait till the next episode to witness more of Vidura’s important explanations! Stay tuned! 🙂

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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