Episode # 94 – Punishing people heavily for their small mistakes is a heinous crime – Vidura’s signal of caution!!!


We’re once again in the midst of an extremely important discussion wherein we’ve witnessed seven important attributes that one needs to let go, if he needs to be in the path of “Dharma”. It is quite interesting to note from the way in which Vidura’s explains – He’s indirectly giving a punch to King Dhiridraashtra that his son Duryodhana was an embodiment of all these seven evil attributes and that he is going to meet his end very soon in the hands of the Paandavas and Bhagawan Krishna. In the previous episode we had discussed four out of these seven attributes and in today’s episode we shall complete the discussion on the remaining three. Along with this, we’re also discussing the current day relevance of each of these attributes, so that we could learn lessons from Vidura’s advice so as to mend our ways.

For the convenience of our readers, we shall witness the sloka once more. Vidura says thus,

“Saptha doshaaha sadaa raagnyaaha haathavyaa vyasanodayaaha!

Praayasoyair vinashyanti kritha moolaaha apeeshwaraaha!!

Striyahaaksha mrigayaa paanam vaak paarushyancha panchamam!

Mahaccha dhanda paarushyam artha dhoosahanamevacha!!”

In this, we’ve discussed the first four attributes – “Striyahaaksha”, “Mrigayaa”, “Paanam” and “Vaak paarushyam”. Today let us witness the remaining three.

Mahaccha dhanda”Here Vidura says that if someone does a small mistake, we should never magnify it and met out a huge punishment. Duryodhana did this mistake as well – Just for a small error from the side of the Paandavas, he sentenced them to go on exile for the next fourteen years! How big a punishment is this! We’ve already seen a similar situation during our Ramayana project, wherein Vaali had thrown away Sugriva from Kishkinta, abused him very badly and finally went to the extreme step of abducting Sugriva’s wife, Ruma. Vaali meted out such a huge punishment for Sugriva just because he had accidently made a mistake by assuming that the raakshasa Dundubhi had killed Vaali and henceforth assumed the duties of the Kishkinta kingdom. Even when Sugriva apologized for his mistake, Vaali was not in a mood to listen to him. This became the biggest cause of Vaali’s death in the hands of Lord Rama. Our readers can recollect this important episode – When Vaali asks Lord Rama for the reasons why he’s killing him, Lord Rama lists out various reasons and the major reason why Rama was forced to kill Vaali was that, he failed to give refuge to his brother Sugriva by accepting his surrender. Rather, he ended up insulting him, abusing him and finally abducting his wife. Thus, as per the “Raaja Dharma” it is a heinous crime! From this, we need to understand that if someone seeks forgiveness for a mistake that they’ve committed to us, it is our bound duty to accept their profound apologies and forgive them. But do we see this in the current day? Rather, we’re only trying to take revenge on them for what they’ve done to us today. Even if it is a small mistake, we take it too much personally, brood over it, magnify it, project it as a huge problem and thereby seek revenge! Is all these things necessary? Why can’t we take things lightly and easily and move on? We’ve got so much of work and learning to do and we’re not having sufficient time for all the useful activities. In this case, why do we waste our valuable and precious time in gossiping about others’ mistakes, trying to paint an ugly picture of them, seek revenge, etc.? Hence, the important lesson that all of us should learn today is that, if there’s a mistake from someone we should try and let go of it, rather than blowing it out of proportion and magnifying it! Let us learn to let go off things slowly and if we’re able to successfully practice this every day, gradually our life would become peaceful and harmonious.

“Artha dhoosahanam” – If a ruler or king or an administrator uses the government’s or public’s property for satisfying his/her personal wishes and enjoyment, it is another huge crime as per our “Sanaathana Dharma”. I’m not saying this, but Vidura is saying it! 🙂 This needs no further explanation, as all of us know the amount of corruption that is taking place day in day out with regards to affairs pertaining to the government. We can see that corruption has spread nooks and corners to every department of the government today. If we’re going to have such selfish people adorning the chairs of such departments, the country is never going to prosper.

Thus we’ve witnessed seven important attributes that are extremely dangerous for a person and this is an important lesson for all of us to learn. Of course, King Dhirdiraashtra wasn’t ready to follow Vidura’s advice and mend his and Duryodhana’s ways, however we are not like King Dhirdiraashtra and Duryodhana. We can listen to Vidura’s advice carefully and try to implement them in our lives so as to lead a happy living. In tomorrow’s episode we are going to see Vidura explaining eight different aspects packed within one sloka. What are those eight attributes? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! 🙂

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