Episode # 95 – Why are Brahmins being hated by the present-day society? Vidura explains a hard fact!!!


In the previous couple of episodes we had witnessed an elaborated discussion on seven important attributes that are extremely dangerous for a person in every day life and such things should be avoided or eliminated completely. To summarize all the seven in a nutshell, Vidura explains that “Striyahaaksha” (Misbehaving or wrong conduct with women), “Mrigayaa” (Obsessed with gambling and other kinds of illicit games), “Paanam” (Obsessed with alcohol), “Vaak paarushyam” (Usage of foul language), “Mahaccha dhanda” (Punishing people heavily even for small mistakes) and “Artha dhoosahanam” (Misusing of public property for personal benefit) are detrimental to one’s growth in life. Hence, we should make a conscious attempt and effort to try and keep ourselves away from all these attributes.

Now moving on further, in the coming sloka, Vidura is going to explain eight different attributes. What these eight attributes signify? Here Vidura explains that these eight different attributes were eight different evil actions that Duryodhana was performing every passing day. We should make sure that our actions do not fall into any of these eight attributes. Vidura says thus,

“Ashtau poorna nimithhaani narasya vinisishyasaha!

Braahmanaam prathamam dveshti braahmanaischa virudhyate!

Braahmanasvaanicha aadakte braahmanaancha jighaamsathi!

Ramathe nindayachaishaam prashamsaam naabhinandathi!!”


Here Vidura is explaining eight different evil actions that we should never be part of. In today’s context if I’ve to explain it, it might be a little controversial in nature. However, it is not that I’m cooking up my own explanation – It’s Vidura’s explanation that I’m just trying to interpret and hence, readers should not get offended. Now let us see each of the eight evil activities in detail:

Braahmanaam prathamam dveshti”A person who is trying to neglect “Andhanas” (Brahmins) will surely suffer a lot in life. Vidura explains that Duryodhana has done this evil activity. In the modern day context too, needless to say in India, we’re witnessing such an attitude in a widespread nature. I don’t want to go further deep into explaining this because we ourselves know what is happening in today’s world.

Braahmanaischa virudhyate”A person who sees Brahmins as enemies or threats in his personal or professional life. Again, this is also widespread in today’s world and we see this hatred towards Brahmins percolating so much into the society. Vidura explains that such hatred towards Brahmins brings about bad happenings in the country.

Braahmanasvaanicha aadakte”A person who takes away or steals the property of Brahmins forcefully will have to face all kinds of difficulties in life. Such things are to be avoided.

Braahmanaancha jighaamsathi”A person who even goes to the extent of killing Brahmins are the cruelest people on this earth!

Ramathe nindayachaishaam”A person who feels happy when Brahmins are insulted in public, will also meet a ghastly end to his life.

Prashamsaam naabhinandathi”A person who feels jealous when Brahmins are appreciated amidst a gathering, will never be able to prosper in life.

Thus these people according to Vidura would never be successful in their lives by any means. Duryodhana was again an embodiment of all these wrong activities and Vidura narrates to King Dhirdiraashtra that only because of his son’s such wicked activities, he is suffering today with lack of sleep and innumerable worries in mind. Thus Vidura advises King Dhirdiraashtra to confront his son Duryodhana and condemn such heinous acts. If these activities continue, the war cannot be stopped and eventually Duryodhana and his entire clan would have to be wiped out once for all!

This important advice is not only for King Dhirdiraashtra and his son Duryodhana, but also for all of us. It is quite pathetic in the modern day to witness that the society is turning out to be “Brahmin-hatred” for whatsoever reasons only best known for those hate mongers.

However, one reason for which Brahmins are hated so much in today’s society is that, the other people can never replicate the intelligence coefficient of Brahmins. In other words, Brahmins are the most intelligent set of people in any domain – We can take examples in every domain, every industry, every field, be it Medicine, Technology, Commerce, Business, etc. in the modern day and Brahmins tend to excel in whatever they do and thus others end up feeling jealous of them. But before feeling jealous, we should think about something – Why is that, Brahmins are able to do anything possible on this earth with utmost intelligence, diligence and smartness and why aren’t others able to achieve the same laurels as Brahmins achieve? It is because, for innumerable number of years, Brahmins have been trained and accustomed in learning and chanting of Vedas and performing spiritual practices. These activities are never easy to perform. If one has to attain mastery over the Vedas, it is only with the immense levels of concentration and dedication towards learning it properly with utmost perfection. This concentration and dedication is what gets reflected in the professional arena too and eventually Brahmins end up topping the list of successful achievers.

So there is nothing for the others to crib about – If others aren’t successful, it simply means that the concentration level and the amount of dedication to complete a job successfully isn’t there in them! This doesn’t have anything to do with hating Brahmin people. If one has to be successful, he/she should give their 100% effort into it. It’s as simple as that. If they’re unable to do that, why waste time in criticizing and singling out Brahmins for it? Rather, this time can be used to critically analyze within onselelf as to why they’re not able to succeed.

So for today, let us think about this important point. Of course, I’m not against anybody in the society and this explanation is not aimed at hurting any sect or community of people. All what I’m trying to explain here is that, if someone has that intelligent coefficient in them, let us learn to appreciate them for that and not to feel jealous about them. Moreover, if these intelligent people happen to be Brahmins, let us try to accept the fact that Brahmins are intelligent people and there’s no point cribbing about it. We should rather focus our mind and activities as to how to improve our intelligent coefficient in us, instead of cribbing about others’ success.

We shall wait till the next episode to witness Vidura’s explanation on the next eight attributes. Stay tuned! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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