Episode # 93 – Insulting women in public – One of the most heinous crimes on earth!!!


The previous episode saw the conclusion of the discussion on who are the six biggest opportunists in this world. Vidura had explained six categories of opportunists and to summarise them in a nutshell he says that, “Aachaaryam sikshithaaha sishyaaha” meaning, a student who deserts his teacher after finishing his education, “Kritha dhaaraascha maatharam” meaning, a person who deserts his mother on the behest of his newly married wife and “Naareem vikatha kaamasthu” meaning, a person who fulfills his desire with a woman and deserts her after that. “Krithaasthaascha prayojakam” means that a person deserts those who have helped him at the time of need, “Naavam vistheerna kaanthaaraa” means that a person deserts those people by not paying them for their service to him and finally “Aathuraascha chikitsakam” means that a person who goes to a doctor to get treated for a certain disease and he does not care for that doctor anymore after getting cured. Thus Vidura explains that all these above six categories of people are considered to be opportunists and we should try to keep away from such people. Moreover, if we happen to fall into any one of these six categories, firstly we should try and mend our ways, before correcting or avoiding others.

Now moving on further, Vidura is going to explain seven aspects in each sloka. Today we shall commence the discussion on the “first seven”. Vidura explains thus,

“Saptha doshaaha sadaa raagnyaaha haathavyaa vyasanodayaaha!”

Here Vidura explains an important set of seven aspects that would make us feel bad and sad in our life. Hence we should make a conscious step to let these seven aspects off from our life. What are those seven? Vidura says,

“Praayasoyair vinashyanti kritha moolaaha apeeshwaraaha!

Striyahaaksha mrigayaa paanam vaak paarushyancha panchamam!

Mahaccha dhanda paarushyam artha dhoosahanamevacha!!”

 It is interesting to note from this above sloka that Duryodhana was an embodiment of all these seven aspects. In the modern day, many of us have these seven aspects imbibed in us in some way or the other. Now what are these aspects? Let us discuss one by one.

Striyahaaksha”This directly signifies the worst quality of insulting women in public. It is quite known to all of us as to how Duryodhana was an epitome of this aspect – When the courtroom was convened by King Dhirdiraashtra, Duryodhana had publicly insulted Draupati (Wife of the Paandavas) in front of the whole gathering. Moreover, what stood out during that entire episode is that, none of the “bigwigs” (Bhishma, Guru Dhronaachaarya, Karna, etc.) who were also present there remained silent. None of them had the guts to criticize Duryodhana for the blunder that he was committing. It is said that it was mainly for this one big blunder that the whole Mahaabhaarata war was fought at Kurukshetra. Hence we should realize here that insulting women is a wrong practice and it should be completely avoided. Nowadays, it is alarming to see in the present day society that women are being subjected to public assault and insults quite regularly. We’ve been hearing heart-moving and stunning cases of violence against women such as rape, blackmailing, threats, etc. and those who are accused in such heinous crimes largely escape untouched and unnoticed. Is this the safety we give for our women? Moreover, what is the point in blaming the government if the mindset of our society doesn’t change for the good? The basic problem in this case is that, the society of ours has been too conservative and the implementation of law and judicial practices has been the weakest in India. It is only because of these reasons that our women have become a victim today. Thus the important message here is that, women should be respected at any cost, and if there is violence against women in any form, we as a society should stand by the woman and protect them.

Mrigayaa” – This means, involving oneself in excessive “betting games” and draining off all the wealth. Of course again, all of us know that the entire problem started when Duryodhana and his wicked uncle Sahuni started with the infamous “ludo” game and tricked the Paandavas into it. Thus we should realize that we shouldn’t get addicted to these kinds of games that have the potential to drain away our wealth, name and fame. In the modern day we have similar things like “Casinos” wherein people get addicted and waste lot of time, money and effort into it. Hence, care should be taken to avoid such things.

Paanam”This maybe familiar to many of us – The excessive desire towards consuming alcohol. This is one important menace into which Duryodhana got himself entangled into. He got drunk often and because of that, behaved wrongly with women around him and hence he had to meet his demise. How applicable is this to the modern day! How many families do we see today, being ruined because of alcoholism and drug addiction! Hence this is rather a rude wake up call from Vidura that we should keep ourselves away from this important societal menace. By looking at families suffering from this, we should realize that getting addicted to alcohol and drugs would not only ruin oneself, but also our family members who are near and dear to us. I don’t think this aspect needs more explanation and hence let us think within us and do the needful.

Vaak paarushyam”This means, using foul language to insult and scold others. Duryodhana did this too – He insulted the Paandavas in front of the whole courtroom with whatever foul language he shouldn’t be using at that point in time as a king. This also led to his demise eventually. Hence the lesson that all of us should learn from this point is that, whatever maybe the situation, we should try and refrain ourselves from scolding others by employing foul language. This not only hurts them very badly, but also sows the seeds for vengeance and retaliation. We should always keep in mind that venting out anger and frustration over somebody could never be a solution for a problem. Rather, we should keep ourselves calm and try to analyze the root cause of the problem. We should focus our mind in solving the matter, rather then venting our frustration on others by scolding them with foul language. We should remember that this would eventually backfire at us at some point in time and hence strive maximum to keep away from this menace.

Thus for today, we have witnessed four out of the seven aspects that we should completely avoid in our everyday lives. We shall spend some time today to introspect within us and if at all we are into any one of these aspects, let us make a conscious attempt to come out of it at the earliest. We shall wait till the next episode to witnessed the final three aspects. Stay tuned! 🙂

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