Episode # 56 – Why should we always respect women in our everyday life??? Vidura explains!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed an extended discussion of Vidura’s important explanation on “maintaining one’s individuality” at all times. We had dedicated two full episodes for driving home this very important point.

Now moving on further, in today’s episode Vidura is going to emphasize on yet another important attribute towards “Dharma” from the same sloka. Let us look into it one more time for our reference.

“Striaya kaamita kaaminyaha lokaha poojitha poojakaha!!”

Here we can see that Vidura had actually started this sloka with the explanation that women in a family are of prime importance and if a woman starts feeling jealous about another woman in terms of worldly wealth, richness, etc. then the family starts going to shambles. Hence this is one thing that all women should remember and try avoid doing. Of course we’ve looked into the “individuality” part of the explanation in the last two episodes. Now let us look into the significance of women as explained by Vidura in this sloka. In fact, even the “Sanaathana Dharma” stresses the importance of women in a special way. Let us look into it in today’s episode.

Here Vidura says that women are the most fundamental people of a family just like how an anchor is fundamental for the stability of a ship! A woman’s character is of prime importance for the stability of the family and if the woman doesn’t exhibit a good character, Vidura says that the entire family is reduced to shambles and all the efforts taken by the husband goes in vain. Thus the primary duty of a woman is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of her family and act accordingly. Only if the woman is confident and sets herself as a role model, will the family grow in prosperity. This is another extremely important point that Vidura drives home with this one sloka.

How does our “Sanaathana Dharma” respect a woman? If we look into the “Vishnu Puraana”, one of the most ancient and sacred texts of our Hindu Literature, it explains clearly that in a family, a man is like the sky and a woman is like the earth! What does it mean? The male gender is like a sky that has no limits to where it should go. However, the female gender signifies “patience” and “benevolence” and this is why the woman is compared to the Earth. It is only because of this reference in the “Vishnu Puraana” authored by Sage Paraashara, that today we call the earth as “Mother Earth”! Why do we equate the earth to that of a mother? It is because, irrespective of whatever hurdles that pass through, the mother is one person who accepts everything and still is patient and caring. Similarly, today we see innumerable high rise buildings being constructed, innumerable infrastructure projects being done, underground metro rail being created, etc. All of these are done by dredging the earth to several meters below the ground! Yet, Mother Earth is bearing up with all these “tortures” that we human beings are giving her! Isn’t this an exhibition of unlimited amount of patience? I’ve spoken about this in one of our previous episodes when we discussed about the importance of “patience”. Here the same context comes wherein Vidura explains about the significance of a woman in the family.

Moreover, we should realize that it is only because of this “patience” exhibited by a woman, God has given her the unique characteristic of pregnancy and bearing a child within her for ten long months! This unique gift is not given to a man! Why? It is simply because the male gender does not stand for “patience”. Does any woman complain of the pain of bearing her child even for a single day? This is the highest epitome of patience, isn’t it? Hence we should realize the significance of a woman in our day-to-day life. We should make sure that we respect women and not insult them in any manner.

This is where Vidura also gives the next “punch” to King Dhirdiraashtra. In fact an important learning for all of us from the Mahaabhaarata is that, if we do not respect a woman and if we end up insulting her, it would lead to the complete destruction of the entire family! This is exactly what happened in the life of Duryodhana too – He and his brothers insulted Draupathi in the public courtroom and it is only because of her curse, did the entire family of the “Kauravas” faced destruction!

Hence we should understand that women are of primary importance in this world and we need to respect them for what they are! We need to realize that without a woman’s exemplary patience and effort, we would not even have been born in this world! Today it is saddening to hear to innumerable stories and instances of disrespect towards women – In the form of crimes such as rapes, public assaults, molestations, etc. Where is our society heading towards? If we do not respect our women, how are we going to prosper as a nation and as a united world? We need to introspect as a society!

Thus for today let us understand this important point stressed by Vidura. Now we might have a slight doubt as to why is Vidura only talking so high about women and not men! 🙂 Of course he is not limiting himself in his explanation only about women. He is also explaining the significance of men too in this world. What is that? What are certain things to be appreciated for men and what are those aspects that a man should avoid doing? We shall wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂

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