Episode # 55 – There can never be a “Short cut” for “SUSTAINED GROWTH” – Vidura explains!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed yet another important aspect that Vidura is explaining to King Dhiridraashtra. He explains that whatever maybe the circumstance or the situation, one should never lose or compromise his/her own individuality and discriminating power. This was a direct “punch” on King Dhirdiraashtra as we know that he got carried away by all the unlawful activities of his son Duryodhana and failed to keep a check on him when it really mattered the most. In this way, King Dhirdiraashtra had failed in his duty as a righteous king to check the growth of “Adharma” and now he is feeling bad for it. It is only because of these thoughts that King Dhirdiraashtra is unable to experience a sound sleep! However, Vidura tries to explain to him that all is not over yet! He still has time to change and mend his ways. This is where Vidura lists down innumerable aspects and attributes to make King Dhirdiraashtra understand what is “Dharma” and how to uphold it.

Irrespective of whether King Dhirdiraashtra listens to them carefully and mends his ways or not, we can listen to them and mend our ways, isn’t it? This is why we are witnessing each of the various attributes of “Dharma” everyday as explained by Vidura.

In that way, the last attribute that we’ve seen is about maintaining one’s own individuality at all times. How relevant and applicable is this in modern times? Some of us have this quality in is. The moment we see someone buying an expensive item (for instance a high-range BMW car), what will we think immediately? “Oh! Even I should purchase this car some day in my life!” Don’t we think this way? What does this attitude show? It shows that we are jealous about someone’s ability to buy something expensive. More importantly, do we make a small analysis as to what is his financial and social status and what is ours? Many a times, the answer is “No”!

This is why we see people taking “short-cuts” for quick growth! Here is an important point that all of us should realize: In any profession, in any stream, in any walk of life there can NEVER EVER be a short cut for growth! Nowadays, short-term gains carry people away and they compromise on the long-term benefits one can achieve! Why do we see some successful organizations fail in due course of time? One of the main reasons for such a failure is that, the leaders of such organizations aim for short-term financial growth and many a times, they do not care to think of “sustained” growth!

Here we need to understand that growth should not be “Short-lived”. Growth should always be “Sustained”. A few years ago we had witnessed the sudden downfall of one of the major organizations in India in the Information technology (IT) industry – The leader of the organization had manipulated balance sheets of the organization in a manner that showed extremely high growth! However when the scam was busted, the entire organization had to collapse within just a few hours! Innumerable employees of that organization were rendered jobless overnight! This is why we always emphasize and drive the point that “Sustainable” growth is more important than “Short-term” and “Quick” growth!

If we’ve to analyse this important point with respect to an individual, let us see a simple example in our day-to-day life. If we’ve to interview a few children playing cricket on the road, many a times we can hear them saying, “I’m interested in playing cricket and one day, I want to become like Mr. Sachin Tendulkar or Mr. Virat Kohli!” My reply here is, “Sachin Tendulkar is Sachin Tendulkar already! Why can’t you become yourself, differentiate yourself and build a brand for your own self? Why should you become another Sachin Tendulkar?” Here is where we tend to lose our individuality and we try to replicate another person, just because we’ve seen that person successful!

At this important juncture, there might be a counter question – “What is the problem of having “role-models” in our lives? Why can’t we aspire to become one like him or her?” Yes, it’s a valid question. There is no problem in having “role models” in life. In fact, many of us have Dr. Abdul Kalam (Ex President of India) as a role model. Yes, their success stories should definitely inspire us. But what is important here is that, we should be able to “apply” that success story in our life, rather than trying to “replicate” that same story in our life! Here is where our “individuality” comes into play. We need to develop that capability to identify our talents correctly and build on it.  For instance, just because someone is excelling in wrestling and kickboxing, can I go and replicate that person? I would be “kick-boxed” within seconds! 🙂 Similarly, just because my neighbor is a rich person, can I loot someone’s wealth and try to become rich like him? This is where all the corrupt practices commence.

Hence the message from today’s episode is that at any situation, we should maintain our individuality and not give in to temptations, just because others are doing something! We should learn to analyze our strengths and weaknesses and design our lives according to that. This is exactly the point what Vidura is trying to drive home as well!

Since this is an extremely important aspect that needed more explanation, we did not have the time today to move into the next point that Vidura is going to explain. We had to dedicate one more episode to lay special emphasis on this. Nevertheless, we shall wait till the next episode to commence the next important discussion! Stay tuned! 🙂


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