Episode # 21 – Who is a “Moodaathma” (Unrighteous person)??? An important discussion!!!


In the last couple of episodes we had witnessed the important characteristics and attributes of a “Panditha” or a “Learned person”. Vidura is explaining all these characteristics to King Dhirdhiraashtra so as to try and mend his ways towards the Dharma. In due course, we witnessed that a “Panditha” is a person who meticulously follows and upholds the principles of “Dharma” or “Righteousness” in whatever action he/she does. Moreover a Panditha is a person who can successfully handle and overcome all the obstacles that arise owing to the treacherous path of “Dharma” in the right way. He is one person who doesn’t take short cuts for anything.

Such are the attributes of a “Panditha”. Now Vidura continues in his explanation to King Dhirdhiraashtra as to who is a “Moodaathma” or a “Fool” or an “Unrighteous person”. This is equally important for us too, because many a times, we keep exhibiting almost all of the characteristics of a “Moodhaathma” every passing day in our lives in this “Kali-Yuga”! Let us see what are those attributes in today’s episode!

There might still arise a doubt here amongst many readers that “Oh! Are we as bad as King Dhirdhiraashtra today? We did not try and abduct any property from any other person! Then how can we categorize ourselves into the “Moodaathma” category?” The answer is quite simple: I agree that we have the basic knowledge and understanding of “Dharma” in today’s world – Thanks to innumerable Bhaagawathas, Upanyaasakas, Gurus, Mahaathmas, etc, who have ascended in our great country and educated us on the texts of our Sanaathana Dharma.

However, abducting others’ property can not only be restricted to stealing money or gold from others. This term extends to many other aspects in today’s world too – For instance, we speak about “Nepotism” in today’s organizations, wherein we don’t recruit and select the right person for the right job and rather ending up recruiting our favorite people for the job, irrespective of that person’s qualifications. We can see this in modern day happenings as well – For instance, a Vice-Chancellor of a reputed university granting jobs of professors illegally to those who appease him with money, name and fame! Through this, we also see widespread corruption in terms of bribery, “Goondaism” (threatening or beating up or blackmailing other people for various personal benefits), etc. The list is long enough! Ultimately the background behind all these kinds of modern-day societal problems is that, for our personal benefit and “short-cut” growth, we resort to cheat and take away the property (can be anything) that is due and rightfully belonging to another person! Isn’t it “stealing” as well? Isn’t a crime as well? Let’s think about it!

Moreover, nowadays it is a trend that many people resort to linking “Spirituality” with their “Wrong-doings” and “justify” their unrighteous actions. You may ask me how! Nowadays we see innumerable politicians flocking towards temples. Is it true that they visit temples because of true devotion towards God? Many a times it is not! If we happen to visit some important temples like Tirupathi, Tirumala, etc. politicians and other “rich” people flock there to give huge kilograms of gold and silver and deposit crores of rupees to the temple! Is it true that they give it whole-heartedly? Many a times, it would be to escape from Income tax raids!

Sometimes, it would be a “mutual agreement” between this person and Lord Venkateshwara“I shall deposit 100 Kg. of gold in your temple and in return, I should win the election and get to a top administrative post, thus I should be able to garner 1000 Kg of gold with that!” Isn’t it like a “business deal” with Bhagawan? Or, many a times, we go to temples and pray to God for the downfall of another person, just because we can use another person’s downfall as an opportunity to rise up in life! Is this real spirituality? Is this real “Bhakthi” towards Bhagawan?

I might he harsh in my words, but however we need to realize that “Spirituality” is not just going to temples and worshipping Bhagawan. Spirituality is not just mere chanting of manthras. If a person follows what Bhagawan has instructed us to do, meticulously without compromising on the “Dharma”, that is real spirituality! Of course, I’m not saying that we human beings should live without making a single mistake in our lives! We would definitely make mistakes! However, the important point here is that, we need to listen to the words of advice from our elders, ancestors, etc. and realize our faults and rectify them accordingly! Thus, making mistakes is not wrong! Unwillingness to accept our mistakes and take corrective action is the biggest mistake!

So far from the above detailed explanation, we can see that I’ve explained some important characteristics of a “Moodaathma” or an “Unrighteous person” in the modern day. This is exactly what Vidura is trying to explain to King Dhirdhiraashtra. Let us see what Vidura has to say on this:

“Krodhaha harshashca darpascha hreehi sthambaha maanya maanithaa!

Yamarthaan naapakarishanthi savai panditha ucchyathe!!”

 Here, Vidura beautifully explains the characteristics or attributes that a person should avoid in his life. Let us witness each one of them as follows:

“Krodhaha” – Extreme Anger,

“Harshascha” – Extreme happiness,

“Dharpascha” – Extreme Greed,

“Hreehi” – Unwanted shyness,

“Sthambaha” – Extreme arrogance,

“Maanya-maanitha” – Thinking too much about oneself!

Thus Vidura explains that those people who are an embodiment of all the above-explained characteristics, are the biggest fools on the earth! They are completely unrighteous in their approach towards life! How relevant is this explanation to our situation today!!!

From the initial explanation, how many of these characteristics can we easily correlate? Almost all!! Hence for today, let us think and introspect within ourselves as to where do we stand! Let us realize that we need to go a long way in correcting and re-tracking ourselves towards Dharma! We shall continue the discussion on this topic further in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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