Episode # 22 – “Empty vessels make more noise??” – Vidura’s explanation!!!


In the previous episode we had been discussing some important attributes of a “Moodaathma” (Unrighteous person). Eventually we also witnessed the application of these attributes in the modern day world and how people today misuse power, authority, responsibilities, etc. to resort to fulfil their own personal needs rather than the societal ones! Hence this discussion gains significance, given the innumerable modern-day societal issues that we’re undergoing every day! We concluded the previous episode by witnessing Vidura’s explanation on who is a “Moodaathma”. He has listed down several characteristics of an unrighteous person in the sloka that we had witnessed in the previous episode. Let us continue the discussion of it today.

Thus, a person who is devoid of extreme anger, extreme happiness, greed, arrogance and over-confidence is considered to be a “Panditha”. This means to say that an unrighteous person has all the above-mentioned characteristics.

Normally we would see in the modern day also that an extremely learned or a scholarly person would be an epitome of silence, balanced frame of mind and confidence. They would have innocence in their face and this is the best identification mark for a learned person! We have a proverb too in the modern day – “Empty vessels make more noise!” How true is this proverb? This is exactly what Vidura is explaining here too – Only half-learned or a “Mooda” (Fool) would boast around by saying that “I’ve done this! I’ve done that!”, etc. On the contrary, highly learned scholars like our great Maharishis of yesteryears appear as if they do not know anything at all! Yet, they are masters in Dharma and all its principles! Nowadays we see lot of people, institutions, organizaitons, etc. boasting around their “so-called” success stories and propagating them in the name of “marketing” themselves to the world! According to Vidura, such things do not add any value to anybody! Thus, a true learned person or a scholar is like a child with innocence and would never show their scholarliness outside unless it is extremely necessary.

Also we’ve witnessed in the sloka that Vidura has said – A “Panditha” should be an epitome of calmness. This directly means that he/she has complete control over “Anger” (Krodha). Whatever the situation might be, patience is very important. We’ve already seen the significance of being patient, in one of our previous episodes and we should recollect it. If there is a problem, we shouldn’t get too much carried away by it and cry non-stop! Also we should realize that on the contrary, if we taste success during our journey, we should not become too overwhelmed with it too! We can see this also in the modern-day wherein people jump up and down from earth to sky if they’re succeeding in a mission or a task! This over-exhibition of happiness is also not advisable. This is what Vidura explains by the term “Harshascha”.

The third important quality – If in the modern day if we ask someone whether he is doing his “Sandhyavandanam” or “Nithya-Anushtaana” properly every day, he would feel “shy” to say that he is performing them correctly! Why? It is because of the inert fear that what if someone would make fun of him by saying that he is “old-fashioned”!

This is a popular menace in the society nowadays. For instance, if we’ve to wear our traditional dresses like “Dhoti” or “Saree”, etc. we feel “shy” to wear it, because of the western influence! Many of us are now accustomed to wear jeans, tshirts, shirts, pants, etc. and over the period of time, we’ve forgotten our traditional dresses and their significance.

I shall just brief this point with an example: Why do we in India wear “Dhoti”? We can see this traditional form of dress being worn by men across south India. Why do we wear this? It is because of the simple reason that our climate is extremely hot and blazing, especially during summer months. Temperatures easily cross 38-40 degree Celsius. In such a situation, if we have to wear a jeans or a trouser, our private parts do not get enough air circulation and thus we end up getting some fungal infections due to the sweat and the lack of air circulation. Thus it is for this reason we wear the “Dhoti” which is nothing but a long thin cloth that can be wound around the waist. This gives lot of air circulation to the important parts of our body, thus keeping us comfortable! However in the modern day, we are so accustomed to wearing western wears, that if someone is asked to wear a “Dhoti”, he feels shy to do so! This is exactly what we should avoid! We should first realize that we should never compromise our individuality for someone else! This is very important!

However, we should feel shy only for one aspect in lifeWhenever we are going against the “Dharma” and if someone points it out to us, we need to feel shy and ashamed! We should realize that we are going wrong and someone has pointed it out to us! Thus, this is what Vidura explains by the term “Hreehi”.

The next quality – “Sthambaha” Arrogance is also a menace in today’s world! We see many instances wherein people exhibit their arrogance or over-confidence over something or somebody! This is also one thing that should be avoided as a “Panditha”.

Thus, through the above discussion we’ve enhanced our understanding on who is a “Panditha” and who is a “Moodaathma”. These attributes also serve as a foundation for “Bhakthi” and “Spiritual growth” for a person. All of us are striving to increase our “Bhakthi” or “Devotion” towards Bhagawan and thus are trying to grow “Spiritually”. In that process, we need to introspect within ourselves if we have these above-mentioned seven attributes in us. If we try to consciously imbibe them, we would automatically fall in line with “Bhakthi”. We shall have a detailed discussion on this in the next episode and then move on to the next topic. Stay tuned! 🙂

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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