Episode 304 – Rama, Lakshmana & Sita commence their return journey to Ayodhya!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Lord Rama magnanimously brings back all the Vaanaras who had lost their lives during the battle. Now the entire Vaanara army that had marched into Lanka is safe and secure! As they start rejoicing, Lord Rama asks Vibhishana if he could similarly bring back all those Raakshasas who had lost their lives in the battle. However, Vibishana says that Ravana threw the bodies of the dead Raakshasas into the ocean, and hence it is not possible to bring them back to life. Here, we can witness yet another instance of Lord Rama’s magnanimityIrrespective of whether the other person is a friend or an enemy, Bhagwan wants to protect all of them and ensure that everyone is safe and secure!

As this episode comes to an end, it is now time for Rama to return back to Ayodhya immediately, as the fourteen-year period is over. Rama knows Bharata’s resolve and he is scared if Bharata commits any untoward end to his life just because Rama is not back yet. Hence he turns again to Vibhishana and asks for a solution for this.

It is at this point in time that Vibhishana shows the “Pushpaka Vimana” of Ravana to Rama. Vibhishana says, “Oh Rama! This is the magnificent “Pushpaka Vimana” of my deceased brother Ravana. Till date he had only used it for bad purposes – To destroy, kill and abduct people from all over the world. So for this one time, let this be put into a good use. You get into the Pushpaka Vimana along with Sita and Lakshmana and this will take you to Ayodhya within a jiffy!”

Rama acknowledges Vibhishana’s words and he gets inside the Pushpaka Vimaana along with Sita and Lakshmana. As Rama tries to bid farewell to Vibhishana and Co., Vibhishana requests Rama, “Oh Rama! How can we let you leave Lanka just like that, without all of us? We also want to accompany you to Ayodhya to witness your grand coronation! Hearing this, Rama is puzzled as to how can this Vimaana accommodate all of them at a stretch. Vibhishana assures Rama that this Vimana is designed for it – How many people want to travel by this Vimaana, it gives space to all of them at a stretch!

Thus, all of them climb onto the Pushpaka Vimana – Including all the Vaanaras, Vibhishana, his family and the remaining Raakshasas who were with Vibhishana. After all of them have got inside, the Vimaana starts. It begins it’s journey to Ayodhya by air. 🙂 

It is at this time, Lord Rama shows Sita all the important locations through which he and Lakshmana have passed through, to reach Lanka. What are those places? Vaalmiki Maharishi gives a detailed accord of them and also about the significance of the “Ram-Sethu” bridge. We shall allocate tomorrow’s episode exclusively for looking into this, as this explanation is very important. Let’s stay tuned!

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