Episode 305 – Significance of the “Ram-Sethu” Bridge!!!


n the previous episode we had witnessed that Lord Rama along with Mother Sita and Lakshmana are commencing their journey back to Ayodhya in the Pushpaka Vimana. Vibhishana makes all the arrangements for Rama’s smooth and quick journey and as Rama is about to leave, Vibhishana expresses his desire to join them so as to witness Rama’s coronation at Ayodhya. Accordingly Lord Rama approves it and the whole gang commences the journey.

As the Pushpaka Vimana travels, Lord Rama shows to Mother Sita the place where the Rama-Ravana war took place. He shows the route through which the entire Vaanara army traversed from Kishkinta to Lanka. Enroute, he also points out to the bridge that he had built, so as to cross over from Rameshwaram to Lanka. Valmiki Maharishi has dedicated one sloka just to describe the bridge:

“Yethatthu drishyathe theertham saagarasya mahaathmanaha!

Tatha hetho vishaalaakshi nihatho raavano mayaa!!

Sethu bahdham ithignyaanam trilokyenacha pooritham!!

Yetath pavithram paramam mahaa paathaka naashanam!

Athra raakshasa raajoyam aajagaama vibheeshanaha!!”

From the above slokas, Lord Rama clearly mentions, “Oh Sita! Here is the place where Vibhishana came to me and announced his surrender (“Athra raakshasa raajoyam aajagaama vibheeshanaha”) This place is a very important place wherein all the sins would get washed away,(“Mahaa paathaka naashanam!) if visited. Those who come to this place and take bath in this holy water, all their sins would be resolved and the person would become pure! Hence, Oh Sita! Vishaalaakshi!! Please have a look at this and bless this bridge!” (“Tatha hetho vishaalaakshi!”)

As Lord Rama mentions thus to Sita, she has a look at the entire place (along with the bridge) and blesses it with her ever-merciful eyes. Such is the significance of the “Ram-Sethu” bridge, which is still being worshipped by all Hindus across the world even today. According to researches performed by scientists in the earth sciences area, the existence of this bridge is still found in the region bordering India and Sri Lanka. However, the remains are very negligible, perhaps owing to all the geological changes that would have taken place over thousands of years. It is quite saddening to know in the modern day that some people (just to gain some political mileage and brownie points) take up this issue without doing any proper research and come up with false inferences and in turn hurt the sentiments of one particular religion.

Moving on, as the Vimana enters the Indian shores, it passes along different geographical regions wherein Lord Rama explains each and every incident that happened after he had lost Mother Sita. He explains his route in minute detail as Sita listens to it in awe!

As the Vimana passes over Kishkinta, it stops for a moment because Sugriva had a small wish – He wanted to take all the remaining Vaanaras including his wife to Ayodhya for the coronation function. Accordingly the remaining people at Kishkinta get inside the Vimaana and it again commences its journey.

Thus, the entire caravan of Lord Rama is travelling across India in the Pushpaka Vimana. For today let us also travel with Lord Rama and Co. with all our hearts filled up with devtotion and prayers for him and Mother Sita. We shall wait till the next episode to witness where the Vimaana lands! 🙂

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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