Episode 279 – Rama vs. Kumbhakarna – Cracker of a battle begins!!!


Today we are at an important juncture wherein a powerful battle is going to commence. Till now we’ve seen many Raakshasas meeting their end rather too quickly under the hands of Angadha and Hanuman. These two are currently dominating the war scene with their immense and invincible strength and power! The Vaanara army is currently running away with all the winning momentum. But will this momentum shift? Who is going to try and enable the momentum shift in favor of Ravana?

As the Ravana camp is pondering over, it is now time for Kumbhakarna to step into action! He is now fully awake, thanks to all the noisy drums and trumpets doing rounds in Kumbakarna’s chamber! He sits up slowly and upon seeing his brother Ravana with a tensed face asks the reason as to why is he woken up! Ravana now addresses Kumbhakarna, “Oh brother! I’m so happy to see you awake! You are an extremely powerful and an invincible person and your success stories are enormous! Now, I’m in a situation wherein the monkeys under Rama and Sugriva are currently dominating my army! Although our army is invincible, I don’t really understand what is going wrong! Hence, I want you to go to the battlefield and teach these monkeys a lesson! So please get ready!”

Upon hearing this from Ravana, Kumbhakarna is puzzled – “Why should I go to a battlefield? What’s wrong with my brother? Why should monkeys and Rama fight with him?” However, as Kumbhakarna comes to know the entire background behind this war, he is shocked! He did not expect Ravana to be such a villain and that too to Lord Rama! Hence, instead of preparing himself to go to the battlefield, Kumbhakarna rather advises Ravana.

Kumhakarna says thus, “Oh Ravana! Till today I was thinking that you are an extremely intelligent person but now you’re proving yourself to be the negative of that! Do you know with whom you are trying to fight and win over? Do you know that person’s power and capability? Don’t you realize that you are waging a war with the Supreme Divine? How will it be possible that you would win against Lord Rama? And what have you done to him? You’ve abducted his wife! Don’t you realize the seriousness of your blunder? Hence Ravana, I’m advising you now.. Rather than fighting a listless battle with Lord Rama, surrender to him and return back Sita! This would save our entire family and clan!”

As Kumbhakarna says thus, is Ravana prepared to listen? The answer is a BIG NO!! His arrogance only increases from minute to minute! He answers Kumbhakarna back, “Oh brother! I did not know that you were such a coward till date! I thought you would be the one who would immediately jump in and support this Ravana and Lanka, but little did I know that you would ditch me like this! Your brother Vibhishana did the same and he has met with disaster! I’m warning you – If you do not budge to my order, you would meet the same end as that of Vibhishana! Now get ready to go to the battlefield!”

Hearing this, Kumbhakarna is extremely sad! He is now sure that himself along with Ravana is going to meet his end – and that too from Lord Rama’s hands! The entire Raakshasa community is going to wiped out from Lanka! However due to Ravana’s strong orders, Kumbhakarna is left with no option but to fight Lord Rama! He thus prepares himself for the battle and starts from the palace!

As Kumbhakarna arrives at the battlefield there is a terrifying sound that takes the Vaanaras aback! They’re stunned! A huge form emerges from within Lanka city and is coming towards them! As Kumbhakarna advances towards the Vaanara army, he swallows the monkeys in bulk! Hundreds of monkeys get destroyed as Kumbhakarna nears the core of the group – Rama, Lakshmana, Sugriva, Hanuman and Angadha. As per Vibhishana’s advice, it is going to be Lord Rama himself who is directly going to take on the mighty Kumbakarna!

Thus the cracker of a battle begins! Both Lord Rama and Kumbhakarna are invincible in their own ways! The battle is extremely fierce and both of them fire arrows and blows at each other! Kumbhakarna is rendering Lord Rama’s pointed arrows useless and Lord Rama is rendering Kumbhakarna’s magical powers useless! People who are witnessing the cracker are awestruck! The battle continues for hours together!

At one stage, Kumbhakarna realizes that his magical powers would not work against Lord Rama and hence he decides to deal with him physically! Kumbhakarna thus enlarges his physical form to an enormous size and stands before Rama! He challenges Rama to come and attack his huge physical form if he had the guts! Upon seeing Kumbhakarna’s huge size, Rama gets stunned for a moment! He doesn’t know how to tackle him! Surely arrows wouldn’t work! The only way to win over Kumbhakarna is to use “Asthras”! But how would be use the “Asthras” if he is unable to match Kumbhakarna’s enormous size?

As Rama thinks thus, his able and ever-dependable messenger comes to the rescue. Who is that person? Who is going to win this cracker of a battle? The action continues in the next episode!

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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