Episode 278 – Hanuman singlehandedly kills Athikaaya, Kumba and Nikumba!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that the war has restarted successfully as Rama and Lakshmana recover from the “Naagaasthra” of Indrajith. As the Vaanara army makes victorious sounds, Ravana is surprised and sends two of his trusted men, Vajradamshtra and Jumaali to the battlefield. As the fight goes on fiercely, Angadha and Hanuman take the lead and kill both these Raakshasaas.

As this message reaches Ravana, he immediately looks for the next alternative! He calls up another of his army chief – Athikaaya to take on the Vaanara army. Athikaaya is one of the most powerful men amongst the entire Raakshasa army. He commences his journey immediately from the palace with a huge army. Meanwhile, Ravana sends his men to Kumbakarna’s chamber to wake him up from his deep slumber.

As Athikaaya comes with a huge roaring sound, Vibhishana realizes Ravana’s war plan. He immediately engages in an active consultation with Rama, Lakshmana and Sugriva on how to tackle Athikaaya. As Athikaaya nears the battlefield, he starts to exhibit his invincible power by swallowing hundreds of monkeys at one go! As this was happening, the Vaanara army is stunned! As discussed with Vibhishana, Sugriva deputes Hanuman for the duty.

Now Hanuman comes in front of Athikaaya and stands like a rock with his huge form! The fight begins and it is too fierce a fight between the two powerful people! As we know, Hanuman is too quick to adapt and change his strategies of fighting, Athikaaya is not able to predict Hanuman’s next move! This is the time when Hanuman decides to capitalize! The right moment to capitalize is when the enemy gets confused and starts to be defensive! Thus Hanuman looks for this apt minute and unleashes a powerful blow on Athikaaya. Unable to bare the heaviness of the blow, Athikaaya falls on the ground dead! There is a stream of blood running all over the battlefield and things started to look bleak for the Raakshasa army. The Vaanaras are dominating this battle now and chipping away with all their credits! Fearing the abilities of Hanuman and Co., the rest of the Raakshasa army retreats back into Lanka and into Ravana’s palace!

Upon hearing the news of Athikaaya’s death, Ravana is stunned! How could this happen? He couldn’t believe his ears! Are Rama, Lakshmana and Sugriva more powerful than him? Doubts started to cripple his thinking power. At this moment, two of Ravana’s able ministers, Kumba and Nikumba raise up their heads in approval to go and tackle Rama’s army! As they set out, the Vaanara army has finished rejoicing and is up for the next challenge! As Kumba and Nikumba are traversing through the Vaanara army, they inflict huge damage and are searching for Rama and Lakshmana in the battlefield.

As per the quick strategy by Vibhishana, Rama and Sugriva, Hanuman again comes forward to take on these two Raakshasas singlehandedly. Again, Hanuman’s valor is extremely unplayable with and it proves too costly for both Kumba and Nikumba! They did not realize Hanuman’s extraordinary powers! For a moment they look like as if they haven’t prepared themselves adequately before taking on the Vaanaras! Hanuman easily kills both of them and thus makes a strong statement to Ravana that he alone can take on the entire Raakshasa army singlehandedly! It is to be remembered that he had already made this strong statement during his previous visit to Lanka!

Hearing this news, Ravana speeds up the “awakening process” of Kumbakarna! He has had enough by now! He personally goes to Kumbakarna’s chamber to speed things up and awaken him as early as possible. Time is running out! However, Kumbakarna is still in deep slumber as there are loads of people rushing into his chamber with drums, trumpets, etc. to get him up from sleep! As the volume of the drums and trumpets increase minute by minute, Kumbakarna’s body shows signs of movement as his sleep gets disturbed! He is now waking up! The entire set of people including Ravana himself is all in smiles as they see Kumbakarna slowly waking up!

Kumbakarna is thus awake and is apprised of the situation in which his brother Ravana is currently in! What is Kumbakarna going to do now? Is Kumbakarna ready to go for the war?

The next episode is really going to be  an action-packed one!  Stay tuned!! 🙂

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at International School of Business & Media, Pune, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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