Episode 241 – Hanuman is awestruck by Ravana’s “Charisma”!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed a very important event wherein Indrajith successfully employs the Brahmaasthra and captures Hanuman alive! As Hanuman falls on the ground he becomes unconscious for a few minutes as Indrajith rejoices his victory! However, after that stipulated time period Hanuman regains his consciousness fully and realizes that he is succumbed by the Brahmaasthra. Hanuman now thinks, “Oh! Now I’m under the influence of this great and divine Brahmaasthra and I do not have any power at this moment to overcome this. However, this Brahmaasthra would not affect me in any way! I would be freed from it very soon. Now it is the time to respect Lord Brahma who is the creator! I shall stay within my limits and obey the orders of Lord Brahma!”

At this point, Hanuman quickly recollects the boon that Lord Brahma had granted him during his childhood days: “This Brahmaasthra has the power to restrict my invincible powers for a certain period of time. However, this would not cause any harm to me in any way! After this stipulated time period, I shall be able to free myself from it quite easily!” As Hanuman is thinking thus, all the Raakshasaas come near him and start tying him around with ropes and other equipments. Hanuman is now under arrest! However at this point, the Raakshasaas did not realize one important thingThe moment Hanuman is being tied with some other material (while the Brahmaasthra is still active) he got released from the clutches of the Brahmaasthra! Now Hanuman is again free and can attack the Raakshasaas and Indrajith any time! However, Hanuman decides to remain tied. He now has other plans – Now it might serve as an opportunity to meet Ravana! By that way he can get a chance to talk with Ravana and understand his position on the issue of Sita. Thinking thus, Hanuman remains silent to all the tortures that the Raakshasaas are giving him!

As Indrajith was seeing this, he almost freaked out in fear! “Oh my goodness! As these people are tying this monkey, it has got released from the Brahmaasthra! All my efforts have gone to vain! Now this monkey can suddenly rise up and attack all of us again! But now, the Brahmaasthra cannot be employed for a second time! Now what do I do? How would I tackle this monkey if it attacks again? This monkey is pretending as if it has succumbed! I cannot understand the meaning behind this drama! I just hope that he doesn’t attack again!”

After Hanuman is fully tied and arrested, he is now taken along the streets of Lanka and the Raakshasaas are now rejoicing their victory over Hanuman. But little do they know that Hanuman has a different plan in his mind! Now the Raaksasaa Army drags Hanuman into Ravana’s magnificient palace and into Ravana’s courtroom!

As Hanuman is being dragged, all those who are witnessing this are astonished and in immense anger at the same time. They were surprised to note that this one monkey has managed to invade Lanka and take on the invincible Ravana’s army singlehandedly! On the other side they are angry as Hanuman has killed many of their family members and others in the army! Witnessing all this, Hanuman moves into the courtroom of Ravana. He sees all the minsters of Ravana seated in two rows and finally sees Ravana sitting in his impeccable throne!

The moment Hanuman sets his eyes on Ravana, he is totally taken aback in awe! He now thinks “Oh my goodness! When I was born on this earth, I’ve even went near the sun to capture it. However, I’ve never seen this kind of a person in my life so far who is shining with the same intensity as the sun! What a charisma is this Ravana possessing! I never expected this! I’m unable to see Ravana face to face! What an amazing appearance! What an amazing personality! Even though Ravana has all these innumerable good qualities of a leader, he has still gone with his desires and has done unwanted things in life!”

“Aho roopam aho dhairyam aho sathvam aho dyuthihi!

Aho raakshasa raajasya sarva lakshana yukthathaa!!

Yath adharmo na balavaansyaadhayam raakshaseshvaraha!

Syaadhayam sura lokasya sashakrasyaabhi rakshithaa!!”

Here again, Vaalmiki Maharishi beautifully brings out some key qualities of an excellent leaderAppearance (Roopam), Impeccable Character (Sathvam) and Charisma (Dyuthihi). It can again be seen here that the modern day leadership concepts were in place even during the Ramayana times! Now from the above sloka, Vaalmiki Maharishi conveys a very important point – “If this Ravana had been good at heart, he would be capable of ruling the entire world by now! But somehow, he has inflicted so much of insults and ‘Adharma’ in this world that everybody hates him and hence is going to be destroyed eventually!”

Thinking thus, Hanuman is completely carried away by Ravana’s charismatic qualities! Now the enquiry process begins. Ravana is keen on knowing who is this monkey sitting in front of him and why has he come here and fought with his army! Ravana wonders who is that enemy who has sent this huge monkey to Lanka! What happened during the enquiry process? What did Hanuman talk during this session? Did Ravana listen to Hanuman’s words? Lets’ wait and witness during the next episode!

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Kerala, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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