Episode 242 – Hanuman stuns Ravana by narrating Vaali’s demise!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that the Raakshasaas drag Hanuman inside Ravana’s court and all through their way, they thrash and humiliate Hanuman. However as we’ve seen, Hanuman has his plans charted out very clearly. He’s upto a mission now and his only focus at this point is to see Ravana and speak with him. Subsequently as Hanuman sees Ravana, he is completely awestruck and taken aback by the charisma that Ravana possesses! He didn’t expect Ravana to be such a powerful and an invincible king! However, all of Ravana’s powers are going to be neutralized and is going to be killed because of his “Adharma” towards Sita. Thinking this, Hanuman feels bad and takes pity on Ravana for a moment. He admires Ravana’s beauty and also the magnificient ambience of his courtroom!

As Hanuman is engrossed with all these, Ravana too looks closely at Hanuman. He thinks who has sent down this monkey to Lanka in revenge. After a few minutes Ravana orders his minister Brihasta to enquire into the matter. As per the order, Brihasta asks Hanuman, “Oh monkey! Tell us who you are! Are you here as a spy of Indra or Nandi Deva (Lord Shiva’s vehicle) or Yamadharma Raaja (God of Death) or whom? Why did you come to Lanka? Why did you intend to enter inside the king’s ladies-garden? What were you doing there? Why did you kill so many people after that? Tell us the truth or else you would be hanged to death!”

As Brihasta asks these series of questions, Hanuman doesn’t pay heed to him and starts directly addressing Ravana! He says,

“Abraveen naasmi shakrasya yamasya varunasyacha!”

Hanuman now says, “Oh Mighty Ravana! I’m a monkey and this is my original form. I’m not sent by anybody like Indra or Nandi Deva. I just wanted to visit your beautiful Lanka and enjoy the scenic beauty. On my way, your Raakshasa army attacked me. I attacked them back in self-defence and that’s it! However, Lankeshwara! I’ve come here as a minister of the Vaanara King Sugriva. I’m here to tell you and make you aware of a few things. Please listen carefully!”

“Vanam raakshasa raajasya darshanaarthe vinaasitham!

Rakshanaarthancha dehasya prathyuddhaa mayaarane!!”

Hanuman continues further: “Oh Ravana! It was me who destroyed your beautiful Ashoka Vana. But there is an important reason behind it. I wanted to meet you somehow! I didn’t know a quick possibility to make that happen. Hence I resorted to destroying it. There is a reason why I wanted to see you. Now let me tell you something important!”

“Aham sugreeva sandeshaath ihapraapthasthavaanthake!

Raakshasesha hareeshthathvaam braathaa kushalamabhraveeth!!”

Hanuman continues, “Your brother Sugriva has sent across a news to you through me!” Upon hearing this from Hanuman, Ravana is surprised! He thinks, “How come Sugriva has become my brother all of a sudden? Has he become the king of the Vaanaras? Vaali is the king isn’t it? As Ravana thinks, Hanuman continues further, “Oh Ravana! You know someone by name Vaali, isn’t it?” As Ravana hears this from Hanuman, he almost jumps off from his seat! It is to be noted that Ravana has immense fear for Vaali, since he was humiliated and thrown away by the mighty ex Vaanara king!

Thus, upon hearing Vaali’s name, Ravana is stunned! This is another important art while talkingWhile presenting an idea in front of someone, it is important to present the main point of the idea first and in a crisp manner so that the attention of the other person is captured straightaway! We should not keep talking unwanted and irrelevant stories while presenting a matter.

As Hanuman talks about Vaali and Sugriva, he also talks about Rama and Lakshmana and how did they come to Sugriva to make friendship with him. He also narrates the episode of the fight between Vaali and Sugriva and how Rama helped Sugriva by killing Vaali! Subsequently Hanuman also describes his journey to Lanka and his mission to search Sita. Finally he says that he has found Sita in Ravana’s Ashoka Vana and he has come to Ravana’s palace to let him know all what had happened!

Listening to all this, Ravana thought for a moment: “Oh wow! So many things have happened! But I never asked this monkey to narrate all this to me! Why is this monkey blabbering all this here now?” As Ravana thinks thus, Hanuman answers his thoughts immediately with his next sentence:”Oh Ravana! I’m here as a messenger of Rama and it is my duty to let you know what Rama and Sugriva wanted to convey to you! I wanted to give you some valuable advice and I request you to listen to me!”

As Hanuman begins his advice to Ravana, he again takes the context of Vaali and his death in Rama’s hands! He wants to irritate and make fun of Ravana amongst all others seated in the courtroom! 🙂 He says, “Oh Ravana! I’m sure that you must have heard about Vaali and his invincible powers! Let me recall your past a little bit! As you were going on a rampage over each and every kingdom, you had come to take on Vaali too! No king on this earth was able to win over you! As someone had mentioned to you that you should win over Vaali to rein supreme control over everybody else, you came to fight with Vaali! As you came to Kishkinta, Vaali was busy with his evening prayers and asked you to wait for a few minutes. However, as impatient as you are, you called him for the fight immediately! Thus unable to bare your impatience, Vaali used his power to crush you like an insect, placed you in between his shoulders and then continued his prayers! After finishing his prayers, he released you from his clutches and asked you to begin the fight! By now you had realized Vaali’s powers and thus shook hands with him and left that place without fighting him!” 🙂

Ravana listens to all this and asks Hanuman, “Fine! So why are you telling all these past happenings in public now? It was something that happened without anybody knowing! :)”

Hanuman continues, “Oh Ravana! Do you know what happened to this Vaali? It was this same Vaali whom Rama killed effortlessly with just a single arrow! It is this news that I wanted to convey to you and that is why I’m here in front of you now!”

This stuns Ravana even more! Ravana couldn’t believe his ears that Vaali is no more! Moreover, he wasn’t able to digest the fact that Rama was the person who had killed Vaali! What happened next? Did Ravana relent his stance on Sita upon hearing this “Shocker” from Hanuman? The action continues in the next episode!

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Kerala, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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