Episode 240 – Hanuman succumbs to Indrajith’s “Brahmaasthra”!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed how Hamuman faces Ravana’s son Akshakumaara and outsmarts him. Everybody whom Ravana sends to fight Hanuman are being outsmarted and killed! How does Ravana handle this treacherous enemy now? What does he do? He immediately turns towards one of his eldest sons, Indrajith (Meghanaadha). Indrajith is that one person whom even the Devas and celestial beings shiver during a war encounter! Ravana knows Indrajith’s invincible powers and summons him to his courtroom.

Tathasthu rakshodhipathir mahaathmaa hanumathaakshe nihathe kumaare!

Manassamaadhaaya deva kalpam samaadhithe indrajitham sa rosham!!

As Indrajith arrives, Ravana begins to explain the situation to him – “Oh my dear son Indrajith! You are one among the very few in the world who knows the secret of the ‘Brahmaasthra’ (A unique and one of the most powerful missiles of those times)! You know how and when to use it. The enemy that has come to Lanka currently seems so invincible that you would be the only person to tame him. Prior to you, I had sent Jambumaali, five important army chiefs, innumerable members of our army and finally your dear brother Akshakumaara. All of them have died upon fighting just that one monkey! I really wonder how on earth is this possible! However, I’ve never had the amount of confidence on all of them that I have on you! You are extremely talented and capable of planning and executing ideas and strategies during war. Hence, my dear Indrajith! Please get ready to fight this monkey!”

Ravana continues to advise Indrajith thus, “Oh Indrajith! You’ve to deal with this monkey very carefully. Listen to me very keenly – Please don’t think that you can tackle him with a huge army! He would destroy any big army within seconds! Please do not think that you can tackle him with some ordinary arrows flying from your bow! He would escape in between them and fool you! Don’t think that you can attack him with your physical strength when he comes closer to you! With my understanding of his physical strength, he might assault you within minutes! Hence, I feel that the only way to make him succumb is with the help of powerful “Asthras” (missiles) that are divine! One such is Brahmaasthra! As you go towards him, try and focus your mind completely in chanting the ‘manthra’ of the Brahmaasthra! Please come back with victory!”

As Indrajith listens this from his father, he gets ready to fight Hanuman! He is motivated by Ravana’s words and worships his father before he leaves. He is fully confident of victory over Hanuman. As Indrajith storms his way to the Ashoka Vana campus, Hanuman realizes that a tough enemy is coming through. Hence, Hanuman too prepares himself to face the Indrajith challenge! As Indrajith comes closer to Hauman, he initially wonders as to how does one monkey is fearlessly roaming around in Lanka city and killing all these Raakshasas effortlessly! As Indrajith is thinking thus, he devises a strategy to counter Hanuman’s brilliance. As “Step 1”, he commences the fight with a few heavily pointed and sharp arrows towards Hanuman’s forehead. As Hanuman sees them coming, he quickly evades through them and increases his size and strength with happiness!

Now Hanuman is very happy that atlast he has got an excellent enemy to handle! He looks at Indrajith and devises counter-strategies to try and take him on! As Indrajith follows up with his pointed arrows, Hanuman decides to show his strength by leaping across in the air! He now flies in between whatever Indrajith has to throw upon him! Now, Indrajith tries and fires arrows non-stop towards Hanuman in ultra-quick speed! Hanuman, as quick as he is, evades through all the arrows with ease! He flies in between each of the arrow and makes Indrajith look like a fool!

Thus at one stage, Hanuman renders all the powers of Indrajith useless! Now, Indrajith is clueless as to how to tackle Hanuman, who is advancing forward with ease every minute! Indrajith thinks within himself, “Oh my goodness! What a miracle is this! What is going on here? All of my arrows are precise and fall almost on this fellow, but somehow he is managing to escape from all of them! Not even one arrow is hitting him as I had desired! How can this be?” Wondering thus, Indrajith now devises his “Plan B”There is no other way to tackle this monkey. Only the Brahmasthra can! It is not possible for me to kill him. All I can do is to tie him up and render him ineffective first!”

Thinking thus, Indrajith chants the manthra of the “Brahmaasthra” and fires it at Hanuman. The moment Hanuman encounters the “Brahmaasthra”, he gets tied to it and subsequently falls on the ground unconscious! At last, Indrajith succeeds in rendering Hanuman ineffective! Hanuman is now on the ground motionless! He succumbs to the Brahmaasthra!!!

What happens next? Did Hanuman manage to overcome the effect of the Brahmaasthra? How does he do that? What was the next course of action from Hanuman’s side? What did Indrajith do next? Let’s wait to find out in the next episode!

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Kerala, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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