Episode 239 – Hanuman kills Ravana’s son Akshakumaara!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Hanuman has started to show his full strength and started to teach Ravana a fitting lesson. He takes a ferocious and a huge form, destroys Ashoka Vana and also some of the Raakshasas who came to fight. Susbequently as more and more Raakshasas started losing lives, Ravana started to have a little bit of fear within his mind. He had sent his minister’s son Jambumaali, five other ministers in the army (Pancha Senaadhipathis’), along with a huge army of people to fight Hanuman, but at the end Hanuman killed all of them quite easily!

“Hathaan mantra sutaan bhudhvaa vaanarena mahaathmanaa!

Sa viroopaaksha yoopaakshau yuddarsham chaiva raakshasau!!”

Thus, as Hanuman started to kill whoever comes in front of him, Ravana started to ponder with more seriousness as to what to do. He decides to send one of his sons Akshakumaara to fight Hanuman. Now as Akshakumaara comes forward to fight Hanuman, he goes to the battlefield with a huge army and prepares himself to face Hanuman’s challenges. Initially he was surprised as to how has one lone monkey managed to kill so many talented Raakshasaas, who otherwise are invincible on any given day! Thus Akshakumaara being a wise person plans a strategy to fight Hanuman. He realizes that Hanuman is not an ordinary monkey who can be killed with just ordinary arrows. Hence he tries using some special and sharper arrows made of steel (It’s interesting to note that the science of using chemical alloys like steel was already known to people of that age! Hence we can note that the science of Chemistry was fairly well developed during that era itself! Valmiki Maharishi gives innumerable accords on this at various instances. I shall narrate them in detail when the Rama-Ravana war begins!)

As Akshakumaara begins his fight, Hanuman too realizes that this boy is not easy to defeat! Hence he is happy that he has got a nice person to fight with! Thus, Hanuman roars in happiness and switches off into the sky and is now floating in the air! Akshakumaara still manages his concentration well and aims innumerable sharp arrows on Hanuman. However with the power of wind (Vaayu), Hanuman manages to escape from all those arrows and he even enters in between those arrows, so as to distract Akshakumaara! Upon seeing this, Akshakumaara is completely taken aback! He did not expect that Hanuman would escape this easily from his pointed arrows! He understood that he was being made to look foolish! Thus, Akshakumaara takes some more pointed arrows and directs them towards Hanuman’s chest and shoulders!

As sharp arrows come towards Hanuman’s shoulders, he lets out a huge roar and takes them on! However, Hanuman is surprised with the amount of talent and precision that Akshakumaara has! He did not have the heart to kill such a talented young boy! However, Hanuman quickly realizes that although Akshakumaara might well be talented, he is his enemy after all! Hence he is to be killed! How can an enemy be let to grow in confidence?

Thus Hanuman thinks how to counter Akshakumaara’s brilliance! He thus looks for the apt moment and first destroys Akshakumaara’s chariot, which in itself was a beautiful paradise on earth! As Hanuman destroys the chariot, Akshakumaara leaps on into the air with his immense power of penance (“Thapo Balam”). As Akshakumaara comes closer, Hanuman looks for the right opportunity to catch him through his legs, lifts him upside down, tosses him a several thousand times in the air with a great speed and throws Akshakumaara on the ground with enormous force! Unable to bear the brunt, Akshakumaara’s body gets fractured on all places and at last passes away!

Thus, Hanuman kills Akshakumaara and fills Ravana’s heart with panic and despair! Ravana has lost one of his sons to a monkey! Upon hearing this news, Ravana becomes agitated and tensed. However, he doesn’t show it out, and thinks of a different strategy to counter this monkey! What was Ravana’s next move? The action continues in the next episode!


Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Kerala, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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