Episode 215 – Why do people commit suicide? An important message!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed an important message through Hanuman wherein Valmiki Maharishi explained to us as to how significant is our mind while undertaking important tasks. We noted that if our mind is cheerful, any complex task can be accomplished by us with ease. If on the contrary, even an easy task would seem to be the most complex one to fulfill.

Having seen that, we witnessed that as Hanuman continues searching the nook and corner of Ravana’s palace and his “Anthah-Pura”, he is unable to find Sita in any of these locations. Hanuman has seen every other woman in Ravana’s palace except for Sita! After lot of searching, Hanuman starts having doubts and concerns in his mind. He clearly is demotivated and upset with himself! His first concern was whether Ravana has killed Sita because she did not pay heed to his request to marry her and be his wife. If this wasn’t the case, Hanuman’s second concern was whether Sita killed herself unable to bare the tortures of these Raakshasas.

Getting confused between the two, at one point Hanuman tends to conclude that this search operation is in vein and Sita is no more alive! He starts to think what would happen if he goes and tells to Rama that Sita is dead. Hanuman thinks within himself, The moment Rama listens to this, he will be dead the next moment! Seeing Rama die, how can Lakshmana stand it? Similarly, Bharata, Shathrugna and the entire Ikshvaaku Dynasty would be no more! Just because of this one person called Hanuman, why should an entire kingdom come to an end? If I go to Kishkinta without the news about Sita, I’m sure all this would happen! Hence, I would not want to go there unless and until I find some information about Sita from somewhere!”

Thus Hanuman musters up his courage a little bit and thinks what to do further – What if he stays in Lanka itself, without going back to Kishkinta? Hanuman thinks, “If I’m not going back to the other side, what should I do sitting here? Maybe I can continue searching for a few more days. But even after that, what if I’m unable to trace Sita? Maybe I can kill myself and end my life here only! Atleast let Rama think that Hanuman has gone to search Sita and is still searching for her! Never should Rama come to a conclusion that Sita is no more to be seen!” Thinking thus, Hanuman gets more and more frustrated within himself!

Here is an illustration as to what happens when we panic during the time when the going gets tough. As we panic, our frustration level would increase and hence we would tend to give up the mission in the middle, rather than fighting the tough situation till the end to achieve success. Isn’t this a very important lesson for our modern day leaders and managers? Let’s take some time and think about it!

“Drishtam anthah purah sarvam dristhaa raakshasayojithaaha!”

Thus, Hanuman is frustrated that all his efforts of searching in Ravana’s palace and Anthah Pura have gone in absolute vain! Moreover, Hanuman thinks now, “Oh! This Jaambhavaan and Angadha were all in praise of me before I crossed the ocean and they motivated me to the core! At that time, I should have realized that this task is not an easy one to complete! However, I was carried away by their motivating and inspiring words and now I’m in soup! If I go back to Jaambhavaan and tell him that I couldn’t find Sita, what would he think about me? Won’t I feel embarrassed standing in front of him?”

“Anirvedhasshriyo moolam anirvedhah param sukham!

Bhooyastathra visheshyaami nayathra vijayah kruthaha!!”

After a brief moment of frustration, Hanuman quickly regains his motivation and confidence. He now thinks within himself, Oh my God! Why am I suddenly feeling so frustrated with myself? I’ve never felt such demotivated in my life so far! Any work to be accomplished requires motivation, isn’t it? I should never give up my motivation at any cost! So let me try and search again!”

Thus we can see at this point, the importance of “Motivation” (“Uthsaaham” or “Anirvedham”). It is important as a human being to have this motivation within us always. Anyway, we’ve taken this birth and we’ve to live through it, come what may! Irrespective of a thousand losses or a thousand bad situations! We’ve got no other choice but to face them. Irrespective of we gain or lose, we’ve to keep living our life.

Nowadays, we see many people wanting to commit suicides (“Aathma-Hatthi”). Why do we see all this? The very thought of committing a suicide is a momentous feeling. If we try and bring them out of that suicidal thought at that particular moment, we can easily save their life. People try to commit suicide because they fail to realize the beauty of life at that point. Their sorrows and sufferings deter them from seeing the other side of life! If someone explains to them convincingly that life is much more beautiful than what is actually happening currently, they can be saved and they can carry on with life. Hence for all this, “Motivation” is extremely important. This is why we give lot of emphasis on this concept in modern-day Behavioral Sciences. This is also one reason why many people go into depression – At times, we do not understand the purpose of our life and we get carried away with unwanted things that cause sorrow!

Thus Hanuman at this point is facing a similar situation of “Depression” and “De-motivation”. How is he going to come out of it? How is he going to more forward? The action continues in the next episode!





Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Kerala, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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