Episode 216 – Hanuman realizes his mistake!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed an important point wherein Hanuman was seemingly losing interest in the search operation owing to the failure that he had encountered so far. All his efforts to find out Sita had turned futile upto this point. This led Hanuman to have doubts, one after the other in his mind. Even after lot of pondering, his doubts never eased out. In due course, we also witnessed a very important modern-day societal problem of why many people go into mental depression and some even to the extent of committing suicides. We saw that the problem of “demotivation” is the root cause of all these problems that happen in the modern day society.

Thus Hanuman motivates himself once more and decides to re-start his search operation once again from the scratch! He backs himself up and starts to search each and every nook and corner of Lanka city. He traverses through each house, forts, palaces, gardens, ponds, lakes, tunnels, rivers, etc. There is no one place in Lanka city that Hanuman has not examined! There is no one place in Lanka city that Hanuman has not visited. Anywhere and everywhere Hanuman goes, he is still unable to find Sita! He is only able to find the wives of Ravana but not Sita! He is only able to find those women who Ravan had abducted and imprisoned, but not Sita!

After the second huge search operation, Hanuman is now completely tired physically and mentally! He is at the top of his frustration at the moment! He again thinks to himself, “Oh my goodness! What is going on here? I’ve visited and searched every nook and corner of this Lanka city and how come I’m still unable to find Sita anywhere? This is so strange!” Hanuman couldn’t understand the mystery behind this. He is getting upset and frustrated by the moment! He now thinks, “What should I do now? Anyway, all my efforts to cross the ocean and undertake the search operation has gone waste! Initially when I won over Lankini, I thought that this night would be victorious for me! But all my efforts have gone in vain for the second time now! Should I put an end to my life? Should I give up the search operation completely?

Hanuman continues to get more doubts in his mind now, Whatever might have been the case, is Sita just another ordinary woman? Would she have obliged to Ravana’s request and did she end up marrying this wicked person? Isn’t she a unique woman in this world who is an epitome of a “Pathi-Vratha”? If yes, why is that I’m unable to trace any of her whereabouts still, even after this much of searching? Now if I go and say to Rama that Sita isn’t to be found, won’t he burn me to ashes?” Thinkning thus, Hanuman started to have fear too!

“Else, should I go now and kill Ravana? Atleast if I’m unable to find Sita, I would be satisfied that I’ve successfully taken revenge on the Demon king for what he did! Else, should I fight over, defeat and drag Ravana to Lord Rama’s feet? What should I do now?”

“Bhooyuktham lolitham lankaam raamasya charithaapriyam!

Nathi pashyaami vaidehim seetham sarvaanga shobanaam!!”

Hanuman continues his thougt process, “Moreover, Sampaathi had specifically told us that Sita is definitely in Lanka! It is only by his words we’ve come across the ocean this far to search! How can Sampaathi’s words be false? Sampathi, Lankini, Mainaaka, Surasa – All these people tell only one thing – Sita is in Lanka. I don’t think these many people would be telling the wrong thing. So I think the problem is only with me! It is me who is making a mistake somewhere!”

Thinking thus, Hanuman looks around Ravana’s palace and finds a plush place with lush green trees and full of scenic beauty. That place was nothing but the “Ashoka Vana”. Hanuman realizes now that he had made a big mistake by not searching this particular place! Now he thinks, “Oh my goodness! I’ve made a big mistake! How on earth did I not search this particular forest area? This is close to Ravana’s palace and is very beautiful! Why shoulnd’t Ravana keep Sita here? I shall search this very moment!”

Thinking thus, he slowly gets up from where he was sitting this long! He gets prepared to search, but this time, with lot of unwillingness! He was thinking within himself, “Atleaast will this effort yield results?”

Did it yield the result? Did Hanuman succeed in finding Sita in this “Ashoka Vana”? Let’s wait and witness the action in the next episode!

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Kerala, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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