Episode 214 – Hanuman demonstrates the importance of “Self-Motivation” & “Mending our Mind”!!!


Till now we’ve witnessed Hanuman’s search for Sita in Lanka in detail. We’ve seen that Hanuman enters Lanka after defeating Lankini and starts to search through various locations in the city. Finally after searching here and there, Hanuman reaches Ravana’s magnificent palace wherein he searches place after place. He searches through the “Pushpaka Vimana”, then comes to the chambers of different ministers and chiefs of Ravana, comes to Ravana’s own chamber, sees him fast asleep, searches through the women who were sleeping around him. Finally in the previous episode we witnessed Hanuman’s search in Ravana’s “Paanaga Shaala” wherein he was able to see different kinds of juices and drinks stored in different kinds of vessels. Even there, he was able to see innumerable women sleeping in a half drunk or fully drunk state. They didn’t know what they were doing! Some women were extremely talented in impressing Ravana with their skills on playing different instruments. Hanuman was searching his way through all these women, thinking if someone among these could be Sita! However, his search was completely in vein! His efforts turned futile!

At this point in time, Hanuman started having doubts in his mind. They started creeping inside slowly one after the other. The first doubt that Hanuman had within himself was that, since he is searching his way among various women, what would happen to his austerity of being a “Brahmachaari”? Normally, a person who is a “Naishtika Brahmachaari” never goes near a woman or never indulges in any kind of relationships with women. But here, Hanuman feels that he is crossing his limits! However he consoles himself because of the fact that since Sita is a woman, he obviously has to search a woman only amongst women! He cannot search for a woman amidst men! Hence that doubt is cleared now. Moreover, although he sees lot of beautiful women, their beauty never carries Hanuman away. Rather, he is focused completely on his mission and his mind knew nothing other than that.

This is an important lesson to learn for leaders and managersIf a mission is undertaken, external disturbances that might hinder our progress shouldn’t carry us away. Rather, our focus should only be on the task in hand and the mission in the mind. Valmiki Maharishi beautifully explains this lesson for us in the following sloka:

“Manohi hethuhu sarveshaam indriyaanaam pravarthane!

Na thubhe manasaa kinchith vaikrithyam upapadhyathe!!”

Here, Valmiki Maharishi clearly explains that our mind is the one, which is responsible for all the actions that we perform. If our mind is not in a proper mood, we would not be able to accomplish anything in life! At all times, we should ensure that we keep our mood bright and cheerful. In other words, we should keep motivating ourselves every now and then. Here comes the importance of self-motivaiton. If the mind is cheerful, even tough tasks would become a cake walk! If the mind is not cheerful, even the easiest task would seem too tough to finish! Lord Krishna too gives lot of emphasis on how to mend our mind and keep it in good shape. He says,

“Manayevahi manushyaanaam kaaranam bandha mokshayoho!”

Here, Lord Krishna says, “Oh Arjuna! Please realize that it is this mind that is responsible for you attaining “Moksha” or “Salvation”. He continues saying,

“Aathmaivahi aathmano bandhuhu aathmaiva ripuraathmanaha!!”

Lord Krishna continues, “Oh Arjuna! Please realize that your mind can be both your friend as well as your enemy! If your mind is detached from all worldly affairs, your mind is the best friend of yours! Whereas, if you get carried away by all the worldly pleasures, your mind can become your worst enemy!”

Hence from both the Ramayana and the Bhagawad Gita, it is important for all of us to learn that our mind is the root cause for our happiness as well as sadness, and we should keep constantly motivating our mind to progress forward in our mission. It is for this reason, Hanuman checks if his mind is in proper shape. He is trying to motivate himself to progress further in his mission of finding Sita.

Thus moving on, Hauman completes the search at the “Paanaga Shaala”. By now Hanuman has searched nook and corner of Ravana’s palace. He has seen various women from various places, castes and communities, except Sita! He has even seen the wives of the Devas being imprisoned by Ravana. He was torturing them. However, amidst all of these women, Hanuman was never able to spot or trace the whereabouts of Sita!

Now, Hanuman starts getting worried. Lot of questions start running through his mind at this point. He now goes to one corner of the “Paanaga Shaala” and sits down for a moment. He thinks within himself, “Should I continue this futile attempt of searching or not? However I search, I’m unable to find Sita! How can this be possible? Should I give it up at this point and return back?”

Thinking thus, Hanuman is now having some serious concerns. His first concern was that, has Ravana killed Sita because she shouldn’t have paid heed to his request of marrying him. If that is not the case, has Sita killed herself unable to bare the torture of these Raakshasas? Anyway now I’m not able to find Sita. What would happen if I go back to Kishkinta with this bad news? If I’m going to stay back in Lanka for some more days, what would happen if I do not return to Mahendra Giri within the stipulated time as promised?

Such were the questions that Hanuman has in his mind now. Did he find answers to all these questions? What did he do next? Did he proceed with his search or did he give it up? Let’s wait to witness all the action in the next episode!!

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham in Kerala, India. A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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