Episode # 572 – Arjuna vs. Chitrasena – A marquee battle between experts!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Duryodhana being caught by Chitrarasa and his army and being dragged on to the “Svarga Lokha” for some “harsh treatment”. Duryodhana did not anticipate such a result as he severely underestimated Chitrarasa and his powers. He tried waging an unwanted war with Chitrarasa and to his horror, all his Kaurava army, including the likes of Karna and the others were beaten and bruised! Karna was defeated to such an extent that he had to run away to save his life! Finally, Chitrarasa caught Duryodhana by his collar and started dragging him away, which alerted Yudishtra and Co. As Duryodhana sounded for help, nobody came to his rescue. Yudishtra’s heart started melting with these helpless sounds from Duryodhana and requested Bheemasena to go and help Duryodhana out! Yudishtra tries convincing Bheemasena to go and help, by saying that he has to learn and forgive people for their flaws. Moreover, Yudishtra tried explaining to Bheemasena that even though there are feuds within the family, an outsider cannot be let to dominate our family members. But is Bheemasena ready to listen to all this? Let us continue from where we left! 

As Yudishtra explains his “Dharma” clearly, Bheemasena is unwilling to relent! The hurt that he had obtained from Duryodhana and the scene wherein Draupati was insulted in the public courtroom flashes in Bheemasena’s mind again and again. This mars him from accepting Yudishtra’s piece of advice. Bheemasena replies back, “Oh brother! Whatever you’re saying is correct! Your words are power-packed with “Dharma”. However, my mind is unable to relent from the injuries that it had obtained over the years. Duryodhana is not an ordinary criminal. He is doing blunder after blunder and is roaming scottfree. However, today he has got the treatment that he deserves. I’m not going to help Duryodhana in any way. Moreover, if there is one enemy I have in this world who is very prominent, it is Duryodhana, and nobody else! How can I go and protect my enemy, as I’m waiting for his downfall? Hence, I’m not interested to go and extend a helping hand to that crook!” 

As Bheemasena replies thus with anger, Yudishtra decides that there is no point convincing Bheemasena any further. Bheemasena is very stubborn and reluctant, and Yudishtra knows his character. Hence, he tries the next option – Arjuna! Initially Arjuna is also reluctant, but since Yudishtra is firm on his “Dharma”, Arjuna agrees to execute Yudishtra’s words. As Arjuna prepares to fight, Bheemasena also has no other option but to join Arjuna in the pursuit. Hence, both Bheemasena and Arjuna prepare themselves for the marquee battle and they set out in the direction where Chitrasena is dragging Duryodhana. A huge fight happens between Chitrasena and the two Paandava brothers. Chitrasena is an expert in the bow and arrow technique and he is showering the entire sky with his sharp and fast arrows. However, Arjuna, as all of us know, is also an expert in negotiating such situations and he too joins the show with his range of arrows. Thus, a huge fight happens and both Arjuna and Chitrasena are relentless in their pursuit. 

However, as this happens, Chitrasena is puzzled! He starts thinking within himself thus, “Oh wow! Who is this person with an enormous talent on the bow and arrow? I never expected anybody to be having this level of expertise in warfare! Perhaps, is it Arjuna with whom I’m fighting?” Initially, Chitrasena did not realize that the battle was with Arjuna, because both were at a distance from where they could not spot each other. However, upon moving a bit closer, Chitrasena realizes that it is Arjuna on the other side! Thus, Chitrasena stops the war all of a sudden and talks to Arjuna thus, “Oh Arjuna! Don’t you remember me? I’m Chitrasena, who taught you various art forms while you were in the “Svarga Lokha”! Upon seeing your expertise in warfare, I suspected that you might be Arjuna and nobody else, and my doubt has been clarified! Oh Arjuna! Please understand that you’re fighting with your own Guru! Hence, let us stop this battle here itself!” 

As Arjuna hears this, he too realizes that he is making a mistake here! Arjuna replies back thus, “Oh Chitrasena! My profound apologies first up! I did not know that you’re Chitrasena! Please come down and let us have a talk! What is happening, and why did you pick up a fight with my brother Duryodhana? What went wrong? Please come down and explain to us!” As Arjuna calls Chitrasena thus, Chitrasena too comes down to meet Arjuna and Bheemasena. So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode, we shall witness what Chitrasena had to say to Arjuna and Bheemasena and we shall move on further from there on! Stay tuned! 🙂 


Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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