Episode # 571 – Yudishtra coaxes Bheemasena to rescue Duryodhana from Chitrasena!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Duryodhana and Co. arriving at the forest area where Yudishtra and the others are residing. Of course, Duryodhana did not want to go straightaway to the near vicinity of the Paandava brothers, but stops at a distance. This is the place where Chitrasena, a “Gandharva” by nature, is playing with some of his female friends. We should remember here that “Gandharvas” are not ordinary human beings, but are celestial beings. Thus, as Duryodhana sees these pretty females there, he gets a desire to play with them as well. Meanwhile, Duryodhana orders tents to be put up, and all arrangements for some enjoyment in the form of drinks, dance, etc. are being made as well. Now, as Duryodhana sets his eyes on these ladies, Chitrasena senses something wrong. He sees Duryodhana at a distance and straightaway comes to him and warns Duryodhana to get out of this place. However, as all of us know, Duryodhana is adamant and he doesn’t pay heed to Chitrasena’s words. 

As Chitrasena’s words go deaf ears, Duryodhana and Chitrasena gear up for a head on! Chitrasena calls up his Gandharva army for a fight against Duryodhana and Co. Duryodhana instructs his soldiers to somehow approach Chitrasena, tie him to a tree and bang him! However, Chitrasena isn’t an ordinary person to handle, as Duryodhana anticipated! Chitrasena escapes from Duryodhana’s soldiers and his Gandharva army gets into a bitter battle with Duryodhana’s soldiers. All of Duryodhana’s soldiers are getting heavily injured in the fight. As this happens, Karna comes with his army and weapons and invites Chitrasena for a war! Chitrasena readily agrees and a huge fight endures! At the end of it, even Karna couldn’t withstand Chitrasena’s power and he had to run away for his life! Upon seeing Karna being defeated left, right and center, Duryodhana himself prepares to oppose Chitrasena. A marquee battle endures and at the end of it, Duryodhana too couldn’t stand in front of Chitrasena’s prowess. Duryodhana is getting beaten left, right and center by Chitrasena’s army and he is heavily injured and insulted! 

As Duryodhana gets defeated thus, Chitrasena doesn’t leave him there – He ties Duryodhana to his chariot wheel and starts riding it towards the “Svarga Lokha”. As Duryodhana cries for help, nobody is there to relieve him from the clutches of Chitrasena. Karna, who was there all this while, got bruised heavily and fearing Chitrasena’s wrath, he ran away back to Hastinapura in fear! Hence, Duryodhana is now left to fend for himself, even as Chitrasena mercilessly carries Duryodhana along! As Duryodhana cries louder for help, Yudishtra hears this clearly! Upon hearing a familiar voice shouting for help, Yudishtra rushes out of his home and checks what is going on. At a distance, he sees Duryodhana crying for help as he is getting dragged by Chitrasena! Within a flash, Yudishtra understands what is going on, and immediately calls Bheemasena. Yudishtra tells Bheemasena thus, “Oh Bheemasena! Isn’t that person our Duryodhana? Why is he getting dragged along like this by Chitrasena? Maybe you should go and relieve Duryodhana and come back!” 

As Yudishtra says thus, Bheemasena gets angry! He replies back angrily thus, “Oh brother! Of course, he is none other than Duryodhana. But why are you saying “our Duryodhana”? Who is he to us? He is our worst enemy! Chitrasena is doing what we should be doing to him! Do you still want me to go and protect our enemy? Let Duryodhana suffer in the hands of Chitrasena, and only then he will realize the pain that we are undergoing every passing day!” As Bheemasena replies angrily thus, Yudishtra quickly calms him down. He says thus, “Oh Bheemasena! Of course you’re right – Duryodhana is our enemy, I know that. But at this point in time, we shouldn’t look into that aspect. If someone is in danger, and even if that person is our enemy, it is our “Dharma” to go and protect him. Moreover, Duryodhana is our brother, and we might have “n” number of issues within our family. However, who is Chitrasena to punish Duryodhana? Chitrasena is a third person. Why should we allow a third person to dominate our family members? If Duryodhana and the Kauravas come for a fight with us, it is 100 vs. 5. However, if a third party like Chitrasena comes for a fight with us, it is 105 vs. 1. We should be united by leaving away all our differences at these crucial junctures. Whatever problems we have within us, this is not the time to seek revenge against Duryodhana. Time will come for that separately!” 

From this accord, we can see how Yudishtra stands by his “Dharma” of protecting anybody who is in dire need – even being his own enemy. However, the bigger question here is whether Bheemasena is going to accept Yudishtra’s words and protect Duryodhana or not. We shall wait till the next episode to continue this interesting accord! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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