Episode # 560 – Bhagawan Muruga destroys Soora-Padma at Tiruchendur (Velaavanam)!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of a brief background of Bhagawan Muruga’s “Charitra” as narrated by Sage Maarkandeya to Yudishtra and Co. He is narrating this as part of his long accord on various aspects of “Dharma”, as Bhagawan Krishna too is present amidst the gathering. We’ve witnessed as part of Bhagawan Muruga’s accord as to how He was born, how He had a tiff with his brother, Bhagawan Ganesha and how He renounced His life and went to the “Palani” hills. Subsequently, upon the repeated convincing of Goddess Parvati Devi, Bhagawan Muruga returned back to Kailash to reunite with Bhagawan Shiva and Bhagawan Ganesha. Subsequently we’ve also witnessed the “Pranava Mantra” fiasco and how even Bhagawan Shiva did not have a clue about it and its significance. After a long tiff, Bhagawan Muruga performed the sacred “Upadesham” (Teaching) by playing a role as the Guru or Spiritual Master to none other than His father, Bhagawan Shiva Himself! This happened at the place called “Swamimalai” near the temple town of Kumbakonam in the Indian State of Tamil Nadu. 

Subsequently as we move on further from this, there are many more things that Sage Maarkandeya explains about Bhagawan Muruga, and he comes to a point wherein the Raakshasa “Soora-Padma” is growing quickly. He is trying to take all the Devas including Indra into ransom and is torturing the entire world with his evil deeds. Bhagawan Muruga comes to know of it and decides to put an end to Soora-Padma. Meanwhile, Bhagawan Muruga provides His divine Anugraha to the great Tamil poet – “Avvayyar”, whose hymns are famous even today in the Tamil literature. Subsequently, Bhagawan Muruga plays a divine “Leela” to marry a woman by name “Valli”. Subsequently, the time comes for Bhagawan Muruga to wage a battle with Soora-Padma. The marquee battle happens at the place called “Tiruchendur”, which is a coastal temple town in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, near to Tutucorin. Interestingly, this place called “Tiruchendur” finds a mention in the Valmiki Ramayana as well. At a time when all the Vaanaras including Hanuman and the others were trying to build the famed “Ram-Sethu” bridge to cross over to Lanka, this is the place where all the thousands of Vaanaras had assembled. The Valmiki Ramayana mentions this place as “Velaavanam”. Since this name has the term “Vel”, which is the weapon used by Bhagawan Muruga to kill Soora-Padma, perhaps this place had obtained the name “Velaavanam”. This is just my guess, and I do not have any research to back this up. Maybe in future if I come across something, I shall share it! 🙂 

Coming back to the context thus, the marquee battle is about to begin between Bhagawan Muruga and Soora-Padma. Before going for the epic fight, Bhagawan Muruga worships His mother, Goddess Parvati, who provides her divine “Anugraha” to her son in the form of the “Vel”, which is a powerful weapon. Bhagawan Muruga obtains it and fights a long battle with Soora-Padma. This war happens on the shores of the ocean and finally, with the divine “Vel” weapon, Bhagawan Muruga cuts Soora-Padma into two halves – One half manifests into a peacock and the other half manifests into a cock. Thus, with this, Bhagawan Muruga destroys the evil and restores the “Dharma” in the world. Indra and the others are also freed from their imprisonment. This is the very purpose of Bhagawan Muruga’s incarnation, and subsequently He marries “Devayani” also. 

So for today, let us understand these important points pertaining to Bhagawan Muruga and let us also try to visit the places that I had mentioned earlier today and in the previous episodes as well – Swami-Malai, Tiruchendur, Palani, etc. There are many more such important “Kshetras” which are dedicated to Bhagawan Muruga, which we should also try and visit whenever we get time! We shall wait till the next episode to move on further with Sage Maarkandeya’s accord! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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