Episode # 559 – Bhagawan Muruga teaches the “Pranava Mantra” to Bhagawan Shiva!!!

In the previous episode, we had commenced witnessing the background of Bhagawan Skandha (Bhagawan Muruga) as being narrated by Sage Markandeya to Yudishtra and Co. Of course, this is a long accord, but we shall keep it a bit short as we move on. We’ve witnessed yesterday as to how Bhagawan Muruga was born as six babies and how the “Karthigai” women took responsibility to bring up the six babies with utmost love, respect and care. The “Karthigai” women knew that these six babies are of Bhagawan Shiva and Goddess Parvati Devi and hence, they made sure that all of them are well taken care of! Finally after a point, Bhagawan Shiva united all the six babies into one – Whom we worship as Bhagawan Muruga. As the unison happened, Bhagawan Muruga had six faces united in one single body, and hence he is worshipped as Bhagawan Aarumuga (In Tamil, Aaru means six and Muga means face). Bhagwan Muruga, as He was growing up, entered into a contest with His brother, Bhagawan Ganesha as to who will be the first one to circle around the world! Of course, Bhagawan Ganesha claimed victory in a “smart” way, which did not go well with Bhagawan Muruga. Hence, Bhagawan Muruga became furious and “quit” His home! He walked with anger towards the “Palani” hills in Tamil Nadu and stood there!

However, with the repeated convincing of Goddess Parvati who is His mother, Bhagawan Muruga once again came to terms and accepted to return back to Kailash. Goddess Parvati explains to Her son that this is just one among many divine “Leelas” (Plays) of Bhagawan Shiva and there’s nothing to worry about. This calmed down Bhagawan Muruga and He returned to Bhagawan Shiva’s abode. Later on, there was a fierce argument between Bhagawan Muruga and Bhagawan Shiva. Of course, Bhagawan Muruga was still a little boy at this time as well, and at one point during the argument, Bhagawan Muruga asked His father whether He has any idea or knowledge on the “Pranava Mantra” that rules the entire world. Shocked by this question from His son, Bhagawan Shiva stammered for an answer! At that point in time, He did not know the “Pranava Mantra” that governs the entire world! Seizing this opportunity, Bhagawan Muruga declared to the world that His father is useless! How can someone be the leader of the world who doesn’t even know what the “Pranava Mantra” is? Hence, Bhagawan Muruga decided to rule the roost! 

Now He goes around questioning Indra and the others with the same “Pranava Mantra”, and to everyone’s surprise, nobody had an answer to what Bhagawan Muruga was asking! Hence, Bhagawan Muruga started imprisoning Indra and the others for the lack of this basic knowledge! As this was going on and on and as Bhagawan Muruga’s fury was on the rise, Bhagawan Shiva decided to intervene. Of course, this is also one of Bhagawan Shiva’s divine “Leela” (Play) and He proposed to His son that He will be the disciple and His son will be the Guru. Bhagawan Shiva decided to learn the significance of the “Pranava Mantra” from His own son, Bhagawan Muruga. As Bhagawan Shiva comes up with this proposal, Bhagawan Muruga accepts it, and the place where this teaching happens is even today worshipped as “Swami-Malai”. This is one of the most important places of worship for Bhagawan Muruga, situated in the South-Indian State of Tamil Nadu, near the temple town of Kumbakonam. Here we shall be able to worship Bhagawan Shiva sitting down on the floor and Bhagawan Muruga seated on an “Aaasana” in the “Guru-Sishya Bhaava”! Bhagawan Muruga is teaching the “Pranava Mantra” to Bhagawan Shiva. 

Now what is this “Pranava Mantra” that Bhagawan Muruga is talking about for all this while? It is nothing but the Mantra called “OM”. This is the universal “Mantra” or the sacred syllable from which the entire world took birth and hence, it is called the “Pranava Mantra”! This is exactly what Bhagawan Muruga teaches Bhagawan Shiva at the Swami-Malai Kshetra. So for today, let us understand up to this point, and we shall wait till the next episode to witness the continuation of Bhagawan Muruga’s interesting “Charitra” forward. Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 


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