Episode # 510 – “Who is a real Brahmin?” – Yudishtra gives a beautiful answer to Snake Nahusha!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bheemasena feeling helpless against the wrath of Snake Nahusha as he is being squeezed left, right and center! Even as Snake Nahusha is asking Bheemasena a question, he is unable to answer it, which only increases the snake’s grip on him. Sensing something going wrong, Yudishtra and Co. rush to the place where Bheemasena is entangled. As Yudishtra sees Bheemasena being squeezed almost to death, he requests Snake Nahusha to leave his brother alone, and an alternate arrangement for food can be made. However, Snake Nahusha is steadfast in his approach and is determined to kill Bheemasena and even Yudishtra and the others, if his questions aren’t duly answered. As Snake Nahusha says thus, Yudishtra understands the gravity of the situation. He has no other option but to accept Snake Nahusha’s proposal. He replies to Snake Nahusha thus, “Oh Nahusha! If that is your way of testing all of us, so be it! You may ask me whatever you want! I shall answer to my potential!” So now we shall witness what are the questions that Snake Nahusha is going to ask Yudishtra and how is Yudishtra going to respond to him. 

Moving on further thus, Snake Nahusha starts asking a series of questions to Yudishtra. The first question goes like this – “Oh Yudishtra! Who is a real Brahmana? Who in this world can be called Brahmanas? What are all the important aspects that a Brahmin should know in this world?” For this, Yudishtra is going to give an excellent answer here. Yudishtra replies thus, “Oh Snake Nahusha! A Brahmin in this world should be an embodiment of the following characteristics – “Satyam” (Truth), “Dhaanam” (Donating things to the needy), “Kshama” (Patience), “Sheelam” (Not having the attitude that he is higher and others are lower in background), “Aanrusamshyam” (Having enormous compassion towards all living beings in this world), “Tapas” (Capability of performing deep penance by fasting for days and months together) and “Grinaa” (Having the equality attitude with all living beings)! Thus, a person who possesses all these above characteristics is deemed to be a Brahmin in this world!” 

As Yudishtra gives a straightforward answer thus, Snake Nahusha is impressed! He replies to Yudishtra: “Oh Yudishtra! You’ve given the right answer! I’m very happy with the way you answered my question. Now here’s the next question – Oh Yudishtra! Now tell me, which is that place if we reach during our life, we would never desire to attain any other place forever? Which is that one thing if we listen to in life, post which we wouldn’t be prepared to listen to anything else in this world henceforth? Which in this world is beyond the “Sukham” (Pleasure) and “Dukham” (Sorrow)? And now tell me, what is the role of a Brahmin here?” Now this is an important question which all of us need to understand here. Yudishtra is going to give a very important answer here. He says thus, “Oh Nahusha! The answer is in your question itself! The main role of a Brahmin is to attain the ultimate Brahman! As you said in the question, the ultimate Brahman is the embodiment of neutrality – Without “Sukham” or “Dukham”! If one listens to something and if he / she feels that there’s nothing else to listen further in this world, it is the ultimate sound of Brahman! If someone wants to go to a place, and once reaching there, if he / she feels that this is the ultimate destination that this person has reached, it is the ultimate residing place of the Brahman! Hence, the role of a Brahmin in this world is to attain the ultimate Brahman and preach it for the entire world! He should be able to show everyone in this world to attain the path of “Dharma”! A Brahmin should not be selfish to himself after attaining the ultimate path! He should make sure that others also reach the ultimate Brahman! This is where compassion and patience is required in a Brahmin!” 

So for today, let us understand this important point and we shall ponder over this! We shall witness the continuation of this beautiful answer from Yudishtra in the next episode! Stay tuned for an interesting accord! 🙂 

Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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