Episode # 509 – Yudishtra comes to the rescue of Bheemasena from Snake Nahusha!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Bheemasena getting caught and entangled by Snake Nahusha amidst the forest. As Bheemasena tries to free himself, he couldn’t, due to the extraordinary powers of Nahusha. As this happens, Snake Nahusha talks to Bheemasena and introduces himself. He explains how he was ruling the Svarga Lokha happily, until Sage Agasthya cursed him to be born as a snake in this world. He is now steadfast to eat Bheemasena up, as he is a huge prey for him! However, Bheemasena pleads with Nahusha not to kill him, as Yudishtra and Co. would feel very bad about it. Paying heed to Bheemasena’s request, Snake Nahusha proposes a solution – If Bheemasena answers Snake Nahusha’s questions, he would let Bheemasena free, and also his curse of being a snake would also come to an end. Reluctantly accepting Snake Nahusha’s proposal without any other option, Bheemasena prepares himself to answer his questions, even though he is being crushed by Nahusha by the minute! Snake Nahusha asks the first question thus, “Oh Bheemasena! At critical junctures like these, should a person’s mind get disturbed or not?” Bheemasena has to now reply to Snake Nahusha and we shall move on from here in today’s episode. 

As Snake Nahusha asks thus, Bheemasena is clearly caught in two minds – On one hand it is true that his mind is disturbed, owing to the fear factor of being killed. However, if he says that at critical junctures, one’s mind does get disturbed, his answer might be perceived wrongly by Snake Nahusha. Hence, what does Bheemasena reply? He is clearly caught here! Bheemasena doesn’t know the answer – We’ve to understand one point very clearly here – If Bheemasena has to say that his mind doesn’t get disturbed even at a time when the snake is enhancing its grip over him, it would mean that he is telling a lie. Or even otherwise, Snake Nahusha is going to even further enhance his grip on him, just because Bheemasena says that his mind is unperturbed! This is a real confusion here for Bheemasena, and he accepts that he doesn’t know the answer to this question! Hearing this from Bheemasena, Snake Nahusha replies thus, “Oh Bheemasena! Till today I thought you were a great scholar and this is why I wanted to ask these questions to you! However, you’ve proved otherwise to me! Hence, you do not qualify to be let off! I’m definitely going to swallow you today! There’s no escape route for you!” 

Saying thus, Snake Nahusha starts to crush Bheemasena even more! As this is happening, Yudishtra suddenly starts seeing some bad omens and finds out that Bheemasena is missing! Upon searching in the vicinity, Bheemasena is not to be found anywhere! Getting tensed thus, Yudishtra clearly understands that Bheemasena is in some sort of a trouble somewhere! As nobody had a clue where Bheemasena went, Yudishtra and Co. start following Bheemasena’s footsteps carefully and slowly reach the place where Snake Nahusha is crushing Bheemasena alive! As Yudishtra and Co. see this happening right in front of their eyes, all of them are stunned beyond words! How come a powerful person like Bheemasena is getting crushed by a snake? Who is this snake really? As these questions run in their mind, Yudishtra quickly talks to the snake thus, “Oh python! Why are you crushing my brother like this? You can feel free to tell me what you want! But leave my brother alone! If food is something that is very important for you, I shall give you an alternative food source and you can consume that. However, leave my brother alone!” 

As Yudishtra too starts pleading in this manner, Snake Nahusha replies back: “Oh Yudishtra! I’m none other than King Nahusha in the form of this huge python. I’m in this form due to a curse from Sage Agasthya! I shall free your brother if you answer my questions. Moreover, if you do so, my curse will also be cured and I shall become a normal human being again! If you’re not answering my questions properly, there is no chance that your brother can come back alive! Moreover, I shall also consume all of you standing here as well! Hence, answer my questions one by one and with it, you may escape scot free!” 

As Snake Nahusha says thus, Yudishtra understands the gravity of the situation. He has no other option but to accept Snake Nahusha’s proposal. He replies to Snake Nahusha thus, “Oh Nahusha! If that is your way of testing all of us, so be it! You may ask me whatever you want! I shall answer to my potential!” So for today, let us understand up to this point, and we shall wait till the next episode to witness what were the series of questions that Snake Nahusha is asking Yudishtra, and how Yudishtra answered them! Stay tuned for an interesting conversation! 🙂 


Published by Dr. Jeayaram

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