Episode # 504 – Yudishtra & Co. receive Kubera’s divine “Anugraha”!!!

In the previous episode, we had concluded the huge “Teertha-Yatra Parva” of the Mahabharata text, wherein Yudishtra and Co. are winding up their long tour and coming back to the forest where they were residing earlier. We’ve witnessed this “Parva” for more than a hundred episodes and we’ve witnessed enormous significances of various important “Punya-Kshetras” as described by Sage Naarada and the others. Yudishtra too, decided that he and his brothers are embarking on a spiritual tour to cover all these places and finally here they are, completing their tour successfully. The last place where they went was Mithilapuri and the Gandha-Maadhana Parva wherein Bheemansea had the opportunity to meet Hanuman, who is none other than his own brother – The son of Vaayu Bhagawan. As this is over, all of them return back and the story continues further from here on. Moving on from here, we shall now witness the continuation of the Mahabharata story. 

At this point, we should remember here that Arjuna is not there amidst the Paandava brothers, as he had gone to the Swarga Lokha to meet Indra and the others. Arjuna resided in the Svarga Lokha for a period of five years, and readers should remember that it is during this five year period, the Paandava brothers embarked on the Teertha Yatra. Sage Lomasha was also there along with the Paandavas and he was their guide, along with Sage Naarada and the others at different points. Now that the Teertha Yatra is over, as all of them are coming back, Yudishtra had to encounter a Raakshasa by name “Jataasura”. We shall witness what happened at this point. Thus, as all the sages along with the Paandava brothers are walking along, Jataasura attacks the entire caravan. As the attack was all of a sudden and also because of the tiredness of travelling, the Paandava brothers couldn’t react very swiftly. Using this opportunity, Jataasura abducts Yudishtra, Draupati and one amongst the Nakula-Sahadeva brothers. As this is happening, Bheemasena isn’t there near any of them. As he arrives in the scene, he is surprised to see nobody in the vicinity – Neither Yudishtra nor Nakula-Sahadeva. As Bheemasena comes to know what had happened, he swiftly goes in search of Jataasura and wages a huge war against him singlehandedly. Finally with the divine “Anugraha” of Vaayu Bhagawan” and Hanuman, Bheemasena defeats and kills Jataasura with his raw muscle power! With this, Yudishtra and the others are let free! 

All these important aspects are discussed in the next “Parva” called “Jataasura Parva”, which we’ve just witnessed. This is a very small “Parva” and with this, we shall move to the next “Parva”, which is very important. This is called “Yaksha-Yuddha Parva”. This is where Bheemasena enters into a fight with Kubera and we’ve witnessed this in the yesterday’s episode in detail. Kubera is also an “Yaksha” category person and as Bheemasena goes in search of the lotus flower with a thousand petals, he is initially stopped by Hanuman. However, Bheemasena still goes further northwards towards Kuberapuri and gets engrossed into a fierce battle with the Yakshas. However, the Yakshas aren’t able to put up a fight against Bheemasena and with this, he starts killing loads and loads of Yakshas! Alarmed and angered by this act of Bheemasena, Kubera rushes out of his palace with the intention of cursing Bheemasena. However, as Yudishtra and the others make their way in search of Bheemansea and find him standing near the Kuberapuri entrance, Yudishtra starts scolding him. It is at this time, Kubera too arrives at the spot and upon seeing Yudishtra, Kubera’s anger vanishes completely! He thus advises Bheemasena not to pick up fights with either the Devas or the Yakshas in the future, as it is not of any good for him or the Paandava brothers. Acknowledging Kubera’s advice, Bheemasena also relents and seeks forgiveness. With this, Kubera provides his divine “Anugraha” with all the flowers, fruits, vegetables, etc. from the Kubera-Lokha and assures the Paandavas that they would never have any shortage of food and other important essential items till the time they are in the forest. With this, Yudishtra and Bheemasena are extremely happy and all these details are covered in the “Yaksha-Yuddha Parva”. 

Next in the line is the “Nivaadha-Kavacha-Yuddha Parva”. This is another short Parva but very interesting. Nivaadha and Kavacha were two enemies to Indra for a long time. The Paandava brothers are going to have a duel with these two people and it is precisely at the same time, Arjuna is also coming back! So for today, let us understand up to this point, and we shall wait till the next episode to continue further! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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