Episode # 503 – Hanuman shows his huge form to Bheemasena – End of the “Teertha-Yatra Parva”!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Hanuman revealing himself to Bheemasena and in turn, Bheemasena is extremely happy to meet his own brother! With tears in his eyes, Bheemasena couldn’t believe that he was in front of Hanuman who was the one crossing the mighty ocean to meet Mother Sita, and helping Bhagawan Rama in all ways to win over Ravana. Thus, Bheemasena lets out his request to Hanuman that he would like to worship Hanuman in that same huge form which he took to cross the ocean to reach Lanka. However, Hanuman denies Bheemasena’s request in a loving way, and says that he can take that massive form only with Bhagawan Rama’s divine “Anugraha” and with the power of the “Rama-Naamam” (Bhagawan Rama’s divine name). Hanuman explains that this massive form and the immense strength that he had obtained at that time is not because of his own efforts, but was only because Bhagawan Rama’s divine mission had to be accomplished. It was Bhagawan Rama who had given Hanuman that immense strength to cross over the ocean, which nobody else could have done except him! 

Explaining all this to Bheemasena, Hanuman now talks about the “Dharma” in various Yugas. He makes an important comparison here – “Dharma” is like a holy cow standing with it’s four legs. In the “Krita Yuga”, the “Dharma” has all its four legs intact without any problem. However, in the “Tretha-Yuga”, “Dharma” is like the cow struggling to stand only with three legs! If this was the case, the “Dvaapara Yuga” is even worse – “Dharma” stands only on two legs and the “Kali Yuga” is the worst, wherein “Dharma” has no legs at all! Hence, Hanuman warns Bheemasena thus, “Oh Brother! Please understand that we’re entering the final phase of the “Dvaapara Yuga” right now. In sometime, we’re going to enter into the “Kali Yuga”, which is the most treacherous one ever. Hence, please understand that “Dharma” will completely vanish as “Kali Yuga” comes closer and closer. There will be no “Dharma” literally in the “Kali Yuga”. Hence, you’ve to be very careful in dealing with people and with other things as well!” 

Saying thus, Hanuman continues further – “Oh Bheemasena! Since you’ve asked me to reveal my huge form that I took to cross the ocean, my heart doesn’t allow me to deny you the opportunity to see it. I shall reveal it to you, but I cannot give you the divine “eyes” to have a complete look at it. With whatever capability your eyes can see me, you may try and view it. Beyond that I cannot help. Actually I shouldn’t be showing it to you now, given the limitations that you have, and in the “Yuga” that we’re currently living. However, since you had asked for it, I cannot deny it for you! So here you go!” Saying thus, Hanuman quickly gets up and starts growing! He grows and grows into a huge massive form by chanting the divine name of Bhagawan Rama! The moment Hanuman chants Bhagawan Rama’s name, he is moved into tears completely! Thus, with the permission given by Bhagawan Rama (This same Bhagawan Rama has incarnated as Bhagawan Krishna in the Dvaapara Yuga, and we’ve to understand that Bhagawan Krishna has provided the divine “Anugraha” to Bheemasena through the means of Hanuman)  instantaneously and with His divine “Anugraha”, Hanuman grows into a massive form and stands in front of Bheemasena! 

Of course, Bheemasena couldn’t witness Hanuman in his entire form, but upon seeing Hanuman fulfilling his request, Bheemansena is extremely happy! He is in tears as he worships Hanuman in his massive form. As Bheemasena is now about to start from this place, Hanuman warns him thus, “Oh Bheemasena! I think you shouldn’t go beyond this point and step into the “Kubera-Patnam”, because this is not the place where you should go into! Hence, please return back to your place from here immediately!” However, Bheemasena isn’t really convinced. He still wants to obtain that lotus flower with a thousand petals in it! Inspite of Hanuman’s warning, Bheemasena advances further and as he nears the Kubera-Patnam, he has to encounter the wrath of immensely strong Raakshasas and Devatas who came to push him out! However, Bheemasena doesn’t give up – He puts up a relentless fight and the fight keeps continuing for days and months together! Bheemasena is not prepared to give up even an inch! Now that he had obtained the divine “Anugraha” from Hanuman, Bheemasena’s strength only started increasing further and further! 

However, Yudishtra comes to know of what is happening and he rushes to Hanuman’s dwelling place. Hanuman informs Yudishtra that Bheemasena had somehow gone to the Kubera-Patnam and he has to be pulled out from there, since there is a danger for his life. Accordingly Yudishtra rushes there and scolds Bheemasena for this act! Finally as Yudishtra issues the “diktat”, Bheemasena relents from his attempt and all of them return back to the “Manushya Lokha”. With this, we come to the end of the long and expansive “Teertha-Yatra” Parva and this is the last place that the Paandavas visit. After this, Yudishtra and Co. are returning back to their “Vana-Vaasam” and in the next episode, we shall commence the next important “Parva”! Stay tuned for updates! 🙂 


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