Episode # 481 – “It is disheartening to see people following “Dharma” suffer badly” – Balarama tells Bhagawan Krishna!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed a very important accord wherein Parasurama is killing 23 generations of Kshatrya princes all across the world! All of this started when Sage Jamadagni was attacked by King Kaartha-Veeryarjuna, who was later killed by Parasurama himself. However, when King Kaartha-Veeryarjuna’s sons started messing up badly with Parasurama, he couldn’t bear it anymore. He killed everyone at a stretch, and also started going around with his “Parasu” weapon to kill whichever “Kshatrya” prince came by his way! This treacherous journey continued till a point wherein Parasurama killed 23 generations of Kshatrya princes completely and started drinking all their blood to quench his thirst! Narrating Parasurama’s history thus, Sage Naarada and Sage Dhoumya lead the way as Yudishtra and Co. worship the ashram of Parasurama. As Sage Dhoumya explains the whole thing, he says thus, “Oh Yudishtra! This is the place where Parasurama created five huge storage blocks for all the blood that came out of the 23 generations of the Kshatrya princes! The blood that was collected here, used to be Parasurama’s quencher! Please worship this place!” As Sage Dhoumya says thus, Yudishtra and Co. bow down to the place and worship it as they move forward from there. 

Moving on further thus, the next destination where Yudishtra and Co. reach is the “Praabhaasa Kshetra”. This place is in the Western Indian state of Gujarat, and is extremely significant because Bhagawan Krishna is later going to choose this very place to transcend back to Vaikunta. As Yudishtra and Co. arrive at Praabhaasa Kshetra, all the Yaadavas arrive there to meet them. Bhagawan Krishna too comes to know that Yudishtra and Co. are camping at this place and He too comes to meet all of them. As Bhagawan Krishna comes along, His brother Balarama also accompanies Him. Thus, all of them meet after a long time and Bhagawan Krishna says to Yudishtra thus, “Oh Yudishtra! I heard that all of you are undertaking a long “Teertha Yatra” until the time Arjuna comes back! I hope you’re having a good time visiting all the important places across the entire country!” As Bhagawan Krishna enquires thus, Yudishtra and the others are extremely happy and they too share their experiences with Him. As the conversation goes on like this, Balarama starts talking about something which is very important here. We shall witness the content of this important conversation between Balarama and Yudishtra in a bit of a detail, before we move further. 

Upon seeing the pitiable condition of Yudishtra and Co., Balarama turns to Bhagawan Krishna and says, “Oh Brother! Look at how Yudishtra is suffering! Yudishtra is supposed to be an epitome of “Dharma”, isn’t he? Now look at how he has been dragged down to the level of a popper! This clearly shows that “Dharma” doesn’t have a place in this “Dwapara Yuga”, isn’t it? Oh Krishna! Why are people who are ardent followers of “Dharma” suffering so badly like this? On the other hand, see how Duryodhana and the others are enjoying their lives! Duryodhana is leading a life of luxury with all the wealth and kingdom! Even when he illegally abducted the Indraprastha Kingdom from Yudishtra, there were no repercussions for him! He is fully enjoying his time there at Hastinapura, whereas, poor Yudishtra has to bare all the brunt! Is this the way “Dharma” operates in the present day? Look at the condition of Yudishtra – He is not even having a proper dress to wear! What kind of a king he is actually? He is a great “Chakravarthy” isn’t he? Look at how Yudishtra is today! Moreover, look at the condition of Bheemasena! He is normally a person who has a great appetite for food! Now he doesn’t even get proper three basic meals a day! We don’t even know where Arjuna is and what he is doing right now! Thus, overall, tt is so disheartening to see good people suffering like this! What is your take on this situation?”

Balarama asks this with a lot of pain upon seeing Yudishtra, and Bhagawan Krishna isn’t really convinced with this! At the same time, Sage Saathviki who is also part of Yudishtra’s tour group along with Sage Dhoumya talks thus, “Oh Balarama! This is not what I think! Of course, I do not know whether the Paandavas would be able to wage a war and win over Duroydhana in the future. However, the Paandavas are good-hearted people. They will always follow the path of “Dharma” till their last breath! If at all they’ve to fight a war in the future and win, I shall be with them at all times and be of help to them in whatever way possible!” As Sage Saathviki says thus, Bhagawan Krishna is listening to all their conversations, and doesn’t look really convinced with the way Balarama is talking! Bhagawan Krishna replies back thus, “Oh Balarama! What are you talking? The way in which you’re talking is highly misleading! People who follow the path of “Dharma” are actually happier than those who practise “Adharma”! People who practise “Adharma” are undergoing enormous suffering! This is the fundamental principle upon which the entire world operates. Now do not come with some new philosophies like this and mislead the world!” 

Saying thus, Bhagawan Krishna is extremely stern in His response to Balarama. An important accord from Bhagawan Krishna awaits us tomorrow! So for today, let us understand up to this point and let us wait till tomorrow to find out what Bhagawan Krishna has to say to Balarama in detail! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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