Episode # 480 – Parasurama destroys 23 GENERATIONS of Kshatrya princes around the world!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the “Charitra” of Sage Jamadagni and his son Parasurama. We’ve witnessed how Sage Jamadagni got furious with his wife Renuka Devi, for allegedly “looking at” Chitra-Rasa, who was an “Apsaras” male passing by the garden from which she was plucking flowers. Sage Jamadagni suspected Renuka Devi to be in a relationship other than him and with this, he wanted her head to be chopped off. While none of their sons came forward to execute this instruction, Parasurama, who was their last son, obeyed his father. He chopped off Renuka Devi’s head then and there, however, he requested two boons, with which, Parasurama got his mother back alive. The other boon was that, this “Karma” that he had performed by killing his own mother, shouldn’t come and haunt him at any stage in his life. Happy with the dedication of Parasurama, Sage Jamadagni granted the two boons, and with this, Renuka Devi came back alive. Thereafter, all of them lived together happily as a family. We’ve witnessed the “Charitra” of Jamadagni until this point, and in today’s episode, we shall continue it further. 

Moving on thus, after a few years, as the family accumulated more wealth and cows, etc. King Kaartha-Veeryarjuna who hails from the Kekeya Desha, noticed that Sage Jamadagni has a lot of resources that he can abduct. Hence, he waited for the right opportunity to attack Sage Jamadagni and his family. We should note here that King Kaartha-Veeryarjuna did not know the significance of Parasurama, who was living along with Sage Jamadagni. Without knowing about Parasurama thus, King Kaartha-Veeryarjuna attacked Sage Jamadagni, and proclaimed that he is going to abduct all his wealth! Sage Jamadagni warned him to get out of his ashram, but King Kaartha-Veeryarjuna stood his ground! A huge fight broke out between both of them and the fight went on and on endlessly. Both of them were equally powerful. King Kaartha-Veeryarjuna was a great Kshatrya warrior and Sage Jamadagni was a great Brahmana Rishi. It was literally a battle between the power of penance and the power of weapons! 

Finally, as the fight was going on endlessly, at one stage, King Kaartha-Veeryarjuna started running away with the battle, as Sage Jamadagni started losing strength. With this, King Kaartha-Veeryarjuna killed Sage Jamadagni’s ego and the entire power of his penance, and insulted him a great deal! King Kaartha-Veeryarjuna had a thousand hands as he was an “Aavesha Avatara” of Bhagawan Vishnu Himself! As King Kaartha-Veeryarjuna was insulting Sage Jamadagni left, right and centre, Parasurama couldn’t stand it any further. The moment Parasurama saw this, he immediately took out his powerful “Parasu” weapon and flayed it on Kaartha-Veeryarjuna. Since the weapon was too powerful, King Kaartha-Veeryarjuna couldn’t bear it and finally had to succumb to it! As this happened, King Kaartha-Veeryarjuna’s sons came to understand that their father had been killed by someone called Parasurama. With this, all of them came to fight with Parasurama. Initially when they had come, Sage Jamadagni was in deep penance! Kaartha-Veeryarjuna’s sons were making a ploy to irritate Parasurama and make him come to a war with them. Hence, the best way that they found to infuriate Parasurama was to kill Sage Jamadagni! Thus, they took out their sword and flayed it over the head of Sage Jamadagni. As the attack was all of a sudden, Sage Jamadagni did not even have a split of a second to react, and with this, he had to die! This, as expected, infuriated Parasurama, who came with his powerful “Parasu” weapon to wage a war with these people. A huge battle broke out and eventually Parasurama’s weapon proved to be the most powerful amongst all! With this, Parasurama singlehandedly destroyed all of them! 

After killing these people, Parasurama did not stop there. His anger knew no bounds. He came to a conclusion that all the “Kshatrya” princes are as bad as King Kaartha-Veeryarjuna and his sons! Hence, Parasurama started going around, all over the Bhaarata Desha and started killing each and every “Kshatrya” in this world! Thus, it is said that Parasurama had killed almost 23 generations of “Kshatrya” princes all across the world! As this was happening, the entire world started to tremble with Parasurama’s fiery arrogance! So for today, let us understand up to this point, and we shall continue this interesting accord in the next episode as well! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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