Episode # 407 – “Bhagawan is NOT an opportunist to dance to your tunes” – Yudishtra slams Draupati!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the continuation of Draupati’s lamenting to Yudishtra over the current situation that they are facing. We’ve also witnessed in due course, Yudishtra’s reply to Draupati, which irks her even more. Yudishtra had mentioned that only patience and truth can serve the purpose and not anger and frustration. He tried to dose down Draupati’s anger, but that effort backfires on him. Now Draupati goes on the offensive mode and hits a sensitive place which irks Yudishtra. She started complaining that “Karma” never catches up with those people who are powerful in terms of finances and positions. “Karma” only catches up with people who do not have any of these strengths! Draupati went on to lament that even Bhagawan is a partner in crime in letting those powerful people escape quite easily and He only punishes those who are weak! As Draupati says thus with anger and frustration towards her husband, Yudishtra now finally gets angry. Now what did Yudishtra reply? Let us witness today. 

As Draupati says thus, Yudishtra replies, “Oh Draupati! Till this point I was patiently hearing you out! But now when you talk about Bhagawan also being a partner in crime, “Karma” touching Bhagawan, etc., I won’t keep quiet. Are you trying to talk “Naasthikam” or “Aasthikam”? If you want to be a “Naasthik” (Atheist), I do not have anything further to add upon. In fact, with such a thought process of yours, I feel ashamed that I have such a person alongside me who is not approving of the path of “Dharma” that the husband is following! This is very atrocious of you to make such statements of “Naasthikam”!” Saying thus, Yudishtra sits down on the floor with sadness written all over his face. 

As Yudishtra sits down thus, Draupati once again questions him. She’s in no mood to relent now as she’s getting ready to fire up all cylinders, left, right and center! Draupati asks a simple question thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Till now you were saying that you would never get angry, you would never shout or fire at someone, etc. didn’t you? Now why are you firing at me? What wrong did I do to you? Is marrying you the greatest mistake I did in my life? Why are you getting angry towards me for no fault of mine? What is so wrong about whatever I asked you? If any other woman would have been in my place, she would have also asked the same questions to you for sure!” As Draupati asks with tantalising pain in her heart, Yudishtra once again tries consoling her. He says thus, “Oh Draupati! I never got angry on you till now. I understand your pain. However, if you talk against “Dharma” and the “Vedas”, I have no choice but to get angry. Just because we’re currently suffering, doesn’t mean that “Dharma” never exists. Just because you’re suffering, it doesn’t mean that Bhagawan is aiding those who are walking the path of “Adharma”. All I’m saying is that, we’ve to be patient. Many times, we might be suffering, but we cannot take the offensive route just like that. You should understand this reality of life. Thus, I shall always get angry when someone talks ill about “Dharma” and the “Vedas”. However, I would never get angry even when someone comes to kill me. This is my “Dharma” and this is something that I would follow all through my life, no matter whatever happens to me or to my kingdom! Moreover, Bhagawan is someone who is neutral in nature. He doesn’t differentiate between powerful and the non-powerful people. Bhagawan is someone who is beyond “Karma”. If such is the case, who are you to talk ill about Bhagawan, just because you’re undergoing suffering today? If for instance, Bhagawan is punishing Duryodhana immediately, you would praise Bhagawan, won’t you? So where does all your lamenting go now? Hence, your statement compares Bhagawan to a businessman and an opportunist! Bhagawan is not an opportunist as you think! You’ve not understood Bhagawan’s neutral stance as yet. Time will teach you that lesson and if I make you understand this, you would never be able to!”

Saying thus, Yudishtra clearly expresses his displeasure to Draupati’s statements on “Dharma” and Bhagawan. So for today, let us understand this point very clearly and let us wait till the next episode to continue this further. Stay tuned! 🙂  


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