Episode # 406 – “Karma doesn’t catch up with people who are powerful” – Draupati laments to Yudishtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Yudishra’s reply to Draupati as part of an important conversation between both of them. Draupati had initially exhibited her displeasure on Yudishtra being a mute spectator to all whatever happened at Hastinapura. She vented out her frustration on her husband that he should have taken action immediately on Duryodhana for whatever he had done to her. She questioned Yudishtra’s silence even on critical issues like these, and also went on to doubt whether he is really having the guts to fight against Duryodhana, or is he trying to hide behind the shadows of “Dharma” to safeguard himself from being defeated and getting embarrassed. As Draupati questioned him thus, Yudishtra however remains unfazed. He is steadfast in his “Dharma” that he would not voluntarily cause any harm to anyone, even if it is Duryodhana himself. After hearing out Draupati patiently, Yudishtra replies back to her calmly that anger (“Krodham”) is the root cause of human destruction and one should never take this route to establish himself / herself. Yudishtra advises Draupati to remain patient and let time take its due course of action. He also cites an important pointer to justify his stance – Even Bhagawan Krishna did not want a war or whatever at this point in time. If Bhagawan Krishna would have felt the need to rise up to the occasion, He would have told it openly. If Bhagawan is choosing to remain silent, why should we go and poke our nose into it at this point? 

As Yudishtra establishes his point thus, he also re-emphasizes at this moment – “Oh Draupati! There is nothing in this world that is better or equivalent to “Sathyam” (Truth). There is nothing in this world that is better or equivalent to “Dharma” and “Compassion” (“Karuna”). Hence, let us exhibit these qualities and be patient!” As Draupati listens to this, is she getting convinced? Are the other four Paandava brothers getting convinced? The answer is a big “NO”! Draupati immediately asks with more anger thus, “Oh Yudishtra! So do you mean to say that we’re never going to get our kingdom back? Are we going to live like this for the rest of our lives for no fault of ours? What did we do to Duryodhana? What wrong did we do to him? Why are we getting punished like this? If you do not open your mouth and talk at a time when it is direly needed, what is the use of following all the “Dharma” that you do? Do you even understand that you’re putting many other people’s lives in danger, just because you want to uphold your “Dharma”? So if that is the case, for whatever we’re suffering today, Bhagawan also has a share and a cause. I would vouch and tell today that the reason behind our suffering today, is both “Dharma” and “Bhagwan” Himself! Just because of this one reason of upholding “Dharma”, Bhagawan wants all of us to suffer! Hence, I do not like this way of living!” 

Moreover, as she says thus, Draupati adds one more important point here, which is the most crucial of all whatever has been discussed till now. She continues her argument thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Perhaps, “Karma” doesn’t catch up with people who are powerful in this world! You are extremely powerless and this is why “Karma” catches up with all of us! Also, Bhagawan is very powerful and probably because of this, “Karma” doesn’t catch up with Him! So, everything in this world depends upon who is powerful and how that person is exhibiting his / her power to the world! If a person is extremely powerful, no “Karma” can touch him / her, isn’t it?” 

This is something that all of us might also have in our minds too – For instance, a person who is swindling crores of rupees would never get punished by the law. Whereas, if we cheat even for a meagre ten rupees, the Income Tax department would be after us! However, the same Income Tax department is so useless that they would not go behind those who loot lakhs and crores of rupees! Why? Because, the Income Tax officials know that they would be useless in front of those powerful politicians / business tycoons! On the pretext of abolishing black money, common people would be harassed! We’re seeing this every passing day in India, isn’t it? Moreover, our judicial system is more than just a mere mockery! It doesn’t punish anyone who is a wrongdoer! Every case would run up to twenty years minimum and people who are victims of the crime committed, never get justice on time! 

This is exactly what Draupati is also saying here – For people who are powerful financially and position-wise, law can be re-written in their favor! “Karma” doesn’t catch up with them! However, for people who are in the relatively lower stratum of the society, all the laws would be applicable and “Karma” would catch up immediately! How fair is this? 

I’m sure many of us have this in our minds, but we might be afraid of expressing these questions in public due to the fear of getting a backlash! So what is Yudishtra going to reply for this? Is he going to get angry on Draupati for openly and blatantly asking such a question? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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