Episode # 401 – You can win over the world only with “SATHYA” & “DHARMA” – Sage Maarkandeya advises Yudishtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Maarkandeya calling a spade a spade to Yudishtra and Co., as all the others around them are feeling bad about Yudishtra’s plight in the forest. Sage Maarkandeya hits the bull’s eye straightaway by asking him certain tough questions on the face – “What right do you have to question Duryodhana and Co. for the abuse and the insult, if the fault is on your side? If you would have not played the gambling game, would you be in this mess today? Who is responsible for that? If you’re at fault, who are you to dictate Bhagawan Krishna as to whom to kill or whom to leave?” As he asks these questions, Sage Maarkandeya draws comparisons from the Ramayana text, wherein for no fault of His, Bhagawan Rama accepted exile, sacrificed Mother Sita to Ravana for ten months, waited for Sugriva and Hanuman to aid Him in His search operation, but failed initially! If Bhagawan Rama, who was the “Chakravarthy” of a great kingdom called Ayodhya had to undergo so many things without any fault from His side, afterall Yudishtra is a small king for a small territory called Indraprastha in some corner of the country! Moreover, with half of the fault on his side, how can he complain that he’s suffering? He’s bound to suffer! 

As Sage Maarkandeya slams the Paandavas thus, Bheemasena and Arjuna requested him to explain who is Bhagawan Rama and what were those sufferings that He had to endure. This follows a long description of the entire Ramayana story, which I’m not entering into at the moment, because we’ve already witnessed it in detail earlier. We shall move forward from here on. After Sage Maarkandeya gives a jist about the Ramayana story to the Paandavas, he further continues thus, “Oh Yudishtra and Co.! It was the same Bhagawan Rama whom I met at Rishyamukha Parvatha, and today I’m meeting you in the “Dvaitha Vanam” forest!” We might immediately wonder, “Oh wow! When was the time period of the Ramayana? It was during the previous “Yuga” isn’t it? Lakhs of years would have passed by, from the point where the Tretha Yuga got over and to whatever we’re witnessing in the “Dvaapara Yuga”!” We should also note here that this entire Mahabhaarata takes place during the end of the “Dvaapara Yuga” and the “Kali Yuga” is about to begin very shortly after this. If such is the case, how many lakhs of years might have passed by? Still Sage Maarkandeya has been alive and has met both Bhagawan Rama and now Yudishtra! This is an astounding fact that readers might want to explore more upon! 

However, as Sage Maarkandeya talks to Yudishtra, he now comes to the important point that he wanted to empahsize. Sage Maarkandeya explains thus, “Oh Yudishtra! I know that you’re meticulous on the path of “Dharma” that you’re following. Please do not take my harsh words in a wrong way. The problem in today’s world is that people who are powerful think that the entire world runs on their head only! This is an extremely wrong perception that people have! One might be extremely strong in terms of financial stability or in terms of being in a powerful position in a kingdom. With all these financial and positional powers, one can never win over the world at any cost. However, if one follows the path of truth (“Sathyam”) and righteousness (“Dharma”), he / she can win over the world quite easily! Sadly, not many people understand this secret of success! Bhagawan Rama in the Ramayana won over the world with His “Sathyam” and “Dharma”. Similarly, my advice to you is that, if you’ve win over the world, you’ve to follow the path of “Sathyam” and “Dharma”. I know you’re already doing this, but still, I just wanted to reiterate this important point to you!” 

So for today, let us understand this important point and let us wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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