Episode # 400 – “If you’re at fault, why do you blame others?” – Sage Maarkandeya slams Yudishtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed the arrival of Sage Maarkandeya at Yudishtra’s place in the “Dvaita Vanam”. We’ve already witnessed that the Paandavas have moved on from the Kaamayaka Vanam to the Dvaita Vanam, along with all the Maharishis and the Brahmanas who had followed Yudishtra. As all of them settle down in their new place, the first important sage to come and meet Yudishtra is Sage Maarkandeya. As the great Sage arrives, he directly and straightaway conveys an important message, but with enormous laughter. He is in a state of complete “Aananda” (Supreme Bliss), and upon seeing this, people around him had a doubt – All of them at that point are sad upon looking at Yudishtra’s plight of losing the kingdom illegally to Duryodhana’s atrocities. Everybody see Yudishtra as a victim who had lost all his property, kingdom, etc. However, Sage Maarkandeya has other ideas! He replies to Yudishtra’s doubt in a beautiful but insightful manner that the reason behind his “Aananda” state is that he doesn’t differentiate between happiness and sorrow in this world! Moreover, he says that Yudishtra hasn’t really lost anything, unlike the opinion of others who are portraying Yudishtra as a victim. 

Moving on, Sage Maarkandeya explains further to Yudishtra thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Upon seeing you in this state, I got reminded of Bhagawan Rama when He was also in the forest for fourteen years!” Now, this is somewhere in the “Dvaapara Yuga”, which we’re currently witnessing, but Sage Maarkandeya is talking about the previous “Trethaa Yuga” where Bhagawan Rama incarnated. He says further thus, “Oh Yudishtra! When Bhagawan Rama had lost Mother Sita to Ravana, He went searching for her, all along the “Rishyamuka Parvatha”. He had met Sugriva and Hanuman, who had promised Him to aid the search operation. However, the subsequent four months were rainy months and the search operation couldn’t take place. However, after the four-month-inertia, Sugriva should have come forward to carry out the operation, isn’t it? Sugriva never came! Hanuman never came! If such was the state for a great “Chakravarthy” like Bhagawan Rama, who was the incarnation of Bhagawan Vishnu Himself, who are you? You’re just a small king of a small territory. Do you know Bhagawan Rama’s character? He was an embodiment of “Dharma” Himself! Whatever action He did, would exactly be as per the textbook of “Dharma”, and there would be no deviation from it even for an inch! He doesn’t know how to twist anything and talk! Whatever he would talk, would be straightforward and would be the truth and nothing else! Such was the nature of Bhagawan Rama! If He had to undergo all these sufferings, who are you? In fact, you have played the gambling game along with Duryodhana, didn’t you? Don’t you know that the gambing game is something that is against “Dharma” of a king? Hence, half of the mistake lies on you as well! It is not that Duryodhana is entirely at fault. You also have a share of it for whatever happened! Whereas, see how Bhagawan Rama suffered – What mistake did He do for him to be denied to be the king of Ayodhya? What mistake did He make to be sent on exile to the forest for fourteen long years? Still, Bhagawan Rama endured all of that! Whereas in your case, you have half of the mistake on your side! Draupati was talking to Bhagawan Krishna that Duryodhana should be destroyed at any cost, didn’t she? What right does she have to talk such things to Bhagawan? If you have the fault by your side, own it up and endure the punishment with responsibility, rather than cribbing and creating an alibi for yourself! However, Mother Sita had to endure all the torture that Ravana gave her and what mistake did She do for all that? Still she endured all of it with patience and perseverance! This is what is constantly running in my mind! Hence, according to me, you are all in fault as well! Hence, you do not have the right to blame someone else for what you’re experiencing now!” 

Saying thus, Sage Maarkandeya continues with his divine laughter! In fact, whatever Sage Maarkandeya had said to Yudishtra and Co., was a direct slamming on Yudishtra’s face! Without any twist or turn, Sage Maarkandeya made his point very clear that Yudishtra had no right to blame anyone for whatever he is experiencing right now! As Sage Maarkandeya explains thus, Arjuna and Bheemasena ask him back, “Oh Sage! You had spoken about Bhagawan Rama. Who is He? What is His story? Can you please explain to us in detail?” As both of them ask thus, Sage Maarkandeya explains the entire Ramayana story, into which I’m not going right now. We’ve already witnessed the entire Ramayana as part of our first project! But for today, let us realize what is the in-depth meaning behind Sage Maarkandeya’s hard-hitting words to Yudishtra and Co.! We shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! 🙂 


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