Episode # 335 – Bhagawan Krishna’s divine “Anugraha” protects Draupati at the right moment – Significance of “Naama-Sankeertanam”!!!

We’re again at a critical juncture wherein Draupati is being physically humiliated and tortured by Duchaasana, who is stripping off her saree amidst the public courtroom with all people seeing this anarchy that is unfolding! Bhishmachaarya and Guru Dhronachaarya are also mute spectators to the blatant “Adharma” that was happening right in front of their eyes. As this is unfolding, Yudishtra too isn’t responding, even though he wanted to, and so is Bheemasena and the others! Finally, left with no other option and with nobody coming forward to fight for Draupati, she remembers Bhagawan Krishna’s assurance and Sage Vasishtaachaarya’s teachings at the right time. Thus, she starts fervently praying towards Bhagawan Krishna – The Saviour of the world. Readers should remember the fact that Bhagawan Krishna isn’t physically present at Hastinapura courtroom when this “Adharma” is unfolding, however, Draupati has the sincere faith and effort by her side to ardently call Bhagawan Krishna by her side. We’ve witnessed how she sincerely prays to Bhagawan, so that He rushes towards her. But does Bhagawan come to Draupati’s rescue? Let’s continue witnessing what is happening at the Hastinapura courtroom. 

Moving on thus, as Draupati is fervently calling out to Bhagawan Krishna, a huge miracle takes place! Her saree starts growing mysteriously in length! As Duchaasana tries to pull out her saree, the more he pulls it out, the more it grows! As this happens, everybody in the courtroom look at Draupati in awe! People are in utter shock and dismay! Draupati’s true devotion is answered by Bhagawan Krishna! How can Bhagawan keep quiet when His ardent devotee is in extreme trouble? His heart immediately went towards Draupati and with His divine “Anugraha”, the saree started increasing in infinite length! In fact, for Bhagawan’s “Anugraha”, Bhagawan need not be physically at that place wherever the devotee is! His “Naamam” (Divine names) are more than sufficient to obtain Bhagawan’s “Anugraha” from wherever He is! In fact, Bhagawan Krishna at that time, had gone to the “Shaalva Desha” for a war. However, He heard Draupati’s ardent calls and He responded to Draupati from where He was! This is the significance of “Naama-Sankeertanam”. Thus, through this instance, Sage Vyaasa indirectly drives home the deeper meaning and significance of “Naama-Sankeertanam” and this is how we’ve to view it. 

Thus, as Duchaasana removes metres and metres of Draupati’s saree, Bhagawan Krishna’s “Anugraha” ensures that she is completely covered and no insult happens to her amidst the public! Even as her five husbands desert her; Even as Bhishmachaarya and Guru Dhronaachaarya desert her; Even as King Dhridiraashtra is just a mute spectator – Draupati gets protected by Bhagwan Krishna at a time when she really needs it! Even as all the “Devatas” assembled there desert Draupati owing to the fear of Duryodhana, Bhagawan Krishna invisibly comes to the rescue of Draupati at the right moment! Thus, as mentioned before, Bhagawan Krishna isn’t there physically to save Draupati. But, His divine names save Draupati! Thus, the “Govinda-Naama” – If chanted with all our sincerity and devotion towards Bhagawan, would ensure that we are protected at all times! 

Thus, as Draupati is saved by Bhagawan Krishna and when the Paandavas realize it, Bheemasena gets up in a great fury! He has now had enough! Arjuna is simmering with anger on the other side as well. Yudishtra is angry within himself, but because of his earlier resolutions, he is not able to show it out to anyone. Bheemasena till this point was very patient and the moment he saw Draupati getting insulted this way, he decided that all hell should break loose! Now this is the time when a lot of fierce resolutions are going to be taken by the Paandavas one by one. This is the moment wherein the seeds are sown for the disastrous Kurukshetra war which is about to unfold after almost thirteen years from that day. 

So for today, let us celebrate the fact that Draupati is saved timely by Bhagawan Krishna and we shall wait till the next episode to witness what Bheemasena does as he stands up amidst the entire courtroom! We have a crucial set of events coming up in tomorrow’s episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 


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