Episode # 334 – Draupati CRIES & PRAYS to Bhagawan Krishna – The Savior of the world!!!

We’re at an extremely critical juncture wherein Draupati is being physically assaulted by Duchaasana in front of the entire courtroom! This is the ultimate pinnacle of “Adharma” that can ever take place and Duryodhana and Co. never seem to realize the huge disaster that is awaiting them in the near future. However, Duryodhana and Co. are encouraging Duchaasana’s heinous act of pulling Draupati’s saree off. Duryodhana, Karna, Sahuni and the others clap their hands and roar with laughter as Draupati couldn’t bare the insult anymore. Yudishtra and the Paandava brothers are fuming with anger. There couldn’t be a humiliation that is worse than this! Duryodhana has breached all levels of “Adharma” and is in a different zone altogether! Draupati cries for help to people around her – Only for nobody to come to her rescue! She prays to Yudishtra and the Paandavas to come and save her – But of no use! The Paandavas could not move an inch from where they are seated, because, as per the rule of the game, Draupati has been lost forever! Bhishmachaarya and Guru Dhronachaarya turn their heads away in utter shame, but none came forward to stop the blatant Adharma” that is unfolding right in front of their eyes! King Dhridiraashtra too is least bothered about what was happening! 

Finally, as none of them come to Draupati’s rescue, she remembers one important person at this juncture – Bhagawan Krishna! Readers might remember this – When Draupati and the Paandava brothers got married, Bhagawan Krishna had once come to give them some gifts to congratulate them for the marriage. At that time, Bhagawan had given an assurance to Draupati thus, “Oh Draupati! Please do not worry that I’m not near to you at all times. You may call me whenever you need my help, and I would ensure my presence at that point in time without fail!” Draupati suddenly remembers this assurance given by Bhagawan Krishna during her marriage and she decides that this is perhaps the right time for calling Bhagawan Krishna! Thus, as Duchaasana is continuing to strip her in public, Draupati closes her eyes and meditates towards Bhagawan Krishna. 

“Yaatam mayaa vasishtena puraa geetham mahaatmana! 

Mahatyaapahi sampraapthe smarthavyo Bhagawan Harihi!” 

This is a very important sloka here. Apart from Bhagawan Krishna’s assurance to her, when Draupati was a child, Sage Vasishta had given her a very important message – “Whenever you are amidst a huge problem, think about Bhagawan Hari (Bhagawan Vishnu) and He would definitely come to your rescue!” Thus, Draupati recollects all of these and prays to Bhagawan Krishna with ardent devotion thus: 

“Govindeti samaabhaashya krishnechita punah punaha!

Manasaa chintayaamaasa devam narayanam prabhum!!”

Thus, Draupati gets reminded of Bhagawan Krishna again and again in her memory and slowly starts meditating towards Him! She now starts chanting Bhagawan Krishna’s divine names one after the other thus: 

“Govinda! Govinda! Govinda! Krishna! Yaadava! Keshava!

Aapadsvayapadam Krishnam lokaanaam prabitaamaham!!”

Thus, Draupati calls out fervently and loudly – “Oh Govinda! Oh Keshava! Oh Krishna! Oh Bhagawan! I’ve heard that you’re the person who comes to the rescue of all your ardent devotees immediately when they are in a problem! Here I am – Being insulted by these wicked people around me! Here I am – Being deserted by all the people around me, including my five husbands! Who other than you is going to come to my rescue? Oh Bhagawan! Please pay heed to my words and save me from this disaster!” Draupati continues to cry out thus: 

“Govinda! Dwaarakaavasin! Krishna! Gopijanah priya! 

Kauraveh paribhoothaam maam kim na jaanaasi Keshava??”

Draupati cries out aloud thus: “Oh Bhagawan! Have you forgotten me completely? Why aren’t you remembering me at this critical juncture? Where have you gone, leaving me alone like this? Why don’t you come and protect me at a time when everyone else have deserted me in my life? I know that you wouldn’t forget any devotee of yours, wherever you are in this world! But, have you forgotten this ardent devotee of yours?” Draupati cries thus: 

“Hey Naatha! Hey Ramaa Naatha! Hey Narayana! Hey Vaasudeva!!”

Draupati continues crying to Bhagawan Krishna thus, “Oh Bhagawan! I’ve heard that you’ve come to protect the little Prahlaada by bursting the pillar open! You’ve answered the prayers of Little Dhruva immediately as he called out for you! You rushed to save an elephant from the clutches of a crocodile, didn’t you? However, you’re not coming to me when I’m calling you ardently! How unfair can this be to your devotee?” Even as Draupati cries aloud thus, Bhagawan Krishna never came near her! Duchaasana is continuously trying to pull out her saree! 

So for today, let us understand how Draupati fervently called for Bhagawan Krishna! Now the ball is in Bhagawan Krishna’s court! How is He going to respond to Draupati? Is He going to come to her rescue immediately, or is He going to test her patience even more? Or, is He going to protect her from wherever He is? How is Bhagawan going to protect Draupati? An absorbing episode awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned!


Published by Dr. Jeayaram

Holds a PhD in Management Psychology from Universite Paris Saclay, Paris, France. Also an Asst. Professor of Human Resources management at Bharatidhasan Institute of Management (BIM) Trichy, India A professional South Indian classical musician (singer) performing concerts. Through this blog, I'm trying to bring out the richness of Indian culture & values and I request your support and feedbacks in making this humble effort a success!!

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