Episode # 293 – “NEVER compromise your “Dharma” even when you face suffering” – Sage Vyasa advises Yudishtra!!!

In the previous episode we had witnessed an important offshoot discussion on whether “Parihaaras” suggested by a few astrologers would really work in solving one’s suffering or not. This is an important question that many of us might have in our minds as well. We understood yesterday that all the sufferings that we undergo in our everyday life are due to our past “Karma”. We’ve to have the maturity to accept this harsh reality, irrespective of whether we like it or not. Hence, if this is the case, it is better to burn our “Karma” by experiencing whatever we’re going through, rather than searching for “shortcuts” to escape from the problem. We’ve to understand two important things here – Firstly, everyone in this world has his / her own problems in life. There can never be even a single individual in this world (including animals and plants) who do not have problems. Hence, if we’re going to get scared of problems or feel jealous about others being happy at any point in time, it is in our own peril that we’re doing it. Secondly, only if we go through problems in our life, we would get to understand how to handle various tough situations as and when they come. If we experience only happiness and no sadness at all in life, we would get bored of life at one stage. It is like eating only sweets and nothing spicy and salty for our food requirements. Just because we might like a certain sweet, would we keep eating it three times a day? Similarly, just because we want to be happy, can we be happy 24*7? We’ve to think about it. 

Secondly, after reading yesterday’s episode, a few readers might have come to the conclusion that I’m someone who doesn’t believe in Astrology. It is not the case. Astrology (“Jyotisha Shaastra”) is a huge science and is part of the Vedas. Hence, there is no question here whether we believe in Jyotisha Shaastra or not. The question is only the applicability part of it. We should understand that our various planetary positions that we go through in our lives are a result of our “Karma”, and if we have to undergo a bad patch, it is better to go through it silently, rather than making a hue and cry out of it. Thus, Astrology is very much true and it makes a lot of sense, but the point here is that, instead of running back and forth for “Parihaaras”, we should spend that time in performing “Dharma-Kaarya” and develop our Bhakti towards Bhagawan. If Bhagawan is by our side, who else is required to save us from any suffering? We should develop this mindset and attitude as we move on. 

Coming back to the context thus, Yudishtra takes a few “Shabadhams” (Resolves) that from that day onwards, he wouldn’t speak anything against anyone or hurt anyone consciously and so on. As Yudishtra takes these resolutions, he requests his brothers to follow his path as well, so that all the five of them would be able to avoid any mishaps that might come consciously. Thus, as Sage Vyaasa says thus, he leaves immediately from Yudishtra’s chamber, however, before leaving he stopped for a few seconds and resumed the conversation thus: “Oh Yudishtra! Whatever I’ve told you, will come true some day. As you are in deep sleep one night, you would be able to see Bhagawan Rudra (Bhagawan Shiva) in your dream, performing the great “Rudra-Thaandavam” (The famous Cosmic Dance of Bhagawan Shiva at Kailasha). The moment you see that auspicious dance, please understand that all the “Adharma” in this world is going to come to an end very soon. All the Kshatrya kings and princes on both camps would face a huge disaster. It would be due to Bhagawan Shiva’s “Rudra-Thaandavam” at Kailaasha Giri, aided and executed by Bhagawan Krishna in this world. You cannot stop it from happening!” 

Saying thus, Sage Vyaasa hurries out, and Yudishtra stops him for a moment and asks thus: “Oh Sage Vyaasa! May I know where are you going from here so quickly? If I need any help or clarification, I would like to reach you!” Sage Vyaasa quickly replies as he was proceeding: “Till now I’ve been telling about the Kailaasha Giri of Bhagawan Shiva isn’t it? I’m going to the same Kailaasha Giri only! The moment you think about me, I shall appear in front of you immediately! Please do not worry! However, you should also do one more thing – You should keep administering the kingdom without letting anyone know the details of the conversation that we’ve had just now. You should never show your shock or emotions to your people around and it might create tension and uneasiness amongst them. This would hamper your “Dharma-Raajya” at Indraprastha! Hence, continue doing what you’re doing best. Things will automatically take course at the right time! At the end, you would definitely emerge successful because of the “Dharma” that you’re going to execute. You would get due protection from an important source at the right time!” 

Assuring thus, Sage Vyaasa leaves Indraprastha and it is only after this, Yudishtra takes the resolve that he would not deviate from the path of “Dharma” for the next thirteen years. So what do we understand from this section of the conversation? Many of us might start faltering on our “Dharma” if we know in advance that we’re in for some suffering! For instance, the moment we start facing a problem, we would immediately stop performing even our regular “Sandhyavandanam” and our routine prayers! This is what we shouldn’t do and if we do, it simply means that we’re giving into the problem by compromising our “Dharma”. This is exactly what Sage Vyaasa is advising Yudishtra here – Never ever leave your basic “Dharma” just because you’re going to face problems in the future. We should continue following the path of “Dharma” each and every day, irrespective of whether we’re enjoying happiness or facing suffering. This is the important lesson that all of us have to learn from this section of the conversation. So for today, let us understand this point very clearly and let us try consciously to implement it in our daily lives. We shall wait till the next episode to continue this discussion further! Stay tuned! 🙂  


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