Episode # 292 – Do “PARIHARAS” work to solve one’s suffering? A discussion!!!

We’re at an important juncture wherein Yudishtra has been warned by Sage Vyaasa about a huge thirteen-year hurdle and eventually a mass destruction that is going to come along with it. As Yudishtra comes to know of it, he thinks about it in depth and with this, he decides to take a few pledges (“Shabadham”) in front of his brothers in his grand courtroom. Readers should understand one important point here – Instead of buckling down under pressure owing to these stunning words from Sage Vyaasa, Yudishtra was thoughtful in the sense that how can he overcome the problem by following “Dharma” at any cost. This is the gross difference between Yudishtra and us in today’s scenario. For instance, if we undergo some problematic situations in our lives, how do we react? We immediately run to an astrologer to check out what “Parihaara” should be done to overcome this problem, isn’t it? First of all, “Parihaara” doesn’t exist in the science of Astrology at all. I’ve mentioned this in an earlier context as well. Thus, instead of asking for a “Parihaara” to Sage Vyaasa, Yudishtra goes ahead in facing the problem that is about to come, and that too with the methodology of “Dharma”. This is what we call “honesty” and “sincerity” towards himself and his people. 

As we witness this bold step from Yudishtra, one important thing that we should learn here is that, whatever problem might come, we should be ready to face it and fight it out, rather than looking at ways and means to escape from the problem. Now let us discuss in today’s episode as to why I am saying that “Parihaara” doesn’t exist. Basically this term called “Parihaara” started to be in use amongst astrologers who are greedy for money and who want to make use of people’s problems to make their living. We should imagine one thing here – Rather than asking us to go to a temple and light four or five lamps for a particular deity, if an astrologer says, “From tomorrow onwards make sure that you follow the path according to “Dharma”, by not hurting anyone, by not scolding or abusing anyone, etc.”, will we even go to that astrologer again? What would we tell him in reply? We immediately would tell him: “Please do not advise me on things that I cannot do. Please advise me on some “Parihaara” to get a “quick relief” from the hardship or a bad time period!” This is because following the path of “Dharma” during testing times is not an easy joke! We’re going to witness how Yudishtra suffered and suffered by following the path of “Dharma” at all times. Yet, what is important here is that, by walking the treacherous path of “Dharma”, Yudishtra and Co. earned Bhagawan Krishna’s divine “Anugraha” at all times, isn’t it? At every instance of testing times, Bhagawan Krishna was there with the Paandava brothers to ensure that their sufferings are eased out, isn’t it? This is the important point here – If we are sincere to ourselves and to others around us, surely Bhagawan would be by our side and He would ensure that these hardships are waived off at the appropriate time and no danger would surround us at any point in time. It is the faith that is important for all of us to have. 

For this, we might ask a counter question thus: “Oh! If that is the case, should we keep suffering and suffering all the time on the pretext of “Dharma”? Duryodhana was enjoying all his life and it is only towards the end that he had to perish, isn’t it? But till his last day, Duryodhana did not undergo any such seemingly tough suffering, was he? Whereas on the other hand, Yudishtra was following each and every step as per the “Dharma” textbook meticulously and he ended up spending twelve years in the forest without food and shelter. Subsequently he had to spend one year of disguised life without falling in anybody’s eyes and even then Yudishtra was projected to be guilty of cheating the rules of the “Agnyaata-Vaasa” by Duryodhana and Co. If such is the scale of suffering by following “Dharma”, is it really worth it? Anyways, everybody is going to die on a certain day, isn’t it? Yet, why should we take the tougher path, if there’s an easier option available?” 

I’m sure all of us would have this question deep within us. Maybe we might be scared to ask such a question openly, but I’m sure each and everyone of us would have thought about it at some point in time, especially when we are suffering. The answer is very simple here – We should first understand that all our suffering is because of our previous “Karma” that we’ve performed either during this birth or during our previous births. I’ve already explained in detail about the “Sanchita Karma” and the “Praarabdha Karma” earlier. Thus, our present-day life during this present birth is solely based upon both our “Sanchita Karma” and our “Praarabdha Karma”, and whenever the appropriate planetary positions in our horoscope arrive, we would automatically experience the results of whatever “Karma” we’ve committed. If such is the case, where does the concept called “Parihaara” come from and how can a “Parihaara” dissolve our “Karma” just like that? If such a thing is true, do we see all people who do Parihaara after Parihaara all throughout their lives living happily? The answer is a big “NO”! None of those who do such stupid things have ever been successful in life! By doing such things, we are only trying to escape from our problem, and it only shows our cowardice in facing the problem head on! 

So now, the question comes – If such is the case, why are a few astrologers prescribing such useless “Parihaaras” to us? The answer is very simple – These astrologers simply want to make money by “fooling” us and by taking advantage of our problematic situations in life. We should first understand that there is nobody in this world who does not have problems and suffering. In fact, even Bhagawan Himself wasn’t an exception here – We’ve witnessed how Bhagawan Rama suffered for fourteen years in the forest, along with Mother Sita and Lakshmana. We’re witnessing how Bhagawan Krishna Himself suffered all through His divine incarnation until the last minute. If such is the case, why should we feel scared of problems? Thus, the point here is that, instead of wasting our time and money in running behind greedy astrologers like these, we should prepare ourselves to face the problem head on and emerge victorious. By doing so, we’ve to also ensure that we’ve to develop Bhakti and complete surrender (“Sharanaagathi”) towards Bhagawan. If Bhagawan’s “Anugraha” is with us, why at all should we depend on these fools? Are these astrologers equal to Bhagawan? No way, isn’t it? Hence, our trust should be on Bhagawan and not on these opportunistic people who are waiting to prey on our suffering. 

So for today, let us understand this important lesson from Yudishtra on how he’s preparing himself to face the tough situation head-on, instead of running away from it! We shall continue this important discussion in the next episode as well! Stay tuned! 🙂


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