Episode # 289 – “It’s going to be a THIRTEEN-YEAR disaster” – Sage Vyasa thunders to Yudishtra!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Sage Vyaasa giving an entry into Indraprastha, days after the Raaja-Suya Yaaga was completed. With this, we’ve entered into the all-important “Dyuta-Parva” which serves as a huge turning point in the entire Mahabharata story. We shall experience each event described in the “Dyuta Parva” in detail from now onwards. As Sage Vyaasa entered inside, he saw Yudishtra with a worried look and asked him the reason for his worry. Yudishtra in return expressed his concern about Sishupala’s death right in front of everyone and was it an indication that something bad is going to happen in the kingdom. Yudishtra was both concerned as well as afraid – Not for himself, but for his people and for the kingdom’s welfare. He was a selfless and a righteous king, who was willing to take up any sort of suffering, if it is for the benefit of the people around him. As we’ve witnessed earlier as well, Yudishtra being an embodiment of “Dharma” himself, wouldn’t be afraid to take up any suffering for himself at any point in time. We’ve also seen how the Paandavas have already had a round of “Vana-Vaasa” before their marriage with Draupati. However, if Yudishtra is feeling scared of something, there should be some background to it. Now let us witness what Sage Vyaasa replied to Yudishtra’s concern. 

As Yudishtra asked his concern in as many as 9-10 slokas, Sage Vyaasa’s reply was a stunning one and in just one sloka! He says thus, “Oh Yudishtra! Yes! You’re right! This is a signal of a huge danger that is going to arrive! This danger is not an ordinary one, but is going to last for a period of thirteen years from now! Moreover, you are going to be the reason behind the mass destruction of lakhs and lakhs of great Kshatrya warriors that this world has seen!” Sage Vyaasa stops with this and he quickly walks out of the palace! This left Yudishtra stunned beyond words! He did not expect such a short and crisp answer from Sage Vyaasa. Moreover, Yudishtra felt that probably he shouldn’t have asked such a question to him in the first place! 

Now let us decode what Sage Vyaasa had just said – Firstly he says that this danger is going to be for thirteen years. This means that Yudishtra is going to lose his kingdom of Indraprastha very soon and is going to go for another round of “Vana-Vaasa” for the next twelve years. Subsequently, the thirteenth year is going to be the “Agnyaatha-Vaasam” wherein they should live in such a way that they are not seen by any of Duryodhana’s people. This is one part of Sage Vyaasa’s words. Now the second part – All the Kshatriya warriors in this world are going to be destroyed and Yudishtra is going to be the sole reason for this mass destruction. Subsequently after the thirteenth year, the Kurukhsetra war is going to happen and in that war, both the Paandavas’ and the Kauravas’ armies are going to be totally destroyed. The reminiscence of the war is only going to be a bunch of ten people! That’s it! Moreover, for all this destruction, Yudishtra is going to be the sole reason for it. We might be wondering how! It is only because Yudishtra is going to participate in the upcoming gambling game, all this destruction is going to happen. 

We should imagine here – If Yudishtra would have said “No” to Duryodhana for the gambling game, what would have happened? Everything would have been as normal as it was at that moment. Perhaps, maybe Duryodhana would have tried fighting a war with Yudishtra and Co. on a much smaller scale, and he could have been easily handled by Bheemasena and Arjuna. Or, maybe Duryodhana would have kept on humiliating Yudishtra, which would have resulted in a “war of words” and things could have been this way without any physical damage. Or maybe, if nothing would have conspired for Duryodhana and Co. over a period of time, he himself would have mended his ways eventually and he would have ruled Hastinapura after King Dhridiraashtra’s time. Yudishtra could have also continued ruling Indraprastha for a long time as well. However, it was only because Yudishtra had accepted the gamble, did all the things go awry. 

So for today, let us understand up to this point and we shall witness the continuation of how Yudishtra reacted to Sage Vyaasa’s words in the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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