Episode # 288 – Commencing the “Dyuta-Parva” – Sage Vyasa’s “surprise visit” to Yudishtra’s Indraprastha!!!

In the previous episode, we had witnessed Duryodhana going around the Indraprastha palace with awe and jealousy. He was utterly amazed with the construction and the intricacies of the work. At the same time, jealousy and frustration started to burn within him with a huge flame, which started turning things around. At one point when Duryodhana took a wrong step and fell on the floor of water, Draupati happened to come that way accidentally and upon seeing Duryodhana’s plight, laughed at him for his ignorance! This infuriated him even more and unable to bear the shame and insult, Duryodhana walked off angrily and decided to go back to Hastinapura immediately. With this, we gradually make an entry into the most important “Parva” of the entire Mahabharata story called “Dyuta Parva”. In this episode, we shall see a glimpse of what is explained in the “Dyuta Parva” as we move on further. 

As we’ve witnessed yesterday, “Dyuta” means “Gambling”. Thus, this is the Parva that talks in detail about the gambling game that took place between the Paandava brothers and the Kauravas. Duryodhana somehow convinces King Dhridiraashtra to permit him to gamble with Yudishtra, with a whole lot of reasons. Initially, he tried to furiously convince King Dhridiraashtra for the game, but King Dhridiraashtra did not give his approval. Finally, with the help of Duryodhana’s uncle, Sahuni, a detailed master-plan was created and with this, a plan was also made to convince King Dhridiraashtra by “emotionally” attacking him. Sahuni played a crucial role in the entire planning process and with this, King Dhridiraashtra was made to give an approval for the gambling game as a “friendly game” between the two camps. As King Dhridiraashtra gave the “go-ahead”, little did he know that Duryodhana was planning a huge conspiracy behind this whole event. 

Thus, the gambling game was decided and people were called for. As the game progressed, Sahuni was playing the “masterstroke” game and as all of us know, made Duryodhana victorious in each and every move. With every move going against Yudishtra, he started losing all his properties, horses, elephants, army, and finally the entire Indraprastha kingdom to Duryodhana. The game proceeded even to an extent wherein Yudishtra was forced to stake his other four Paandava brothers and play. He succumbed to the pressure and eventually lost all his brothers to Duryodhana! Now with nothing else to stake and play, Duryodhana wanted Yudishtra to stake Draupati and continue the game! Even though Yudishtra wasn’t in favour of it, he had no other option but to go for it! Finally, Yudishtra ended up losing Draupati as well, and with this, Duchaasana dragged her out of her chamber and committed the most heinous crime of pulling off her saree in public. With nobody to help her, Draupati cried to Bhagawan Krishna desperately for help and with this, Bhagawan Krishna inivisibly made His divine presence by limitlessly extending her saree around her. Thus, Draupati’s chastity was protected by Bhagawan Krishna at a crucial time. Thus, all these details are explained bit by bit in the “Dyuta Parva”, which we’re going to commence shortly. We shall also witness all the events that unfolded in great detail as much as possible. 

Moving on thus, the “Dyutha Parva” commences with a surprise visit of Sage Vyaasa to Indraprastha. Now that all the events pertaining to the Raaja-Suya Yaaga are over, Indraprastha kingdom comes back to normalcy and Yudishtra continues with all his administrative duties of the kingdom. One fine day, Sage Veda-Vyaasa decides that it is time for him to meet Yudishtra one-on-one and convey certain important matters to him. Thus, with all his disciples surrounding him, Sage Vyaasa makes his way to Indraprastha. It is to be noted by readers here that when Sage Vyaasa had come to Indraprastha, Duryodhana and Co. were still there along with Yudishtra and it was the time when Duryodhana decided to stay back at Indraprastha for a few more days before leaving back to Hastinapura. Thus, as Sage Vyaasa makes his way into the palace, Yudishtra goes and welcomes him with all the due respects and makes him comfortable. As Sage Vyaasa settles down thus, he sees Yudishtra to be a bit worried about something. He enquires with Yudishtra thus, “Oh Yudishtra! You seem to be worried about something. What’s going on? Is everything fine? I saw that the Raaja-Suya-Yaaga had also taken place with a lot of grandeur and everyone were happy about it. Inspite of that, what makes you show a worried face to me?” 

As Sage Vyaasa asks thus, Yudishtra replies back: “Oh great Sage! Everything went on well, thanks to Bhagawan Krishna’s divine Anugraha! But there’s something in my heart that is constantly pricking me. As the Yaaga was happening, Sishupaala was killed in this very place on the spot by Bhagawan Krishna. There was a point when Sishupaala was constantly ranting about Bhagawan Krishna in the public, which infuriated Bhagawan Krishna. This made Him kill Sishupaala with His “Chakra-Aayudha” then and there! I’m concerned whether this was a bad omen. During an auspicious Yaaga, if someone is getting killed, doesn’t it show some bad signs for something huge to come by? Is it a signal for a disaster to happen at Indraprastha? Will it affect the kingdom in a bad way? I’ve heard from Sage Naarada that three types of dangers might arise – One from the Svarga Lokha, the other from the Aakaasha and the other from the earth. Now which of the three is going to happen? I’m totally confused and concerned about this!” 

As Yudishtra expressed his concerns to Sage Vyaasa thus, he awaits a reply from the great Sage on this. So for today, let us understand up to this point and in the next episode, we shall witness what was Sage Vyaasa’s important reply on Yudishtra’s concerns! An interesting accord awaits us tomorrow! Stay tuned! 🙂 

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